Green MEP sends message of support to Balcombe anti-fracking campaigners

April 24th 2014

Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for the South East of England, sent a message of support today to Balcombe residents opposing Cuadrilla’s planning application to flow test its exploratory oil well in the village.

The application will be considered by West Sussex County Council’s planning committee on Tuesday (29th April). A report to the committee by the council’s planning department has recommended the application is approved.

In his letter, Mr Taylor wrote: “You are speaking on behalf of a very large number of people in West Sussex and further afield who do not want flow testing to go ahead. I know the strength of support you have because of the huge volume of correspondence I receive on this subject and the responses at the meetings I’ve spoken at in recent months across South England.”

Mr Taylor opposed the application on the grounds of air and water pollution, noise and traffic. He said: “Thank you for speaking up for our communities and our environment – and for the whole country, as Balcombe is a ‘test case’ for the UK shale oil and gas industry and a precedent against which future decisions are judged. I trust that you will find the words to persuade the West Sussex County Councillors to make the right decision.”

The MEP added he would support, in whatever way he could, the Balcombe community in campaigning against any attempts to start shale oil and gas exploitation in the area.



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