INEOS adds to shale gas licence holdings

INEOS Engie licence map

Map: INEOS Upstream

INEOS has increased its onshore exploration licence area in the UK to more than 1.2m acres, it announced this morning

A statement from the company said it had completed its acquisition of all the Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDLs) held by Engie E&P UK.

Under the deal, INEOS Upstream gained interests in 15 PEDL licences in Cheshire, the East Midlands and Yorkshire.

INEOS already had a stake in seven of the PEDLs and now has a majority interest in five. All the licences are held in partnership with either IGas or Cuadrilla.

INEOS pedl licence table

Source: INEOS Upstream

Six of the PEDLs were granted under the most recent 14th licensing round. The remainder were from earlier licence rounds.

INEOS is the operator in three PEDLs, all in Cheshire (EXL273, PEDL293 and PEDL295).

Seven of the licence licences are operated by IGas (PEDL147, 188 and 189 in Cheshire, EXL288 and PEDL012, 200 and 210 in the East Midlands and PEDL146 in Yorkshire).

The remaining four licence, all in Yorkshire and issued in the 14th round, are operated by Cuadrilla (PEDL287, 288, 342 and 346).

INEOS was the most successful bidder in the 14th licence round confirmed in December 2015. It was named as the operator of 21 licences, way ahead of the next most successful company, IGas which received 11.


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  1. More carbon footprints march across Cuadrillaland, land undermined and gasification of the profit belt.
    Selling England by the cubic metre.

  2. Find the extent of intended onshore shale gas exploration in England frightening- Can only hope its halted before we lose our green & pleasant land entirely.

  3. Why “more”?? This is simply a change to who owns existing licences, or their share of existing licences. But, heaven forbid, let’s not let facts get in the way-they rarely do here.

    • More as in more Cuadrilla acquisitions, do try and read what is said, facts seem to be your problem.
      Easy to provoke with one single word isn’t it? So touchy!
      We can all play games, why should you have all the fun? just stirring the……shale…….a little bit.

  4. Gotta admit it’s good to see Ineos move in. Plenty of clout at govt level, current planning system is pathetic so hopefully we will see adjustments.
    The budget yesterday was pathetic, the loss of north sea tax just seems to have been brushed under the carpet. Consumers credit cards aren’t going to be the answer for much longer.
    More manufacturing and less service based economy please.

    • You really have GottaBKidding, haven’t you?
      Has the plethora of documentation of unacceptable damage escaped your notice? The fracking facts have become well established since years of detrimental effects to people’s health, local communities and the environment in USA have led to many states banning fracking there, with more progressive countries around the world banning it before it begins, as shall the UK if ever sense (and democracy) prevails.
      We don’t even have the luxury of vast, uninhabited acreage as US does so everybody would be within chemical sniffing distance of a well at some point, whether at home or work or school.

      Even if you’re sadistic enough to make people suffer the immediate consequences like nosebleeds, respiratory and skin disease, headaches and other commonly experienced nasty symptoms, (ultimately blindness, cancers, kidney failure, etc.) what about the earthquakes and exacerbation of climate change fracking causes?

      Also, records show it’s not even economically viable. Short term gains usually lead to increasing losses and because it is an unsustainable technology which, after rendering one piece of land toxic and unusable, has to move site after just a few years at best. During the process millions of gallons of water are wasted and irrevocably contaminated so being denied to domestic and agricultural use.

      Now please tell me, in what way is it good to see Ineos move in?

    • Aye aye my captain…. I’m not really sure why the anti side seem to think fracking in the UK is currently a sinking ship? We are just about to start exploration despite everything you lot have thrown at us.
      It could very well turn out to be non viable on a commercial level however, that’s the nature of the game. Let’s just wait a few more weeks and see where we are at.

  5. Oh dear SafetyCatch! Please switch it on, and stop shooting yourself in the foot-you must be pretty lame by now.

    This is about INEOS extending their licence area, no changes regarding Cuadrilla. They already had an interest and maintained that.

    I suggest you do some more research. This is not exactly unexpected. Ineos have made it clear that they are committed to major investment. They have been extending their licenced area for a little while now. I suspect after next week they might even do so again, if and when other opportunities present themselves.

    Don’t let me put you off SafetyCatch. You are in good company with your friends who have difficulty understanding the written word. It is quite amusing to try and work out whether it is a genuine problem or whether you have the feeling that your audience are not bright enough to see the reality.

    • Ha ha! Told you you were missing something! how long did it take you to twig that one? gives you a deep drill thrill doesn’t it? You single out individual words of the perceived enemy, and yet you squander truck loads of innuendos yourselves, so I just thought I would wind you all up a bit, better than the usual crowing from the rooftops isn’t it?
      Cuadrillaland works quite well, Ineosland doesn’t scan so well, could always be Sineosity of course meaning devious and convoluted, Third Energy Land? Same problem, Igasland works well though.
      It doesn’t really matter since you all feed out of the the same trough?
      Just a bit of fun to lighten the day.

  6. Good try!

    Might be time for refracktion to let you move on to chapter 2.

    You see it as “single out individual words”, ( Don’t join the forces, “surrender” might be a little problem!) I see it as correcting false statements. Otherwise poor Ruth will spend her time producing a section of information and some will ignore what it says but just see it as an excuse to post inaccurate comments below it-fake news from real news.

    • No try, purpose, purpose to show how words used here are leapt upon if they come from a protester, but every pro posts is replete with just the same and hidden behind insults. The protect or divide posts use this as a matter of course, but in the end accuracy depends upon viewpoint bias purpose and agenda. Names of companies are just diversion, they all are responsible for the same unwanted method of extraction.
      We can use accuracy or we descend into obscurity, I gave you an easy one and waited for you to jump on it, the purpose was this and to say to you that if you want use to disect every word, every nuance, every etymological origin and meaning, we could all do that.
      So my message to you all, is that if you use sarcasm and innuendo, then that is a game we can all play.
      But its not communication or debate, its just meaningless rhetoric.
      For example do you realise the original misuse of ‘snowflake’ was a racial remark for those who wanted to confine rights to white people and to keep their slaves? The opposite of that was brownflake, being those who wanted to free the slaves. So the root of the social use of the word is racist, hence the alt right useage.
      Cuadrilla, Ineos, Third Energy, Igas are all corporate names, I don’t object to their name, I do resent the enforced imposition of a potentially disastrous industrial method of extraction.
      That’s a NO by the way.

  7. I would suggest you steer clear of sarcasm and innuendo comments when the problem is you making fake news, and then saying it was all part of a cunning plan! Learn from refracktion, when he has made a mistake, he admits it and we move on.

    If you want to create poems then all Ruth needs to do is post a picture of a baboon, and for a bit of fun you could post, “If it wasn’t for Cuadrilla it would be a Gorilla.” It might not add to the discussion and, in my opinion, would be a total waste of time. I would rather Ruth continued to do some research and post the results, and we paid her the courtesy of actually commenting on the facts she has shared with us. It does not mean that we have to agree during any discussion, but it helps if facts are not changed “just for a bit of fun to lighten the day.”

    Within the process of fracking development in the UK there is considerable significance to Ineos extending their licence area. (Apart from any other issue they are already a user of fracked gas within the UK. The others are not, and apart from Centrica, will probably not be in the foreseeable future.) I would suspect that is the point many would like to discuss because there is a real difference between these companies, and how development will progress. There is a lot between black and white, and that is no reference to your previous post. No sarcasm or innuendo there, the reality is clear to many (including many who post on this site who are anti fracking) and will become clear to others.

    • There was no mistake, I wanted to see if you would simply say, it was Ineos not Cuadrilla, or whether you would use that to launch into a character assassination, you did the latter, the point is, if that is the mo then that just leads to defense and recrimination, that is not debate or communication. You continue here with ‘fake news’ ‘ suggest you steer clear’ etc all sarcasm, yet you decry it in others, or is it only fun if you do it? (yes, sarcasm, see how easy it is?)
      The only question then, is what is achieved by that? Nothing, it is as you say a waste of space, it contributes nothing.
      Continue to use such methods and debate is stifled, perhaps that is the agenda? is that sarcasm? No its a question, all part of my cunning plan, that was sarcasm.
      If you want to make better debate then stop jumping on new posters the minute they dare to express an opinion you don’t like, its as simple as that.

  8. Your character does not interest me, neither do I see you as an enemy. (When I meet a guy down my local I can chat to him without concern for either, even if we are not in agreement.) You simply made a basic mistake, and then, rather than admit it, tried to turn it into a personal attack upon yourself. I questioned your factual accuracy, how is that an assassination? It was totally correct. (Just like me telling the guy, I bought the last pint.)

    I will stand by what I post as factual. It may be countered by anyone who cares to, but it is factual. I have disagreed with Ruth over one headline and made that clear to her, and she examined what I had said and corrected the headline. I have not changed her text to make a point to suit my purpose. I do not see that as “fun”.
    SafetyCatch, your opinions are exactly that, your opinions. You have every right to them, even if I do not agree with them. Like or not like does not come into it. (I like my dog, I do not agree with him-two different matters.) What this discussion has been about however, is not your opinions, but the changing of information given on this site as news by Ruth to accommodate your arguments. I am not sure how you can improve the quality of debate by changing the facts to falsehoods. As I stated, there is significance to Ruth’s posting that it is Ineos and not Cuadrilla. If you want to avoid that discussion, I am not making out that is a problem, but it is a fact. I believe you will see the significance of that over the next twelve months.
    I hope you keep posting, really. However, do expect the accuracy of your posts to be examined. If I don’t, someone else will, not least because accuracy of information on this subject has recently been under the spotlight, and I would predict, will receive even greater scrutiny as we enter the next period. It’s not about scoring points, but if there is a disconnect from the facts we end up with the school toilet debate, and I am a bit past that.

    So, let’s move on:

    Just like the accuracy of information for alternative energy schemes. Well, the local solar farm has just been finished, fact. Lots of local jobs for renewable energy schemes is the tale (not fact).
    Well, here is the reality.The Polish construction crew have just piled into their Polish vans and headed back to Poland, with their salaries to spend in Poland. (And for PhilC, last seen leering at a young lady walking her dog-so it is not just oil workers who can be antisocial).The solar panel construction created plenty of jobs-yes, in China! Then some more jobs on the ship to haul them here, plus the jobs in Australia for the coal production, and the rail workers to get it to the port and more ship crew to get the coal to China and then more jobs for the power station workers in China to produce the energy to make the solar panels (and they demand a lot of energy.) Plus the medical staff to deal with results of the pollution caused in China. Lots of jobs, shame about the location of them. The land owner is in his 80s and managed to negotiate a nice long term lease, so good luck to him, and his family. It is what it is, not what it isn’t.

    • Then why attack it, if it means so little to you? Cognitive dissonance isnt it?
      Oh dear, the Polish? Chinese? Any one else you want to take a pot shot at?
      Local jobs in O&G are equally false, jobs will be be few, mostly menial, the real experienced jobs will be given to imported people, maybe even the Polish you seem to resent so much. I used to live amongst a large Polish community that came here during the last war to escape those concentration camps, they were and are some of the nicest most generous and kindly people i have ever met, most normal every day people are, no matter where they originate, its the slick suited money addicts that give me the shivers, and they come in all shapes and sizes and origins.
      Accuracy as in Planning Permission agreements perhaps? That seems to have run aground doesn’t it? Accuracy as in requirement for new Planning Permissions because UK Oil and Gas Investments (or is that Cuadrilla?) have changed the goalposts? Not very accurate there either? And therein lies the true problem, the apparent inability of the industry companies to obey any sort of rule or regulation, law or restriction, as if they are somehow above such things, they are not.
      Curiously we human beings are not the dog eat dog inspired predators we are made out to be at all, that was a myth created by the eugenicists, guess who they were, and are. Real people cannot abide unfairness and selfish privilege and elitism, we want to equalize wealth and share everything to help the underprivileged, the starving and the sick, we can see what this government is doing to that, that is why the NHS and the welfare state was created in the first place, as a response to the elitism and selfish devastation experienced in Europe and elsewhere. Ubermenchen and untermenchen, we must never descend into that again.

      Its not a war, but it becomes a war if you see it as a war, so the trick is, not to see it as a war.

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