Five month delay to IGas shale gas application at Misson

Misson equipment

Equipment arriving for groundwater monitoring boreholes at Springs Road, Misson

IGas proposals to explore for shale gas at Misson in Bassetlaw won’t be decided until the end of July, Nottinghamshire County Council said today.

The company applied in October 2015 for permission to drill two boreholes at a former Cold War missile site off Springs Road.

But now planners want more information from IGas about how it chose the proposed site. They also want to know more about surface water run-off, ecology, traffic, unexploded ordnance and the likely impacts of shale gas exploration on the landscape. Once the information has been provided, there will be a second public consultation.

The council sought the views of more than 40 organisations last year and the first public consultation resulted in more than 2,000 comments.

The council said today it had discussed with IGas how long it would take to provide the extra information before agreeing on the new determination date of 29th July 2016.

Sally Gill, Nottinghamshire’s planning manager, said:

“It is perfectly normal for the County Council to request further information from an applicant as part of the planning process, especially in the case of a complex application like this one”.

“This process provides the applicant with an opportunity to address any concerns raised and provide additional information, not included in the initial application, which answers questions raised during the consultation.”

“The further period of public consultation will allow members of the public and technical consultees the opportunity to comment on this additional information once it has been submitted.”

IGas proposes to drill a vertical well to a depth of about 3,500 metres. Depending on the results, it may drill another  well vertically to 4,350m, before deviating to horizontal for up to 1,500m. The first well is expected to take 14 weeks of continuous drilling; the second 19 weeks. The application does not include fracking, though IGas has said it may apply to do this later.

Link to planning application documents

Latest developments at Misson

  • An Environment Agency public consultation is currently underway for a mining waste permit for the exploratory gas wells. This runs until Tuesday 8th March 2016. Link to consultation documents
  • A survey of people living in Misson parish found that 87% of participants were against IGas’s plans. 4% were in favour and 9% undecided. The survey and a petition signed by 70% of the population will be presented to a full meeting of Nottinghamshire County Council on Thursday (25th February 2016).
  • On 19th January 2016, Nottinghamshire County Council approved a separate planning application for the Misson site for up to 12 groundwater monitoring boreholes. Eight days later, IGas began moving equipment on to the site.

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