Campaigners call for independent public debate on fracking

13th March 2014

The leader of West Sussex County Council should welcome a new campaign group, which held its first fundraising event last night. We need to talk about fracking is calling for a “genuinely independent, balanced and thorough public debate”.

Last year, Louise Goldsmith twice asked the Prime Minister for a national debate on fracking. Her first letter, on November 7th, called for an evidence-based public debate by government leaders in order to have “necessary status and credibility.”

On November 18th she met anti-fracking campaigners from Balcombe, Wisborough Green, and Fernhurst, some of whom had camped on the lawn outside County Hall in Chichester. After the meeting, she said: “I will write again to the PM because it is clear there is a need for an evidence-based public debate at national level.”

This week, Mrs Goldsmith’s press spokesman on fracking confirmed that there had been no reply from Number 10 to either letter.

We need to talk about fracking is due to conduct what it calls “a series of public interventions” across the UK near potential fracking sites. It said “[It’s] time to reclaim the debate about fracking from industry-infected rhetoric, emotive outcry and a corporate-backed government in a dash for gas, and look at the issue critically, particularly the potential long term dangers of this industry.” Full details are expected to be released in April.

You can follow the group on Twitter @talkfracking

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  1. We may also need to talk about The Water Bill 2013-14 sponsored by Owen Paterson and Lord de Mauley, both of DEFRA. There will be no new legislation for water abstraction until around 2020 according to Government. Next line by line assessment in the House of Lords on 25th March. Soon this bill will be Law.

    • Hi Barnaby
      Thanks very for your comment. That’s really interesting information. I’ll keep an eye on this. best wishes, Ruth

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