Could your area be drilled under the new oil and gas licences?


On 18th August 2015, the government announced the first set of oil and gas exploration licences to be awarded in England for seven years.

The 27 licences are mainly in the east Midlands, south Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. But they also cover small areas in Lancashire and north Yorkshire.

Another 132 licences (the second tranche) will be awarded after a consultation period, which ends in late September 2015.

We’ve compiled what’s known so far about the first tranche of licences.

Click here to find out about:

  • Licence locations
  • Politics
  • Operators
  • Partner companies
  • Campaign groups

We’ll add more information as it comes in. We’ll also add details about the second tranche licences over the next few months.

To find whether your area is in one of the new licences click here This will take you to a map of England with links to regions and more detail.


East Midlands and south Yorkshire



(No licence announcements were made for Scotland and Wales because licensing is being devolved to the Scottish and Welsh governments).

Please contact us with extra information or if you find details are wrong or missing

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