Live updates on eviction of Upton protection camp

Check here for live updates on the eviction of Upton Community Protection Camp at the IGas Duttons Lane site near Chester. The company had been given permission to evict the camp from the afternoon of 4th December 2015. Campaigners at the camp have said they will resist attempts to remove them. The company wants to drill for coal bed methane at the site.

Chester Chronicle reporting 11 arrests.

BBC reporting all campaigners removed from site

final removal

Tweet from BBC Merseyside

last man

Update from Green and Black Cross in Manchester on arrests

J and BC

BBC Meseyside reporting that police say only 2 anti-fracking protestors are left at their camp in Upton – one in a tunnel, 1 up a platform

Chester Chronicle reports BBC One Show reporter Trish Adudu at Upton anti-fracking camp for a report to be broadcast next week.


Update on arrests from David Holmes of the Chester Chronicle

arrests update

And BBC Merseyside says bailiffs are climbing trees to remove campaigners

Now dusk at Upton

Social media reports that an ambulance called onto Duttons Lane and that a campaigner is on a tripod on the site.

New link to livestream

Campaigner removed from digger. Digger escorted by police into Duttons Lane to shouts of “shame”.

BBC reports comments by  Anna Davies, of Frack Free Dee Coalition:

“People at the camp are in their positions. There are people up towers, in the treehouses and in the tunnels and they’ve locked themselves on.

“They have either D locks around their necks or their arms around things in tubes with a padlock on it so they can’t be moved.

“It is immensely important we do resist. Allowing iGas a foothold at this site would be disastrous for the region. This is the frontline.”

Livestream shows a man, who says he’s a Chester resident, locked on to a digger being delivered to the site. He tells reporters he is doing it to “stop Cheshire being turned into a gas field”.

lock on2

Picture from bambuser livestream. Link here:

BBC  reporting four arrests: two for obstructing an officer and two for “indirect contradiction of the high court writ”. A force spokeswoman is reported as saying: Two other people have been given a “Section 35 direction to leave, which means they can’t return for 48 hours”.



Heavy equipment on its way to the site

Heavy equipment

Tweet from Frack Free Dee

FFD tweet

Cheshire Police tweet: Officers remain at the site in #Upton monitoring and ensuring public safety. For more information on our role visit:

Reports that some campaigners and media have been moved away from the site

David Holmes (Cheshire Chronicle) reports media asked to leave the scene.


Heavy police presence

police presence.png

Campaigners and police in Duttons Lane

in the road


Update from Cheshire Chronicle report, David Holmes:
more cheshire chron

Reports of another arrest

Link to livestream:


moe arrests

David Holmes tweets that one arrested man put in police van and taken away.

David Holmes, Chester Chronicle reporter, tweets on an arrest:

Chester C hron

Green and Black (which coordinates legal support for protesters) reports arrests.


Image from livestream

Commentary of livestream filming suggests a JCB sent to support the eviction has got stuck in mud

jcb stuck

BayTV reports local support at the end of Duttons Lane

Community support

BBC reports that specialist eviction officers at scene


Tweet from the BBC’s Phl McCann at the scene:


BBC tweet

Tweet from Frack Off

Frack Off

Simon Byrne, chief constable of Cheshire Police, tweets that force is being supported by officers from Merseyside and North Wales

Cheshire Police



Eviction 3

Frack Off reports campaigners are occupying tunnels, towers and treehouses

Statement from Cheshire Police

Cheshire Constabulary is aware that High Court officials are attending a local protest site in Duttons Lane, Upton to carry out an eviction process.

Previously, an order of possession had been served by High Court Enforcement Officers on the site. The Enforcement Officers have now been instructed to enforce the writ on behalf of the court, and Cheshire police officers are monitoring the situation and ensuring public safety.

Over the past few weeks, police liaison officers have been speaking to the protestors. Officers have also met with local residents and residents groups listening to their concerns, and officers have worked with the local community to minimise any impact in the Upton area. Local beat officers will continue to be available throughout the operation to address any issues raised by the local community.

The law provides for the right to peaceful protest, but also for the right for everyone to go about their daily business and the role of the police is to balance all lawful rights.

Over the period that the land has been occupied by the protesters, structures, tunnels and fortifications have appeared on the site which means the eviction process may be protracted. Police are on standby should they need to intervene where necessary.

Depending on events at the location Duttons Lane may have to be closed to allow this process to take place. If this is the case the public are thanked for their patience during this time.



Picture from livestream

Cheshire Police tweet: “High Court officials have moved onto a site in Upton to enforce an eviction order. Due to activity Duttons Lane has been closed”


Livestream 1

Picture from livestream


Eviction 2.jpg

Facebook post from campaigners


Livestream link here:

Cheshire Police confirm road closure and report diversions in place

Reports that the Duttons Lane has been closed for health and safety reasons


Bailiffs arrive
First reports of large numbers of police at Upton Community Protection Camp at IGas’s Duttons Lane site near Chester

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      • Who by ???
        You Andy
        Show us the proof.

        The report from Breast Cancer Uk and Breast Cancer action concerning fracking dangers is there for all to read. Perhaps you would like to discuss your evidence with their INDEPENDENT, scientific medical experts.

        Who do you think the public will believe ??

  1. We and I am sure many many others would like to personally say a big thank you to all those brave, peaceful protectors who gallantly resisted as long as they could the ‘attack of the Cybermen’ in attrocious conditions as well as those that were herded/kettled at the end of Duttons Lane. In the end you were outnumbered by an overreactionary combination of Cheshire/Heddlu Constabularies, which was ‘completely unneccessary’. An expensive, time consuming operation which appeared to lack forethought in that they clearly had not checked the weather forecast, that the BBC One Show were due to film at the Camp at 11am (which they still did but at the end of the road which will be interesting when it is broadcast next week) and the fact that common sense did not prevail when the eviction team started and then failed to drive a JCB vehicle (without tracks) into the saturated, muddy field and was promptly abandoned sinking in the mud!

    Let us be clear here. The protectors were there for one plain simple reason – to prevent fracking and the subsequent consequences of drilling operations taking place for not only the local community but beyond. It had become the frontline nationally. They were not there for personal gain, financial reward, ego boosting or making a name for themselves with all the media attention. Many of them are just ordinary folk like us, concerned about the implications if the likes of IGas gets a foothold. We owe them a debt of gratitude and appreciation for holding on so long. They have done us all a favour for which all those involved in Upton Community Protection Camp can hold their heads up with pride not dejection or sorrow. Yes, it was sad to see those leave or be removed but all it will do is strengthen their resolve and self-determination and they will rise from the ashes again somewhere else. They achieved much and raised the profile of the UK anti-fracking community. Awareness about fracking is now greater than ever before and will only increase. The local community around Upton, Chester, Cheshire and nationally have suffered a setback but they/we will be back. Local democracy and people power will prevail. We are evolving and will not go away quietly until there is a 100% ban.

    Thank you must also go to Ruth Hayhurst for the excellent coverage she and her fellow colleagues provided and for her ongoing posts:)

  2. I have to say I am heartily sick of hearing the self-congratulatory absurdity of these protestors. Calling each other heroes and saying how brave they are. Just how off the planet are these people? I don’t want be rude, but having served in the forces alongside real heroes, having seen young cancer victims go on to inspire generations, victims of crime speak and disease speak out to help others despite their own pain, it galls me to see these terms been bandied about in this way.

    Some people have created a massive monster out of fracking when in reality its hardly worth bothering about, so they can claim wildly exaggerated claims of being heroes and risking their lives when there really is no risk. No more than any other similar activity or industrial process or even getting on a plane.

    This is the UK. This is not North Korea or Nazi Germany when standing up to authority really could have lost you your life. Please, get some perspective and maybe the rest of us will want to sit down and discuss the issue like adults. All I can see it now is a hard left issue which will be just as irrelevant in a few years as the protests against roads, nukes and telephone masts were…..

  3. Who mentioned the word ‘hero’? That word along with ‘legend’ is not in ones vocabulary. I do not and would never refer to someone using those words. Now try ‘role model’ and ‘setting an example’ or ‘leading by example’, instead of the corporate-led state trying to ‘make an example out of someone’ as was the case with the nine arrestees is much more palatable.

    The fact is these people have given up their home comforts to protect our and your land from a high risk industry. Try and think about it logically and objectively. Imagine having a drilling rig put up within 500 metres or certainly within a mile radius of homes, schools, playgrounds, play areas, parks, shops, bus stops, etc which in the case of Upton applies to many of these. Ask yourself would you really want to see, smell, hear activity 24/7 within close proximity (in your own back yard) having a detrimental effect on people, wildlife and the climate (which is already evidently affected and compromised)?

    The warning signs are already there in the US and Australia. As stated before, prevention is better than containment and most definitely cure. It is too risky plus the disbenefits outweigh the benefits. Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, except it is sadly caused by human overactivity.

  4. There is nothing brave about these people! They make out they are putting their lives on the line. I have never heard such rubbish! Are these people standing up against the North Korean Regime in North Korea? Are they standing up against the IS regime in Iraq or Syria? No, they are messing about up a structure they built knowing full well professionals will be sent to remove them. It is a travesty and incredibly disrespectful to call these people ‘brave’ when there are children going through utter horrors yet still standing up and speaking out. Whether you support these peoples agendas or not. Please, please, get some perspective on what risks they are actually putting themselves into and what they are facing and then look at the worlds real heroes.

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