Photograph: Work underway at IGas shale gas site

Misson equipment

Equipment delivered to the IGas site off Springs Road, Misson, Nottinghamshire. Photograph: Jayne Watson

IGas has wasted no time beginning work at its proposed fracking site at Misson in north Nottinghamshire.

Equipment arrived today, just over a week after permission was granted for groundwater monitoring boreholes.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s planning and licensing committee approved the company’s application on 19th January 2016 for up to 12 monitoring boreholes at land off Springs Road. DrillOrDrop report

This is the first step towards fracking for shale gas at the former Cold War missile test site. A separate planning application for a vertical and a horizontal exploratory well is being considered by the county council. There’s no date yet when a decision will be made.

If approved, that proposal would involve taking samples from shale layers but would not include fracking. The company has said if the results from exploration suggest further appraisal were worthwhile it would submit another application for a flow-test, which may require hydraulic fracturing to help the gas to flow.

DrillOrDrop has a daily digest of news, updated as it happens. Link here

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  1. Not needed ,,,, renewables all the way ,,, we didnt leave the stone age because we ran out of stone.
    Are we now not intelligent enough to source our energy needs without burning fossil fuels
    Scott ,,, Nottinghamshire

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