Picture post: Barclays anti-fracking protests


Yesterday (29/10/2016) anti-fracking campaigners protested outside branches of Barclays  against the bank’s investment in Third Energy, which has permission to frack for shale gas in North Yorkshire.

The protests were part of a week of action, which saw more than 90 events against Barclays’ involvement in shale gas exploration and production. At Piccadilly in London, the protest closed the branch. DrillOrDrop report on the week of action


Piccadilly, London. Photo: Adela Pickles


Piccadilly, London. Photo: Adela Pickles


Piccadilly, London. Photo: Adela Pickles


Manchester protest


Brighton protest


Huddersfield. Photo: Huddersfield Friends of the Earth


Edinburgh. Photo by Ric Lander flickr.com/photos/ricjl


Edinburgh. Photo: Ric Lander flickr.com/photos/ricjl


Oxford protest


Sheffield protest with former Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett. Photo: Phil Daly


South Tyneside


Hastings. Photo: Matt McDonald c/o Don’t Frack with Sussex

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  1. Was that a Halloween party? I though we don’t have Halloween in the UK. I am sure bank never give out free candy. And definitely not free cash. Actually they never give anything for free. It’s nice to the the couch potato standing up in the photos. It probably did help the circulation.

    • Where have you been since 1745 TW?

      But this is not a ‘party’ this is peaceful protest, bringing awareness to the public. Well done to all those who have given their time for free and their hearts forever…..

  2. It is wonderful to see all ages represented. It is particularly poignant to see the number of young people standing up for their rights to a clean future, as they will be the ones who will bear the brunt of the fossil fuel obsession.

    • If I hadn’t been with the same bank for 45 years I’d seriously consider opening a Barclays acount. The fracking protestors accuse the O&G companies of riding roughshod over people’s rights. How is blocking people from going about their lawful business not riding roughshod over THEIR rights. Protesters complain that the prospect of fracking is stress inducing. How do you think the staff and customers of Barclays feel when crowds of protesters invade their space and disrupt their working lives.

  3. ‘How do you think the staff and customers of Barclays feel when crowds of protesters invade their space and disrupt their working lives’.
    I would seriously hope they would consider the evidence and make up their own minds, after all, many will be potentially living in a shale exploration area themselves.

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