Ineos warned over shale payments + other reports from oil/gas summit

Oil and gas companies, regulators, local authorities and the supply industry have been meeting in London for the past two days at the European Shale Oil and Gas Summit.

We were unable to get a place at the summit so we could not bring you our usual first-hand reports of the presentations. As a second best, we’ve collected together tweets and reports from oil and gas websites. An anti-fracking protest, originally planned for Day 1, was held on Day 2.

List of speakers

Day 1: Monday September 29th 2014

A big issue of Day 1 appeared to be the proposal by Ineos to offer 6% royalty payments to landowners and communities affected by shale drilling.

Process Engineering writes that Andrew Austin, Chief Executive of IGas, warned in his presentation these payments could prove harmful in perpetuating the suspicion that there is something “wrong” with shale gas.

“The more people are given money, the more people think there is a reason that they need to be compensated,” said Austin, speaking at the European Shale Gas and Oil Summit (ESGOS) in London yesterday.

“We already have 100% business rates retention, which equals 3% of our revenues going straight through to the councils. There are a number of ways (to support communities) and some are more eye-catching than others, but I think we need a more balanced approach.”

Dan Byles, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Unconventional Oil and Gas, said: “If you don’t offer anything you get asked ‘what’s in it for us’, if you do then you get told ‘you’re giving us bribes’,” said Byles, who is the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Unconventional Oil and Gas.

“Payments are an artificial benefit, whereas the organic and natural benefit (of shale sites) is economic development, but that takes a lot longer to occur.”

Day 1 Twitter stream

Key issues commented upon on in tweets from Day 1: regulation, good practice, greenhouse gas emissions, the anti-fracking movement.

#shalegas companies need opportunities to show to the local communities that they can be good neighbours” @DanBylesMP #ESGOS @ESGOS2014

Dan Byles #ESGOS “the moment we give up on UK #shale gas, we give up on regulatory controls to minimise potential emissions from extraction”

A pleasure for our team to shoot the European Shale Gas Oil Summit today in central London. #ESGOS #photography #conference #London

at #ESGOS, 1st thing I hear is Polish delegate: ‘methane emissions are negligible’ in fracking. Didn’t realise there wd be a comedy spot

Recognition from @British_Water that current system can’t cope with volumes & type of contam water from mature UK #fracking industry #ESGOS

Newly published report on potential lifecycle GHG from shale gas extraction in Scotland presented today at #ESGOS:

#shalegas companies need opportunities to show to their local communities that they can be good neighbours” @danielbyles #ESGOS

Most recent YouGov survey of public attitudes to #shalegas in the UK keeps being mentioned at #ESGOS. Link below:,-survey-shows.aspx


Yeah they do that, contaminants #ESGOS

Easyjet homage at #ESGOS today. #fracking & aviation – brothers in arms in heating the planet


#frackers can’t control the people but will try to control the politics #ESGOS

Speak to Dave Hodgson, UKTI’s energy specialist at #ESGOS – find out about #shale opportunities in the UK

NuTech #fracking consultants say ‘we new to drill an awful lot of holes very quickly’ in UK & want govt help #ESGOS

Nutech: anti-fracking movement protests are ‘pain US companies could do without’, so they re running shy of UK investment #ESGOS

Nutech: anti-fracking movement ‘lunatic fringe’. My mum always said ‘takes one to know one’. Not lunacy & deffo not fringe #ESGOS

#ESGOS #fracking conference awkward mix of seminar/sales pitch. Room full of chequebooks but big uncertainty on shale economics & resources

Who knew analysing patents could be interesting? Analysis of #shalegas patents finds monitoring technology is moving forward FAST #ESGOS

I now know more about #fracking patents than I ever thought possible. Shoot me now #ESGOS

Admission of PR fail?@simonclydesdale: #frackers can’t control the people but will try to control the politics #ESGOS

Ineos warned by rival over shale offer – Process Engineering … #ESGOS

Day 2: Tuesday September 30, 2014

Key issues included: how to engage with communities, hydrocarbons present in the Bowland shale, media reporting, the anti-fracking protest outside.

Twitter stream

Day 2 of #ESGOS – starting with stakeholder engagement #energy #security

Looking forward to another open debate at #ESGOS – audience interaction is a better platform than Twitter! #Debate

Great to see Chorley and Hampshire councils joining the stakeholder engagement panel #ESGOS #debate #shale #gas

Hampshire County Council – needs to be good partnership between authorities, operators and regulators #ESGOS #Perception #ShaleGas

Media Reporting – local media hollowed out by the internet #ESGOS #ShaleGas. One sided scrutiny – Dougal Paver

Responsible journalism, support from communities, businesses and TIME required to ensure successful dialogue #ESGOS #Cuadrilla #Shale #Gas

Only facts can build trust. #Shale #Gas #ESGOS #Local #Landscape

“Get communities involved at the earliest stage” – Chorley and Hampshire County Council Planners – #Agreement #ESGOS

GENUINE and Early Engagement #ESGOS #Debate #Shale #Local #Councils

Nick Riley – geology is at the heart if Shale Gas -Public unaware of UK geology #ESGOS

17kg block of shale from NW England – analysis published in July confirms hydrocarbons naturally in rocks #ESGOS

Not simple layer cake geology like America but surface footprint will be less #ESGOS #Shale #Gas

Nick Riley at #ESGOS – there’s not just methane in the Bowland Shale – we need to find out how much other v.useful hydrocarbons are there.

Interesting. “@ESGOS2014: Media Reporting – local media hollowed out by the internet #ESGOS #ShaleGas. One sided scrutiny – Dougal Paver”


Anti fracking protest outside Lancaster Hotel W2. #ESGOS. Why not RT or turn up

Lancaster Hotel #ESGOS

Strong turnout for the final session at #ESCGOS #Shale #Gas

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  1. The conference was held at IOM3 in Mayfair last year.

    This year the conference venue information was to be confirmed privately at a central London location! Nothing unexpected in that in the slightest!

    • Thank you for your comment. I thought the conference was planned for IOM3 but will correct this point. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

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