Celtique Energie Wisborough Green drilling plans – highlights of planning committee so far

22nd July 2014

West Sussex County Council planning committee will make a decision today on Celtique Energie’s application for exploratory oil drilling at Wisborough Green. The company had asked for the application to be deferred.

Key points raised so far:

Cllr Janet Duncton, local county councillor: “I would not want to put my name to ruining these beautiful villages. This is the wrong place. There is nothing more to say about it.”

Sue Jameson, Wisborough Green resident: “”We want to leave a legacy of peace and tranquillity: not denigrate our precious Sussex countryside.”

Joseph Ransley, Kirdford Parish Council: “The oil industry is its own worst enemy by seeking to pursue development in wholly inappropriate locations when it is not constrained to select sites in less harmful locations and we urge this committee to send a clear message to the industry by supporting the recommendation for refusal with additional reasons referred to.”

Professor David Smythe, adviser to Keep  Kiirdford and Wisborough Green: “The technical report on this application is incomplete, incompetent and disingenuous.”

Andrew Jackkson, Wisborough Green Parish Council: “Other applications [for oil or gas drilling] had acceptable access. This application does not. Your decision is hugely important in setting a precedent. We are asking you take the professional advice of your officers and refuse.”

Phil Donoghue, Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green: “Granting the applicant more time is unreasonable and unnecessary. The local authority highways department is professional. The transport consultant are well paid to say what the applicant wants. Refuse this application today. Have the courage of your convictions.”

Gareth Wilson, planning consultant for Celtique Energie: “We have responded in full. We had addressed all the concerns. We ask you defer this application to allow officers to consider our additional information.”

Decision expected soon.

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