Yorkshire licences

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Yorkshire licences

White squares are unlicensed.  Light brown squares were licensed in a previous round.  All the other coloured squares are licences in the 14th Round.  Different operators have different colours – see key below.

Click a coloured square on the map, or if you have a smaller screen click a link below the map, for more detail on a Yorkshire licence block.

Yorkshire inland

Awarded 18th August 2015

SE40 Cuadrilla, shale

SE41 IGas, shale

SE42 Hutton, shale

SE95 Cuadrilla, shale

Awarded 17th December 2015

SE30b INEOS, shale

SE31c IGas, shale

SE31d Alkane, Coal mine methane

SE32b Hutton, shale

SE50b Cuadrilla, shale

SE50c Alkane, coal mine methane

SE51b Celtique, shale

SE52 Alkane, vent

SE57 INEOS, shale

SE61d Alkane, vent

SE65 INEOS, shale

SE66 INEOS, shale

SE67a INEOS, shale

SE68b INEOS, shale

SE69 INEOS, shale

SE72 Europa, shale

SE73 Europa, shale

SE74 Cuadrilla, shale

SE75 Cuadrilla, shale

SE76 INEOS, shale

SE77e INEOS, shale

SE78f INEOS, shale

SE79 INEOS, shale

SE84 Cuadrilla, shale

SE85 Cuadrilla, shale

SE86b INEOS, shale

SE87b Cuadrilla, shale

SE87e INEOS, shale

SE88c Cuadrilla, shale

SE96a INEOS, shale

SE97a Cuadrilla, shale

SE97c INEOS, shale

SE98c Cuadrilla, shale

SE99a Third Energy, shale

East Yorkshire Licences

White squares are unlicensed. Light brown squares were licensed in a previous round. All the other coloured squares are licences in the 14th Round. Different operators have different colours – see key below.

Click a coloured square on the map or click the links below for more detail on an East Yorkshire licence block.


TA05 Cuadrilla, shale

TA06b INEOS, shale

TA07a Cuadrilla, shale

TA08 Cuadrilla, shale

TA09 Third Energy

TA15 Cuadrilla, shale

TA16 Cuadrilla, shale

TA17 Cuadrilla, shale

TA18 Cuadrilla, shale

Existing licences are in light brown. We’ll be updating the licence block pages over the next few days.

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  1. I think they’re saving Leeds for last. Leeds MDC sits on a massive coal bed and it must be breaking the hearts of frackers etc that they can’t ethnically cleanse the area to get at it….yet. However, I’m sure once Syngenta and other hazardous waste providers pollute the area and margins of it…..mission accomplished, not to mention a drought of water supplies and polluted drinking water, as now seen in California where frackers use up water handing profitable shares to water industry, and residents are expected to pay twice the price for water………..
    Coming soon to a place near you folks, no water, expensive bottles of it, and agricultural land covered with cow pods and concrete farms as a result of polluted land….american style………..small farmers put out of business, milk taken over by Monsanto ….see http://www.milkweed.com to see how heinously immoral this country will get…..farmers need to stop listening to Barclays pillow talk and get real…………………….democracy dead………………

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