Date set for decision on IGas shale well at Tinker Lane, Notts

Tinker Lane impression Bassetlaw Against Fracking

Photo montage of Tinker Lane site by Bassetlaw Against Fracking

Councillors in Nottinghamshire will consider plans later this month for what could be the county’s second shale gas well.

The planning application, submitted in May last year by the IGas subsidiary Dart Energy, is for one vertical exploratory well and three groups of groundwater monitoring boreholes. It does not include fracking.

The decision had been scheduled for early this year and then later for a special meeting in February.

But last month Nottinghamshire County Council asked Dart for new information on air quality and held an additional consultation on the plans.

The council said its planning and licensing committee would now consider the plans on Tuesday 21 March at 10.30am. The recommendation of planning officers would be published online on Monday 13 March 2017.

Sally Gill, the council’s planning manager, said today:

“Planning Officers have carefully considered Dart Energy’s planning application and feedback from statutory consultees and members of the public.

“We are now able to confirm that the application will be considered by the Planning and Licensing Committee on Tuesday 21 March.

“Now that the date has been confirmed, we are sending out invitations to local organisations and individuals who have registered an interest to speak at the meeting.”


The Tinker Lane application, submitted by the IGas subsidiary, Dart Energy (East England) Ltd, is for three years and includes:

  • One vertical multi-core well to take samples from the Bowland Shale and Millstone Grit formations
  • Up to nine groundwater and gas monitoring boreholes in three groups
  • Security cabins and fencing already on the site
  • Construction work associated with the development of the well site

The application put the depth of the well at 3,300m but the company has since revised this to 1,840m. It said drilling would be 24-hours a day, seven days a week for four months and would require six heavy goods vehicle movements in and six out of the site each day.

Other parts of the operation would be carried out between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and 7am and 1pm on Saturdays, with no work on Sundays or bank holidays. Delivery and removal of the drill rig would generate 13 HGV movements in and out of the site a day over two periods, each of two weeks.

If approved, Tinker Lane would be the second shale gas site to get the go-ahead in Nottinghamshire. In November 2016, the county council approved plans by IGas for two exploration wells at Springs Road, Misson. A legal agreement for this site is currently being negotiated and is expected to be concluded by the end of the month (March 2017).

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  1. Jolly good. Will be approved as it’s not an application for fracking but merely exploratory. If the councilors refuse it they will face an appeal and subsequent intervention from SoS.
    The best news is no legal challenges by the band of brothers can be brought once it’s approved as they don’t have access to their benefit cap for environmental cases. Happy days.

    • Yes Martin – you have to love the “artist’s impressions” these companies put out – anyone remember that hilarious UKOOG “visualisation” a couple of months back?

  2. You still have a problem with reading refracktion! (Try reading the caption under the “montage.”)

    It reminds me of the football team who think they will do well in the Premiership, but can not recognise their weaknesses will be identified immediately.

    Good luck with Ineos!

  3. Yes, refracktion, you are correct, food banks are used by the needy, BUT not only be the needy. Live in the real world, speak to GPs and see the pressure that certain elements of the community exert upon them to be referred when they are certainly not needy. (Well, they are, after they have overspent on cigs., booze, holidays, illegal substances, TV subscriptions etc. etc.) I know the anti capitalists will not recognise that situation, but then recognising reality is their problem. Next, you will be saying that the Big Issue is only sold by the homeless!

    Where my argument was directed, was for those who could be identified as in need (although human rights would probably stop that) then perhaps some of the tax payers money likely to be wasted on lawyers fees could be utilised to provide them with the help they needed to get into work, or provide other help they may need.

    (And, if the money wasted in N. Ireland on that great alternative energy scheme was thrown in, that would be the end of the homeless and the needy.)

    Energy bills to households about to rocket again, so perhaps there would soon be another group to replace them. (But, of course, fracking will still be uneconomic!)

    I’m a realist, not at all confused. I recognise that certain politicians utilise the expansion of food banks as a compassionate crusade, but it does not suddenly convince me they are a true measure of people living in poverty, when many professionals who have no political agenda and are at the sharp end, will offer a somewhat different view.

    There is very little that is black and white in this world-perhaps this is the wrong place to suggest that!

    • I’m glad to see you seem to have extended your subscription to the Daily Express Martin 😉

  4. This must be music to the anti frackers ears. An opinion fron an exper. But he is only stating the fact.

  5. I would have thought refracktion, that what I was stating was factual, ( perhaps my mistake to do that) so why would I subscribe to that particular comic? I have no wish to read about Princess Di or the latest warning that the ice age cometh.

    Alternative energy, alternative medicine etc., maybe you ignore Gps, or other professionals, who might be able to provide their real experiences. You seem to do so in respect of fracking, economics, policing, advertising so it should not be a surprise.

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