New shale drilling bid announced for north Notts


iGas’s proposed Tinker Lane site. Photo: Bassetlaw Against Fracking

As expected, IGas has announced it is preparing to submit a new planning application to explore for hydrocarbons in Bassetlaw.

A legal notice (link) in the Retford Times says the proposed development is at land between Blyth and Barnby Moor, at a site known as Tinker Lane.

The development is described as a hydrocarbon wellsite with one vertical exploratory oil or gas well for a temporary period of up to three years.

The notice is signed by John Blaymires, chief operating officer of IGas Energy. But it is in the name of Dart Energy (East England) Ltd, part of a group of companies taken over by IGas in 2014.

Article 13 notice

Tinker Lane notice

Under planning law, people proposing to apply for planning permission, must inform owners of land or buildings.

The notice, issued under article 13 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015, gives landowners until 30 May 2016 to make representations to Nottinghamshire County Council.

This does not replace the public consultation, which will begin when the application has been both formally submitted by IGas and validated by the county council.


IGas submitted a scoping report for Tinker Lane in October 2015. This said the proposed well would take samples from coal and shale formations. There are also plans for up to nine monitoring boreholes to sample groundwater and ground gas at the site. The report said:

“Hydraulic fracturing would not be performed in the well on either the coal or shale targets at this stage of the operation”.

However, if the results were positive, IGas said a new planning application would be submitted for either a new horizontal well to target the most prospective shale horizons or to frack and test the vertical well.

The site is about 2.5k from Blyth, 1.5km from Barnby Moor and 1.6km from Torworth. Local people complained that IGas installed portable buildings and lighting on the site without planning permission. Bassetlaw District Council has consulted lawyers on whether IGas had broken any planning rules. Details

Second application

Once listed, this will be IGas’s second current application for exploratory drilling in north Nottinghamshire. The county council is currently considering an application for two boreholes, one vertical, one deviated, at Springs Road, Misson. The determination date on this application is 29 July 2016. Details

IGas already has planning consent to sink up to 12 monitoring boreholes at Springs Road, granted on 19 January 2016. Details

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  1. This should be approved and the well drilled to assess what is there. As the Minister told the parliamentary group on shale gas regulation on Wednesday morning, we should get on and drill (and frac) a few exploration shale gas wells to determine if this is ever going to be a viable shale gas industry in the UK. We keep hearing from those opposed to shale gas that it will not be commercially viable. So why not find out? If they are right the industry will fail within 2 years, and the opponentswill be happy and find something else to object to.

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