Second supplier pulls out of Cuadrilla fracking contract


Protest at Moores Readymix Concrete in St Annes, 7 February 2017. Photo: Frank Roberts

Half an hour ago a second supplier pulled out of a contract with Cuadrilla for its fracking site at Preston New Road near Blackpool.

Opponents of Cuadrilla’s activities blockaded Moore’s Readymix Concrete in St Annes this morning.

Just before 9am, the company’s director, Roy Moore, sent an email to Cuadrilla confirming that he would not make further deliveries.


The email, copied to protesters, said:

“As you are aware the protesters have now moved to block our St Annes Depot and we have been unable to move raw materials in and concrete out for any customers this morning.

“I understand that this blockade will continue whilst we are supplying your contract at Preston New Road.

“In view of the drastic effect this is now having on the rest of my customers we have no alternative but to cease supplies to the above site.

“Obviously I need to take legal advice as to our position on this matter but no further deliveries will be made to your site.”

Yesterday Armstrong Aggregates in Bolton announced it was stopping supplies to Cuadrilla at Preston New Road after protesters blockaded Montcliffe Quarry in Horwich. DrillOrDrop report. Cuadrilla said that contract had already been fulfilled.

DrillOrDrop has asked for comments on today’s decision from Cuadrilla and the industry support group, Lancashire for Shale. This post will be updated with any response.


A protester received minor injuries following a collision with a car at the Moore’s site earlier this morning.

A statement from Lancashire Police said:

“During the protest there was a minor collision between a protestor and a Mitsubishi vehicle which is being investigated. The injured party received very minor injuries and the driver will be spoken to.”

Updated 10.30 7/2/17 to include statement from Lancashire Police and to correct location of Moore’s depot from Lytham to St Annes

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  1. You are scoring an own goal with these types of actions trust me! This is guerrilla style action associated with communistic left. Once you start causing harm to companies that aren’t the actual fracking firms you’ll burn your own house down.

    • Guerrilla style action in WW2 saved our Countries bacon, over in the Far East and Europe!
      Works well in Lancashire too and ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet!’ as the song goes!

    • Communistic left? Stalin would have flung us all into prison or worse.
      Trying to force the social movement against fracking into a box marked ‘Left’ is rather ridiculous.

    • You are absolutely correct Mr. M. How will locals respond to the out-of-town anti-frackers who not only create hazards and inconvenience on the roads, but now are robbing local business of opportunities. This will move employment opportunities and tax revenue out of the area. The outsiders are stealing wealth from the locals. Too bad!

    • We see the words left and right being bandied about here, though I suspect you may not be aware of the political origin of these terms.
      The terms Left and Right originally referred to the actual position that representatives sat on at the King of France throne, and has only become associated with a particular political stance after the French Revolution and subsequent political revisions which are now seen as being left meaning social responsibility decentralised elected representation. That gave freedom to all from the highest to the lowest with equal democratic rights and say so. The right has come to mean conventional capitalist top down ‘everyone for themselves’ and ‘survival of the fittest’ approach elitism, the poor may ‘eat cake’ if they are lucky, that being the cheapest type of bread swept up off the mill floor with added rat protein.
      The right do not believe in paying for anyone else, only themselves, and it is a fight to win supremacy. The left beleive that all should be looked after, indeed the strong should protect the weak and be proud of it.
      What is interesting is that there was a third group, those who stood in front of the throne, they combined aspects of both the right and the left views and move one way or the other depending upon the issue. I suspect in modern day politics most of us fall slightly one way or the other and really belong in the center.
      Looking at these posts it is not hard to see who stands where, but most will be at least near the center, until that is, where a contentious issue such as fracking emerges, then we find ourselves moving one way or the other.

  2. Its shocking that bullyboy tactics can be used to stop a legal and licenced activity. The police must surely arrest those that are preventing lawful activity. Of course the protestors claim they are ‘protecting the environment’ but that has been done by evidence and the Environment Agency etc. I am sure the protestors are not aware that all of the classic anti claims of ‘water pollution’ etc were dismissed by the Advertising Standards people after complaints against Friends of the earth.

    • Anon – on what basis do you believe the ASA qualified to dismiss the evidence of water impacts (CF The US EIA)?

      • Refraction, the ASA are qualified to dismiss claims of water pollution because the use sound reason and logic, and they apply the scientific method. The same reason the US EPA dismissed the claims. Best of luck!!

        • hballpeenyahoocom

          These world leading organisations, headed by professors, doctors of science, medicine and engineering all warn of the serious DANGERS of fracking, are they all wrong ????

          Just Google any of the following below, (as it reads) to read their reports. Links to any of the following can be provided, if required.

          NOBEL PEACE PRIZE winners, ( PSR ) Physicians For Social Responsibility, fracking

          DEFRA, fracking report

          BREAST CANCER ACTION, fracking

          BREAST CANCER FUND, fracking

          BREAST CANCER UK, fracking

          STOP CANCER NOW, Fracking and your health, 24 February

          PREVENT CANCER NOW, Fracking shale gas and health, a case for precaution.

          CAPE’s position statement on fracking , June 2014.


          headlined…. Toxic Chemicals, Carcinogens, skyrocket near fracking sites.

          BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL fracking ….. public health England’s draft report on shale gas extraction. The BMJ.

          Maybe you would also like to comment on the article published on the Guardian Newspaper 30th March 2015, HEADLINED. ….. Doctors And Academics Call For Ban On Inherently Risky Fracking.

          SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY fracking …. scientific review reveals public health and data gaps.

          PHYSICIANS, SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS FOR PUBLIC HEALTHY ENERGY ( PSE ) fracking ……. and read the many reports published by them regarding the dangers of fracking

          • Yes, Jackthelad, they are all wrong. Just as many scientists have studied the facts and have averred that fracking is not a systemic threat to the environment and human health. The difference, of course, is that the scientists who understand the facts are not anti-fracking activists. There’s a reason why the EPA has dismissed all of your “so-called-studies.”

            • hballpeenyahoocom
              I have shown you proof that the EPA study was a joke.
              Why do you refuse to acknowledge it ???

              • You have shown nothing of the sort, Jack. The EPA’s SAB only questioned the overarching statement that there were no systemic threats because they said that the lack of a complete data set prevented the EPA from making the claim. The FACT is that none of the data in the report suggested that there was a systemic impact from fracking, and that fact is not disputed.

            • Even with their powers of investigation severely restricted and financial budgets deeply cut, the EPA still found evidence of contamination.

              I quote
              ” Still, the EPA report determined for the first time that fracking had fouled drinking water. The finding was a notable reversal for the Obama administration, which, like its predecessors, had long insisted that fracking did not pose a threat to drinking water”

              • You don’t comprehend this, Jack. There is no doubt that oil and gas operations have the potential to cause contamination, just like any other industrial operation. Accidents happens, spills occur, and wells are not completed per specs on occasion. But there is zero evidence that fracking causes contamination systemically, in a widespread fashion. If there was, we wouldn’t be fracking. The EPA and many other independent bodies have examined the data and all of the other evidence and this is what they have concluded. Just look it up.

    • [Edited by moderator]
      Democracy said NO to Fracking on so many counts.
      That is why the toxic process has been banned in some many places worldwide!
      Why post as ‘anon’ by the way, not very proud of yourself today are we?
      I know the Protectors are very proud of themselves, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

      • Peter, I find your language to be extreme and hostile. There is no need for that here. Democracy has said YES to fracking. In fact, it did so 11.3 million times in the general election. You will have to get over it, because democracy in the name of the national interest is winning.

        • Oh pennywise you old fraud! You are the most aggressive extreme and hostile poster in your many anonymous guises on these pages!
          To quote you: “Such hypocracy is so thick you could cut it with a knife!!” That was calm balanced and non extremist and hostile wasn’t it? Think you’d better think that out again!
          Ha! Such a laugh! Do try to keep to the topic, these self righteous remarks only serve to place you where you come from, where is that by the way? It wouldn’t be that well known colony of high intellectual capacity, common sense and calm collected electoral and presidential sanity would it?

            • [Edited by moderator]

              In this country we have a thing called community, almost destroyed in your country, it often opposes invaders, particularly ones who do so only to despoil and destroy our countryside and our villages towns and cities in the name of profit and run away to offshore tax havens. It doesnt matter if this invasion is sanctioned by council local and central government or the unfortunate misused police force, what is important is that invaders will not succeed no matter what ‘official’ sanctions they have, invaders will be opposed and thrown out, it is as simple as that. No amount of invective, government party political pressure or suppression will stop that.
              so best go home now eh? it will only end up in tears and woe for the invaders, then we can go about our lawful business and never forget that this industry tried and failed to force our communities into allowing them to destroy our own environment.

              • Sounds pretty extreme to me Phil. Extreme enough to threaten workers with notes stating that you know where they live? Things have gotten out of control with the anti-frackers. This is the best thing my side could have wished for, because the mainstream is seeing your lot for what it is – a bunch of bullying, lying (per the ASA), fearmongering, hypocrites.

                So, keep up the good work! And, BTW, you are completely right and accurate in your assessment that America has no communities. We don’t know what the word even means. Our entire country is dedicated to fracking non-stop and that is all. Not like you have a skewed sense of reality! ;o)

        • OK pennywise, I looked up the official Conservative Party Manifesto list of issues, and it was very interesting, because in spite of where you come from, you have claimed this before.
          This is the truth, look it up yourself.
          Nowhere, I will repeat that, NOWHERE, does it mention fracking, or even any reference to O & G exploration and extraction! How can this be? This is the wording of the only aspect to even nod at the environment:
          “Return to Climate Change Levy to encourage investment in low carbon energy production with the proportion of tax revenues generated by environmental taxes increased.”
          That’s it! Hardly an incontrovertible manifesto the track the hell out of the public is it? Not only that David Cameron fought tooth and nail to prevent fracking in on and under his own constituency in spite of the fact (fract?) that it was a prime candidate for fracking.
          Lets look at your other claim.
          This is the true result of the 2015 election.
          15.7 million of registered voters did not vote.
          30.7 million did vote.
          Of that 11.3 million voted Con.
          That means only 24.3% of people in UK voted Con.
          Hardly a majority is it? in the 1950’s 54% voted Con, a massive drop in support since then for the Cons.
          [Edited by moderator]

          • Oooooooooops.

            From the Conservative party manifesto:

            “We will secure your energy supplies. We will continue to support the safe development of shale gas, and ensure that local communities share the proceeds through generous community benefit packages. We will create a Sovereign Wealth Fund for the North of England, so that the shale gas resources of the North are used to invest in the future of the North.”

            Well, Phil, another prime example of you finding “alternative” facts to support the anti-frack mafia, huh? Pretty despicable behavior in my book.

            The Conservatives won in a fair, democratic election. They have a democratic obligation to represent their voters and pursue goals as laid out in their Manifesto.

            You need to do your homework better, Phil.

            Best of luck, as always!

            • Ooopps pennywise, you are still missing the point. I repeat Fracking is not mentioned at all, shale gas is, and that is all that is mentioned.
              Fracking is such a contentious word it is not mentioned by the manifesto on purpose, a common tactic by the O & G fracking invaders, go figure.
              Think that homework is calling for you pennywise, I am not embarrassed for you at all.

              • LOL. Nice try, Phil. [Edited by moderator] Your words exactly, “NOWHERE, does it mention fracking, or even any reference to O & G exploration and extraction! ”

                [Edited by moderator] Development of shale gas is certainly a reference to gas exploration and extraction. [Edited by moderator]

      • Scientific method? The ASA dont even understand the process, let alone the operation of the scientific method. The ASA used no such thing and rejected anything they did not agree with, that is a fundamental failure of any type of investigation, let alone a scientific one, that is so far from the scientific methodology it is embarrassing.

        • What proof do you have of deficiencies in the process used by the ASA to evaluate the fraudulent claims made by FoE? Why were you not concerned with their process deficiencies when they slapped Cuadrilla’s wrist?

          • i told you, you ignored it as per usual as i see you are still doing on other posts, denial isnt a way of life, it is at best an indication of bias, at worst it indicates rigidity of thought and fragility of credibility.
            I discounted the ASA/FoE issue because it was and is irrelevant from the ASA who answered a particular complaint and we know who that was from. There are plenty of other posters out there, but the ASA only looks at one if someone complains and do not act independently of fear or favour as they should and examine everything written or said.
            I do not care what is claimed, but i do care what is done.The ASA turned their back on evidence and rejected it out of hand on the grounds that UK would be different.That is neither scientific nor rational. The UK situation is not different, the same fracking operations carried out across the world are no different to the operations that will and are being carried out here. We don’t have gold standard regulations in UK, as far as present evidence suggests, there are no applicable standards at all and what few safety measures that do exist are being compromised and ignored every day, apparently with governmental, council and police approval. So called gold standards evapourate as soon as the contraventions occur and that does not bode well for the future.
            As regards the Cuadrilla issue if the same ignorance was used in the evaluation, then it is no better, i cant say i was not involved and nor were you.
            Frankly i dont care one way or the other, better agencies would need to be employed to assess any sort of due dilligence at all.Therefore in my opinion the ASA are completely discredited regarding fracking or any industrial issue and should stick to product advertising in future, which was its original function, there are enough lies there to last them into the next century but they keep quiet because few realise how deep the lies go.
            However you obviously didn’t read what i said originally, do try not to go off half cocked all the time

    • Dear Anon, you really have swallowed the industry hype? The protectors are well aware of the hard evidence and fact, but it sounds as though you have a massive amount of work to do on research! Non-violent direct action is a democratic right in this country. For now anyway! History shows that it is remarkably effective, particularly when the people are left with no alternative but to exercise that right. So don’t talk about bully boy tactics of protectors and appeal for arrests!

  3. Sadly we don’t have any other options as the Government has overturned Democratic decision making here in Lancashire.
    Are we supposed to just lie down and let our Community and neighbourhood and children’s health be devastated on the whim of a temporary dodgy Londoncentric Politician 300 miles away?
    I don’t fricking think so!

  4. Unconventional Gas and Oil exploration in the UK does not have the social license…just because the Government have chosen to pursue it doesn’t make it the right and proper action for the UK .
    Our air and water qualities are beyond monetary value..we WILL protect.

    • Well, Dianna, it is the government acting on behalf of the 11.3 million voters who put them in power is it not? Fracking isn’t a danger to water quality, as has been demonstrated in the US. And fracking will help air quality as it lowers dependence on coal and helps to enable intermittent renewable energy sources. Best of luck!

  5. Wow! 7 minutes and 8 minutes for the PFO’s to jump on this with the usual false shock horror cries of democracy is falling! Curious that when bullying was revealed on their own behalf the response time was more measured?
    Never mind, alls fair in love and war. I wonder which of those is portrayed there?
    Incidentally there are some very enlightening definitions of democracy and communism by very learned bodies that are well worth reading, not the least are the simplified versions, such as Democracy is operated for the people, by the people and of the people. It is also interesting to see that there are two types of democracy, direct and representative, the latter being a convenience where more people are involved than ca n be fitted in one hall. The former is only a representation of democratic rights by an elected group. The interesting aspect of this form is that if that elected group no longer represent the people, then it is the peoples DUTY to tear it down and throw it out and to take back the rights that have been stolen. Not something those representatives are fond of being common knowledge.
    And then communism, that, due to the cold war does not have good press, however essentially communism was a response to dictatorial rule by royalty and the self righteous oligarchy that protected the elite family. The result was bloody take over by ordinary people, but the initial Marxist intention was to give power of self determination back to the people. Of couse such power is quickly high jacked and used to supress those very same people. Essentially it just means community, but as usual the intellectual elite transformed that into personal power elites who murdered each other at the drop of a hat and called it ‘the peoples will’. Like the French revolution and the English Civil War and the American Civil War the power ends up with those with the greatest financial interest in maintaining their privilege and wealth.
    The upshot of all this perhaps, is to appreciate that the removal of democratic representation and the high jacking of the principles of power for a small self styled elite is a dangerous step and several instances of what happens when people are pushed too far is a timely reminder to those who misuse representative democracy for their own ends, that democracy can quickly be reverted to direct democracy and the result of that may be more serious than a few people walking slowly in front a few trucks.
    So the message is clear, be thankful that at present, the worst that can happen is slow walking in front of a few trucks. (I use the word ‘trucks’ for our colonial readers who have problems with ‘lorries’ and several other English concepts, such as ‘common sense’.
    Be thankful for what you have got and pray that there are not further drastic governmental suppression of democratic representative principles to protect the current ruling oligarchy. Direct democracy is a very different process.

    • Do you live on the fylde, I’m presuming you don’t, because I don’t know anybody who wants the fracking industry here, it has too many risks, and puts many tourism jobs in jeopardy! We said no! Maybe your garden would be suitable——!

  6. Very well said, Phil!
    On a less technical note may I leave my thoughts and emotions?
    Protecting our families, our Communities and our wellbeing are the birth-right of every human being as well as their obligation!
    Cuadrilla were not invited into our Community, they snuck in and even now are busy ingratiating themselves with cash into our schools and sports clubs, especially for the disabled. This is repulsive but only what people would expect from this Company, bearing in mind their track record!

    • Yes Peter well said you! What was given in the Magna Carter was Common Law, and that cannot be overturned or modified by subsequent laws or statutes, the rights for every Englishman woman and child are inalienable.
      You are right that we did not ask for this invasion, we do not want it and we used all the available legal means to prevent it. However that has been overturned by the very same representatives that are supposed to be only there to protect and support us. Cuadrillas frack record is dismal at best, at worst it is criminally destructive.
      So be it.
      We then have a legal and democratic duty to restore the democratic process that has been high jacked and abused, whether that resolves into representative democracy or direct democracy remains to be seen.
      This conflict was never our choice or our wish, in fact we have done our level best to prevent it happening at all. The people of this country wont start a fight, but we will always finish one.

    • I forgot the the five Chinese revolutions, the Xinhai Revolution, the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and establishment of the Republic of China in 1911
      Second Chinese Revolution, the 1913 rebellion against Yuan Shikai
      Northern Expedition, a military campaign by Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist forces against the Beiyang government in 1926–28
      Chinese Civil War, the conflict between the Nationalist government and the Communists from 1927–49
      Chinese Communist Revolution, the victory of the Communist Party of China in the final stage of the Chinese Civil War in 1949.
      And then of course the terrible events of the second world war that led to the partition of North and South Korea, a deep wound which may never be healed except by some miracle and those do happen.
      There are of course many others, too many to mention here, but perhaps the lesson of all this hatred and division throughout history is that it must not happen here, not for any reason, but perhaps that we find a peaceful way to prevent divisive agencies from even setting foot in our green and pleasant land.
      It puts walking along a road slowly in some perspective, doesn’t it?

  7. Here we go again, the same pro-frackers decrying the legal actions of protesters but hiding behind a shield of anonymity. The ASA did not simply dismiss claims about water pollution, they said that any such claims must be backed up by evidence. FoE supplied scientific proof but were told that just because fracking had caused water pollution in every country using this extraction technique, it did not prove that pollution would occur in Britain where we have ‘Gold Standard Regulations.’ Although science proves and the research shows that pollution will occur, it’s difficult to provide proof when the evidentiary requirement is restricted to an unrealistic standard.

    As far as suggesting that protesting should cease, what would you suggest when a government has made a manifesto promise that it will fully support local, democratic decisions then immediately goes back on that promise, overrules perfectly legal, democratic decisions made by the local council and imposes heavy industry onto rural communities against the wishes of the people at the same time denying those same people any voice in the process? Theresa May obviously believes that she heads a dictatorship. We’re here to let her know she doesn’t.

      • You are dead wrong pennywise! Oh it is such fun to use your favourite extremist and hostile words right back at you!
        There are hundreds of reports of water pollution being caused by fracking and the O & G industry as a whole, not just in your own country but across the world where it has not been sensibly and democratically banned. The fact that stuffed pocket politicians and O &G funded scientific patsies redact and falsify results are not an excuse. The truth will out and its not pretty.
        You want proof, the fine, I am quite willing give you all the proof you want, but you wont like it and you will ignore it because you are employed to drown all objection in derogatory invective and personal abuse and that is the truth.
        You want to challenge me pennywise? I cant wait!

  8. Such hypocrisy in your nimby democracy. Have you ever the Democratic rights of ligit businesses to go about their legal activities to make a living? And have you think about these selfish hypocrisy of your democracy by imposing your intimidating and dictatorial view of no fracking policy on people and business that need fracking industry (which is a ligit activities as judged by science and engineering electoral vote and Parliamentary democratic vote not by intimidating guerrilla tactic). While you mobs bang on about dictatorship and democracy your actions amd conduct are dictating and intimidating itself. What give you rights to dictate your view on ligit business to go about doing businesses with ligit activities that are passed by laws and parliament. Look yourself in the mirrors [edited by moderator]

  9. Err ok just watched a video on the BG showing what’s going on at what looks like one of the entrances. What’s with the creepy music blaring out of a stereo system in the middle of the road and why are the “protectors” dressed in camoflauge gear with scarfs covering their faces!!! Lol that is hilarious. Sorry I thought I was debating with normal people that were maybe upset about their house prices being affected etc. Crikey you really need to tone that militant and intimidating element down or no one is going to take this anti campaign remotely serious.

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