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Update – 16 September 2013

Update to September timeline

Costs rise Sussex Police say the cost of policing the Balcombe protest has now reached £2.449m, up to yesterday (Thursday September 12 2013).

Further charges Sussex police give details of charges made against people arrested on Tuesday (10 September 2013) outside the Cuadrilla site at Balcombe. The group include Simon Welsh, the first Balcombe resident to be arrested.

Mr Welsh, a writer, and Daniel Ashman, a welfare worker from Wigston, Leicestershire, were each charged with an offence under the Public Order Act. They will appear at Crawley Magistrates Court on September 25.

Kenneth Lloyd, from Portslade, was charged with assaulting a constable. Aaron Bell was charged with wilfully obstructing the highway after he had allegedly D-locked himself to a caravan that had been dragged across the road outside the site. A 24-year-old man from Southampton, arrested under the Public Order Act , was cautioned. A 45-year-old man from Brighton, arrested on suspicion of an offence under trades union legislation and obstructing police, was released with no further action.

Three men arrested on Thursday (12 September 2013) will also appear before Crawley magistrates on September 25. They are Mark Dent, 45, of Bristol, Tony Jones, 24, of London and 25-year-old James Wernham, 25 (no address given) are all charged with obstructing a constable. A 45-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of obstructing police and the highway, has been bailed until October 3 2013.

Letter to residentsCuadrilla writes to Balcombe residents about its plans to submit a new planning application to cover testing a horizontal oil exploration well. The company says: “The drilling rig and associated equipment will be removed from site in September and testing equipment will not be mobilised to site until planning consent has been granted.”

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