Cuadrilla fracking inquiry – what’s happening in Week 3?

Inquiry docsThe inquiry into Cuadrilla’s fracking plans for Lancashire goes into Week 3 tomorrow morning (Tuesday 23rd February) with more evidence from Lancashire County Council.

Dr Andrew McKenzie, for the council, will explain why fracking plans for Preston New Road should be refused on noise grounds.

He’ll be followed by Neil Stevens, who will argue the case against the Roseacre Wood scheme because of the impact of extra traffic on local roads. The final council witness, Katie Atkinson, will give evidence on planning policy for both sites.

The inspector, Wendy McKay, will visit the proposed sites on Wednesday. On Thursday there will be second evening session for members of the public to give their views. Friends of the Earth begins its case on Friday.

Who’s speaking when this week?

The inquiry programme may change but the latest version looks like this:

Day 9: Tuesday 23rd February
9.30am start
Lancashire County Council’s witnesses Dr Andrew McKenzie (noise) and Neil Stevens (highways) give evidence and are cross-examined by Cuadrilla’s barrister, Nathalie Lieven.

Day 10: Wednesday 24th February
Site visits. No hearings.

Day 11: Thursday 25th February
Neil Stevens may continue to give evidence, followed by Katie Atkinson, Lancashire County Council’s planning witness. She will also be cross-examined by Cuadrilla.

Public session for comments on Preston New Road

Day 12: Friday 26th February
9.30am start
Friends of the Earth’s witnesses, Professor Kevin Anderson (climate change) and Alan Watson (waste), give evidence and are cross-examined by Cuadrilla.

The inquiry on DrillOrDrop

DrillOrDrop will be posting live updates throughout the week. We’ll also tweet with the hashtag #frackinginquiry and add updates to the DrillOrDrop Facebook page

Our Inquiry page has links to posts from Weeks 1 and 2, along with more information about the appeals.

This report is part of DrillOrDrop’s  Rig Watch project.  Rig Watch receives funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. More details here

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