Lancashire licences

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White squares are unlicensed. Light brown squares were licensed in a previous round. All the other coloured squares are licences in the 14th Round. Different operators have different colours – see key below.

Click a coloured square on the map or if you have a small screen, click the links below for more detail on a Lancashire licence block.

Click to view SD55 Click to view SD63 Click to view SD73


Awarded 18th August 2015

SD61 Osprey, shale

SD62 Aurora, shale

Awarded 17th December 2015

SD17 Reach, shale

SD20 Aurora, shale

SD21 Aurora, shale

SD26a Reach, shale

SD26b Reach, shale

SD40 Aurora, shale

SD45 Warwick, shale

SD50 Aurora, shale

SD55 Warwick, shale

SD60d Hutton, shale

SD60e Alkane, Coal mine methane

SD63 Osprey, shale

SD70 Hutton, shale

SD71 Hutton, shale

SD72 Celtique, shale

SD73 Osprey, shale

SD81 Hutton, shale

SD83 Osprey, shale

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