Anti-fracking campaigners occupy Cuadrilla’s Balcombe drill site

A large number of environmental campaigners stood on top of the well pad at Cuadrilla’s oil exploration site at Balcombe this afternoon (19/1/14).

The action came at the end of a rally outside the site, which attracted around 300 people. They included residents of Balcombe, members of last summer’s Balcombe Protection Camp and representatives from anti-fracking groups from across the UK.

The rally was addressed by the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, and Green MEPs, Jose Bove, of France, and Rebecca Harms, of Germany (see Losing the fight against fracking is not an option) .

Climb the gate

After a photocall in the site entrance, which had been the focus of eight weeks of protests against Cuadrilla’s drilling operation, a large group climbed over the gate and walked into the site, meeting no resistance from the four police officers on duty.


Soon after, Jose Bove posted a photo of the group on top of the wellpad on Twitter.

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