Breaking: Councillors reject Celtique Energie’s drilling plans for Kirdford/Wisborough Green

22nd July 2014

The planning committee of West Sussex County Council has voted against Celtique Energie’s application to drill exploratory oil wells between Kirdford and Wisborough Green.

At a meeting this morning in Horsham, the committee heard that the county’s highways department had formally objected to the proposal because of the impact it would have on traffic volumes and road safety. The council’s planning officers had recommended the application be rejected.

They argued that the application:

  • Failed to show that vehicles could enter and leave the site safely
  • Failed to show that vehicles could travel to the site safely without affecting highway capacity or road safety
  • Failed to assess accurately the increase in lorry movements that would result ffrom the development
  • Would harm the character of Wisborough Green village and conservation area

The committee added that the site was not the best possible option as another reason for refusal.

Late last Friday, (18th July) Celtique Energie submitted extra information to the council and asked the council to defer its decision. But the committee decided the applicant had enough time to provide information and it voted to reject the application.

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