Council urges Balcombe anti-fracking campaigners “go home”

West Sussex County Council confirms it is asking the remaining anti-fracking campaigners outside Cuadrila’s Balcombe site to go home. The designated protest area established outside the site last month has been removed. The council says it wants to reinstate the protest area because it is concerned about the safety of the campaigners and road users. It is handing out letters asking the people still camped on the verges to leave. In a statement, the council says: “Cuadrilla completed its operations at the site at the end of last week, but people are still camped on the verges and a hut has also been erected.” The council failed in the High Court last month to secure a possession order for the roadside verges. It has until Tuesday October 8th to apply to the court to reactive the order.
Timeline – October 2013

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