Statement by Ian Conlon

Statement to North Yorkshire County Council Planning and Regulatory Functions Committee considering Third Energy planning application to frack at Kirby Misperton, 20 May 2016 

I am a Malton resident, father of 3 children, who lives 5 miles from the site with direct line of site from my bedroom window to the site.

I object on many grounds, but will focus now on Highway safety, specifically the width of the designated route in  Kirby Misperton and proposed new speed limits.

In a planning application local to Malton, Highways said Castle Howard Road needed widening to 6m to accommodate the increase in HGVs. All commercial premises were to connect to this route, and were to be prevented from accessing Middlecave Road on the grounds that it was only 5.5m wide.

So I expected that vehicles from KM8 would be prevented from accessing the Great Habdon Road route through the centre of Kirby Misperton on the grounds that the road is only 5.5m wide. This is of particular concern given that this route has tight bends, on street parking, and no footpath in places, forcing pedestrians on the road.

The proposed 20mph speed limit on the route is  NOT ENFORCEABLE, contrary to the officers report. This point was communicated by the Chief Superintendent talking to local residents about proposed speed limits. Indeed, when the Police and Crime Commissioner was asked about the 5mph speed restriction on the Costa Beck bridge, she laughed. It would appear planners have NOT consulted with the police on this issue, whose budgets are under pressure.

Residents and stable owners in Bazley’s Lane in Norton had a requested speed limit of 20mph  turned down on the grounds that it was unenforceable on a rural road.

Existing Flamingo land traffic only uses the wider Kirby Misperton road at the north edge of the village, leaving the rest of the village safe and tranquil. So this application would be a significant intrusion, on narrow roads, with unenforcable conditions.

It would set a damaging precedent on unacceptable impacts on the road network, making it difficult to turn down future applications and further intrusion with similar impacts.

Not one respondent from the 4 villages closest to the application supports this application. I join the 99.2% of all respondents who object to this application and urge you to reject this application.