Daily headlines

Big week ahead for fracking debate

7-13th October

Cuadrilla’s planning application to continue to explore for oil at Lower Stumble, Balcombe, expected to be publicised by West Sussex County Council

Tuesday October 8th
House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee discusses the economic impact on UK energy policy of shale gas and oil

Deadline expires for West Sussex Council to apply to the High Court to re-activate a possession order for the roadside verges, outside Cuadrilla’s drill site at Balcombe, which were used as a protest camp

Wednesday October 9th
Case review at Crawley Magistrates Court of campaigners charged following protests at Cuadrilla’s exploration site at Balcombe

Balcombe Parish Council’s Meet the Environment Agency event at St Mary’s Church, Balcombe

European Parliament votes on whether Environmental Impact Assessments should be compulsory for the exploration and production phases of all proposals to frack for oil or gas

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