Springs Road, Misson, Nottinghamshire

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IGas site at Misson Springs, 28 January 2019. Photo: Eric Walton

Last updated 17/9/2021

Key facts

Address: Misson wellsite, Springs Road, Misson, Doncaster DN10 6ET

Planning applications:  ES/3379 (two exploration wells) and F/3321 (12 monitoring boreholes)

Environmental permit: EPR/DB3400TG

Operator: IGas

Licence: PEDL139

Status: Vertical shale gas well drilled, one of two permitted

Site photos


11 October 2021

IGas announces it will not appeal against the refusal of planning permission at Misson and the wellpad would now be restored. Details

27 July 2021

Nottinghamshire County Council refuses planning permission for extension of life of Springs Road, Misson, wellsite and orders IGas to carry out restoration. Details

Reaction to refusal of time extension at Misson. Details

20 July 2021

Planners back more time for IGas shale site at Misson. Details

16 February 2021

New plan for Misson shale gas site criticised as “speculative, misleading and unsound” – residents complain: “quite frankly we’ve had enough”. Details

1 December 2020

IGas applies for planning permission extension – the company says it wants to keep Misson open for future fracking and shale gas drilling. Details

28 October 2020

Frack Free Misson seeks stricter planning controls on shale gas development in Nottinghamshire through changes in the draft minerals plan. Details

16 October 2020

IGas to seek more time at Springs Road, Misson, by applying for extension of planning permission

27 June 2019

IGas announces “highly encouraging” results from Misson – but no news on fracking. Details

1 April 2019

Arrests over “fossil fools” day protest at Misson site. Details

11 March 2019

IGas says it has encountered hydrocarbon-bearing shale sequence at Misson. Details

15 February 2019

IGas says Springs Road has encountered shales at 2,200m and coring is to begin immediately. Statement

22 January 2019

IGas announces spud of first well at Misson Springs. Statement

18 January 2019

Rig installed. Details

4 January 2019

Equipment delivered. Details

20 September 2018

Delivery of rig to drill conductor casing accompanied by large police presence. Details

17 September 2018

IGas responds to community anger over protest injunctions which named residents groups. Details

5 September 2018

IGas granted injunction for three sites, including Misson Springs. Details

4 August 2018

Owl awareness-raising event outside the IGas site and in Misson. Details

20 July 2018

Date set by Nottinghamshire County Council for construction work to resume at Misson. Details

31 March 2018

Construction work ceases at Mission Springs. Details

24 March 2018

Five women arrested in past week in protests outside Springs Road. Details

1 February 2018

Nottinghamshire County Council gives IGas more time for site construction into the owl breeding season. Details 

16 January 2018

Residents and conservationists concerned about breeding owls if site construction goes on after 31 January. Details

9 January 2018

Protection camp established near Springs Road site. Details

January 2018

Construction activity expected to start

18 December 2017

Deliveries expected today and for the rest of the week. Opponents of the development gather outside the gate.

171218 Springs Road Misson protest Harriet Kenzie

Opponents of IGas shale gas plans gather at gate of Springs Road, Misson, 18 December 2017. Photo: Still from video by Harriet Kenzie


171211 Springs Road Misson Belle Williams

Delivery to Springs Road, Misson site, 11 December 2017. Photo: Belle Williams

2 December 2017

Parish councillor reports that silt fencing,  reptile refuse, hibernacula and compost heaps in place. Work underway on fencing and noise/air quality monitoring. Well pad area enclosed.

27 November 2017

Visit by Nottinghamshire County Council monitoring and enforcement officers.

20 November 2017

Site becomes operational

2 June 2017

Nottinghamshire County Council published Section 106 legal agreement for the Springs Road site. Details

31 March 2017

Nottinghamshire County Council confirms Section 106 legal agreement is due to be finalised by the end of May 2017

3 February 2017

Nottinghamshire County Council confirms Section 106 legal agreement is due to be finalised by the end of February 2017. Details

12 December 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council confirms Section 106 legal agreement is due to be finalised by the end of January 2017. Original target date was 5 January 2017. Details

15 November 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council’s planning committee voted by 7-4 to approve an application by IGas for two shale gas wells at this site. Details

5 October 2015

Nottinghamshire County Council’s planning committee delays decision on application after it is warned that approval could allow acts illegal under a protective covenant Details

27 September 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council planners recommend approval of two shale gas wells at Springs Road, Misson. Details

5 August 2016

New public consultation ends

15 July 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council delays decision until a special meeting on 5 October 2016

New consultation begins on extra information required by the council

20 June 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council requires extra information from Dart Energy (East England) Ltd on geology, ecology, landscape and visual impact. Details

16 June 2016

Environment Agency grants a mining waste permit

8 March 2016

Closing date for comments on mining waste permit application

25 February 2016

Presentation to Nottinghamshire County Council of results of a survey in Misson parish survey (see 7 February) and a petition against the application signed by 70% of the village

22 February 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council says it needs more information about how IGas chose the Misson site and further details about surface water run-off, ecology, traffic, unexploded ordnance and the likely impacts of shale gas exploration on the landscape. New determination date set for 29 July 2016.

12 February 2016

Environment Agency public information meeting on the permit application

7 February 2016

Results of a survey of Misson parish, which found 87% of participants were against the planning application, 4% in favour and 9% undecided Details

28 January 2016

Dart Energy (East England) Ltd applies to the Environment Agency for a mining waste permit

27 January 2016

Equipment moved onto the site at Misson to begin ground water monitoring. Details

19 January 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council’s planning committee approves an application for 12 groundwater monitoring boreholes at Springs Road, Misson Details

16 December 2015

Bassetlaw District Council planning committee (a statutory consultee) accepts the recommendation of officers and offers no objection to the plans

30 October 2015

First consultation opens on exploration wells  Details

15 October 2015

IGas applies for permission to drill up to two shale gas exploration wells (one vertical to 3,500m and one deviated to a depth of 4,350m) at Springs Road, Misson

16 July 2015

Island Gas Limited applies for permission to drill up to 12 groundwater monitoring boreholes at land off Springs Road, Misson

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190128 misson eric walton 2

IGas site at Misson Springs, 28 January 2019. Photo: Eric Walton