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Police to help Cuadrilla breach planning permission

Update to Timeline – September 2013

Police help Cuadrilla breach planning permission Sussex Police tells West Sussex County Council that lorries entering and leaving the Cuadrilla site at Balcombe this week will use different routes. This would be a breach of the company’s planning permission. In a statement to the council, posted online by Balcombe Parish Council, Sussex Police says the decision has been made for public safety reasons and to prevent crime and disorder. Under the terms of the planning permission, Cuadrilla has until September 28 to clear the site. Sussex Police also says it will not compromise safety by sticking rigidly to time constraints set out in the conditions of the company’s planning permission. A police statement says: “We would take responsibility … and we have informed Cuadrilla of our position on this”.  

Balcombe find Cuadrilla announces it has found the presence of hydrocarbons at Balcombe. The company says the exploration well has now been closed while an application for planning permission  is made to test flow rates.

Road block Sussex police and No Dash for Gas report campaigners parked a van across the road outside the Cuadrilla exploration site at Balcombe. A woman locked herself to the top of the van.

Disruption warning Sussex police warns of disruption this week in Balcombe, with up to 20 vehicle movements a day as Cuadrilla clears its exploration site.

Dutch delay for Cuadrilla UPI.com reports the Dutch government has delayed for about 18 months a decision on whether to allow drilling for shale gas. The government wants more time to study the environmental impact before approving drilling licences. The delay will affect Brabant Resources BV, a Dutch subsidiary of Cuadrilla Resources, which seeks to drill in two areas of the Netherlands.

3rd Belt it out Balcombe 

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