Block SK72a

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Map credit: UKOGL Interactive Map and ©OpenStreetMap contributors

 The pink area is licenced to IGAS under a previous round.
The non-coloured area within the red frame is the newly licenced block.

SK72a is PEDL312

Licence Operator   Hutton
Partner        Hutton Energy PLC and Coronation (Oil and Gas) Ltd
See the GreenPeace Energy Desk for more on the licencees of this block

Other blocks in licence None
Licence type
Two wells and new 2D and 3D seismic surveying
Drill Or Drop clause

Administrative areas covered by licence

Parliamentary constituencies and MPs
Rutland and Melton Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan Conservative
Rushcliffe, Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke Conservative

Wildlife Trust sites overlapping with block
Holwell Reserves (Leicester hire Wildlife Trust)

Anti-fracking and other campaign groups

Timeline of events

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  1. Compared to coal mining the health hazard is so low as to be almost benign….. and the environental impact assessment is massively better than for mining coal….. What’s not to like?

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