Steer on Cuadrilla fracking applications imminent

Planners at Lancashire County Council will release their recommendation on Cuadrilla’s applications to frack in the Fylde tomorrow morning (Wednesday January 21st).

The council announced this afternoon that agendas and reports for the committee meetings which will decide the applications will be published on its website at approximately 9am.

The reports will contain officers’ recommendations to the committee on whether they should approve or reject the applications.

Cuadrilla has applied to drill and frack and test up to four exploratory gas wells at both Preston New Road, Little Plumpton and Roseacre Wood, near Elswick. There are also associated applications for monitoring arrays to monitor seismic movement and water quality. The applications are accompanied by environmental statements on the likely impact of the applications.


The Preston New Road application (LCC/2014/0096 and 0097) will be discussed from 10am on Wednesday 28th January at County Hall in Preston. If necessary, discussion will continue from 10am on Thursday 29th January. Application details and Link to meeting webpage

Discussion of the Roseacre Wood application (LCC/2014/0101 and 0102) will begin at 1pm on Thursday 29th January at the earliest, even if the Preston New Road decision is made on Wednesday. Consideration of Roseacre Wood will continue if necessary on Friday 30th January from 10am. Application details and Link to meeting webpage

The council has also allowed what it calls “key stakeholders” to make 30-minute presentations to the committee on Friday 23rd January and Monday 26th January. The council said this was designed to give the committee greater insight into the issues and to allow the groups to explain their position more fully. These sessions are not open to the public or the media.

Committee members

The council has named the 15 members of the planning committee who will make the decision. See details in our report.


Opponents of fracking are organising the Frack Stops Here demonstration from 9am-5pm on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th January. Coaches are expected to bring campaigners from Manchester, Chester/Wrexham, Leeds, central Scotland, Brighton, Lewes and Balcombe, Guildford, Somerset and North East England.

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  1. Thanks for the details and dates. LCC is most likely to reject it because of the Labour majority on the committee. My prediction is that Labour + Lib Dec and Independent are most likely to vote on a ban because they want to keep the environmentalist and green voters on their sides. They are likely to lose their seat if they let this go ahead because there are so much pressure from the green and protestors. Let hope they do.

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