Decision on Celtique Energie drilling application at Wisborough Green/Kirdford postponed

21st July 2014

West Sussex County Council confirmed this morning that consideration of the planning application by Celtique Energie for oil exploration between Wisborough Green and Kirdford has been postponed.

The application had been due to be discussed at the council’s planning committee meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) in Horsham. Planning officers had recommended the application be refused after the County’s Highways Department objected on the grounds of vehicle numbers and road safety.

Celtique Energie, in a statement issued last week, threatened to withdraw the application if it was discussed tomorrow – or appeal if it was rejected.

In a press release issued this morning, West Sussex County Council said Celtique Energie submitted extra information late on Friday evening. The information, it said, “will need to be processed and considered before the application goes before the committee”. The council added: “No date has been set yet for when this might happen”.

This is the second drilling application by Celtique Energie in West Sussex to be postponed and the second to be opposed by the Highways Department.

The South Downs National Park had been expected to consider the company’s application to drill near Fernhurst this month. But the decision was delayed because of the large number of comments to the consultation. The Highways Authority objected to this application because it had “not satisfactorily demonstrated that safe and suitable access to the site can be achieved”.

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  1. Thank you for this posting Ruth…I have shared to my Banjo Nick Facebook timeline. Keep up the evenhanded work as the battle for our countryside and water security intensifies…Nick Ward.

  2. Hi Nick Thanks for your comment and for sharing. It’s all moving a bit fast this morning – the decision has just been reversed so the meeting is back on. New story just posted. I’ll be there tomorrow and will be reporting on what happens.

  3. One more thing Ruth. On June 20th at my adjourned Crown Court Retrial in Hove you mentioned you were conducting some interviews with anti shake drilling individuals and I suggested Johnny Lineham who has been on the case longer than me…highly respected rational ! Anyway I’ve been in touch with him via personal Facebook messaging and he has sent phone number for you…are you on Facebook? I don’t use a phone so not sure how to message you in non public way!

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