Help needed on drilling application details


DrillOrDrop is compiling a list of current planning applications for fracking and conventional oil and gas operations. And we’re asking for your help to ensure the list is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Over the next 18 months, we will be attending and reporting on planning meetings where oil and gas applications are decided. We’ll also be looking behind the headlines at the reasons given for the planning decisions. Where decisions are challenged through appeals or judicial reviews, we’ll be there too.

This new project is called Rig Watch. It is part of DrillOrDrop’s aim to provide independent, consistent, accurate and comprehensive coverage of onshore oil and gas drilling in the UK. Rig Watch is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (more details here).

All the Rig Watch reports will be posted on DrillOrDrop. We’ve created a page on the menu which will have quick links to the reports.

What do we know?

So far, we know about the following applications, appeals and judicial reviews, listed alphabetically by county. We’ll update this as we hear about new information. Please let us know about any applications that are missing from the list. Please also tell us if any of this information is incomplete or inaccurate. Get in touch here.

Appeal by Alkane against refusal by Derbyshire County Council of permission for exploratory gas drilling at land off Dark Lane, Carllow. Planning inspector visited the site in August 2015 but decision not yet published.

East Riding of Yorkshire
Application 15/03056/STVAR by Rathlin Energy to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for extension of planning permission at West Newton A well site for further three years. Consultation closes 26th October 2015. Decision expected before the end of the year.

Submission CO3715/2015 for a judicial review by Roseacre Awareness Group of Lancashire County Council decision to approve the application by Cuadrilla for a monitoring array in and around Roseacre Wood. Hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London to decide if the judicial review can go ahead is expected October 2015. The pro-fracking Onshore Energy Services Group website has a link to what it says is the refusal notice.

Appeal APP/02371/W/15/3130924 and others by Cuadrilla against refusal of permission by Lancashire County Council for a monitoring array at and near Preston New Road and refusals of permission to drill, frack and test at Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road. The company is also appealing against the conditions applied to permission for a monitoring array at Roseacre Wood. A 12-day planning inquiry will hear all the appeals, currently scheduled to start 9th February 2016.

North Yorkshire
Application NY/2015/ 0233/ENV by Third Energy to North Yorkshire County Council to frack, test and produce at existing KM8 well at Kirby Misperton. Currently scheduled for decision on Monday 1st November 2015. A recommendation of a site visit will be made by planning officers at a meeting on Tuesday 20th October 2015.

Application F/331 by IGas to Nottinghamshire County Council for four groundwater monitoring boreholes at Misson, Bassetlaw. Consultation reopened until 5th October. Decision meeting of 20th October postponed, The council said a possible decision date is 17th November 2015.

Application 2015/1515 by UK Methane to City and County of Swansea for coal bed methane exploratory borehole at Bryntywod, Llangyfelach. Decision meeting date to be confirmed.

Ones to watch

We’ll also be looking out for applications to be submitted by IGas to frack at Misson in Nottinghamshire and to drill for oil at Baxter’s Copse and West Dean in West Sussex.

Please let us know about any other proposals which have not yet reached planning application stage by clicking here

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  1. Any chance you can include how on earth they got Halite gas storage passed in Preesall Lancs?
    We have a Facebook page called Rise Up Against Halite Energy.
    No way should this have been passed by Lord Bourne behind closed doors on the last day of parliament. And only because Amber Rudd had to give it to him to do as her brother has connections with Halite. This has been turned down amd thrown out 4 times! In 13 years and then it is passed just like that. The whole local area were shocked by the decision. No way is it safe. Even our local M Ps didn’t know until they heard it on the BBC news. Please any legal help would be very much appreciated. Thank you for reading this.
    Alison Dyche

  2. Delighted to hear you’ve received funding and well deserved for all your excellent work. Perhaps it might be a lot of work but I think it would be worth investigating in detail all the changes this government has made to favour fracking and how they have gone about it – ignoring the EAC decision for a moratorium, the u turn on the Infrastructure Act , criticism by HoL Scrutiny, consultation approach, change to planning laws – and also then how they no doubt will step in and take local planning authority powers away and use of call in. The redacted DEFRA report. Wind farms the public can decide – fracking the public cannot decide.
    Reports about the jobs fracking will allegedly create – but no substantive economic impact assessment to reflect jobs displaced or an accurate picture. No true economic analysis of shale despite warnings from the Governor of the Bank of England and shale in the US being 30 billion in debt. No analysis of what impact fracking would have on gas prices in the UK – most experts state shale gas in the UK will not lower prices and likely to increase prices. It is far more expensive to produce than conventional. Withdrawal of support for greener alternatives. No planning framework and no detailed waste management strategy. No statutory compensation in place for communities impacted by shale and likely to suffer a fall in the value of their property if close to a fracking site. The woolly community payments are badly thought out and inapprpriate. The fossil fuel industry lobbying government. The timeline, how the government has gone about this and the implications need to be brought together and published. Misleading quotes by government that fracking is necessary for national energy security – when shale is unproven and 10 or 15 years away from meaningful production. Plus thousands of wells required just for 10% of UK gas consumption. No problem with energy security as available fossil fuels to import – which the vast majority of countries have done for decades.

    • Hello KT
      Thanks for getting in touch with DrillOrDrop.
      I’m really pleased you think there’s a worthwhile investigation to be done on government attempts to make fracking easier. I started drafting out some ideas a fortnight ago on this very subject. I wasn’t sure whether there was a case – but with your ideas I think it is definitely worth looking into further.
      Once I get a bit further down the line would you mind if I got back in touch?
      Thanks again and best wishes, Ruth

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