Picture post: Arrests over “fossil fools” day protest at IGas Misson site

190401 Misson protest uwoc3

Lock-on protest outside IGas shale gas site at Springs Road, Misson, north Nottinghamshire, 1 April 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Two anti-fracking campaigners locked themselves together this morning outside the IGas site at Springs Road in north Nottinghamshire.

They said the action was designed to disrupt operations at the shale gas site, near the village of Misson, where horizontal drilling is expected to start soon.

The protest is part of a “Fossil Fools” street party, organised by the campaign group FrAcktion, to mark April Fools day.

Eye witnesses reported at lunchtime there were about 40 police officers at the site entrance and the road had been closed. A group of supporters have joined the locked-on campaigners outside the gate.

190401 Misson protest uwoc4

Protest at IGas site at Springs Road, Misson, north Nottinghamshire, 1 April 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Nottinghamshire Police said in a statement:

“Officers are in attendance at Springs Road, Misson Spring, following a report of protesters blocking the road.

“Three women, aged 29, 41 and 69, and a 50-year-old man have been arrested on suspicion of obstructing the highway.”

Part of the area outside the Springs Road site is the subject of a High Court injunction. DrillOrDrop asked whether police officers were involved in enforcing the injunction. A spokesperson said:

“I have been advised that Nottinghamshire Police are not involved with the IGas injunction in any way. As a police force, we do not enforce legal documents that are taken out by third parties.”

190401 Misson protest uwoc2

“Fossil fools”protest outside IGas shale gas site at Springs Road, Misson, north Nottinghamshire, 1 April 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

FrAcktion member, Ruth Smart said:

“The joke is on the fossil fuels companies today.

“The industry’s persistence on fracking, despite its devastating environmental impacts, is laughable. Recent reports have shown that in just 25 years, England will not have enough water to meet demand. It’s frankly unfathomable that fracking companies are attempting to drill for shale gas, when we will be wasting up to the equivalent of 7 Olympic swimming pools of water each year for each well”.

190401 Misson protest uwoc1

Anti-fracking campaigner, Roscoe Blevins, at protest outside IGas shale gas site at Springs Road, Misson, north Nottinghamshire, 1 April 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Another anti-fracking campaigner at the site, Roscoe Blevins, said

“Fracking pads are disruptive and ugly, devastating rural landscapes and communities – but their impact goes far beyond local environmental devastation.

Mr Blevins, who was freed on appeal last year after being jailed for an anti-fracking protest, said:

“Fracking is part of a wider story of environmental destruction – whilst we’re fed the story that fracked gas will be used to heat our homes, the reality is that gas will be used to produce plastics’.

Frack Free festival

During the weekend, a Frack Free Festival was held in Harthill, south Yorkshire, where Ineos has permission for shale gas exploration.

The two-day festival featured workshops, skill-sharing and a march. The organisers said it aimed to bring together communities to oppose fracking in the region.

Participants from Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire gathered on Harthill village green on Mother’s Day to spell out “No”.

Marnie Harvard, of Harthill, said:

“I’m marching today against fracking because I don’t want my village to turn into an industrial estate, with hundreds of HGVs passing through every week. I used to work in Pennsylvania and have seen first-hand the destruction that fracking inflicts on local communities.”

Carol Towner, from North Yorkshire, who joined the march, said:

“My job as a Mum is to protect my children. Sometimes I feel totally powerless when I think about climate change, but what I can do is stand up against fracking in my local area, and that’s why I’m here today: to make a fuss and show that we don’t want fracking and we don’t want more fossil fuels.

“The reality is that we have the infrastructure for renewable energy, we just need to move our money into the green industry.”

Updated with information about the frack free festival and additional arrests

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  1. So, on April 1st, some decided to disrupt operations which were indicated some while ago as completed, for the time being.

    Yep-seems the right day and the right individuals.

  2. Usual suspects.

    They would do us all a favour if they got jobs and contributed to society [edited by moderator]

  3. The UK will have plenty of water in 25 years time! It may be in the wrong place for where the people are living but that has been the subject of much debate for decades, and is easily solvable.

    “Alternatively”-let’s stop running cold water down the drain whilst hot water is being waited for. Would save millions of litres of water on a daily basis and can be easily achieved.

  4. Wise Merlin, you’d do us all a favour if you wised up. The protectors don’t do it for fun or for themselves, they do it for you, me and everyone. Including your children and grandchildren.

    • Really Julie? Are you REALLY that naive?

      The serial protesters [edited by moderator] simply sponge from others to massage their own egos as confirmed by the endless appeals for cash to run their fossil fuel transport.

      Wake up to these clowns real agenda, they seek to exist by doing and contributing nothing at others expense.

  5. No, they don’t Julie. I am in favour of testing fracking in UK, so are my children. So, sorry, you are a minority and claiming some responsibility for the majority, who have a different view, is daft and arrogant. Do you think you have a monopoly upon knowledge and research-because looking at DoD that is not evident?

    Fossil Fools lying in the road with their plastic bottles! It just had to be April 1st. I trust this time no emergency workers were (allegedly) assaulted?

    Helpful soul that I am, to finally put the water issue into context:

    N.Ireland imposed a hose pipe ban last summer. Same N.Ireland just announced record rainfall over the winter. No water shortage-just needs some Victorians to be brought back to manage storage and distribution.

    • Fascinating isnt it ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, now the fossil fuel fools are so desperate, they now need to highjack, or should that be “lowfrack”, the “fossil fuel fools” epithet for their own use.

      Didnt i say earlier that the anti anti’s next strategy would attempt to “own” the arguments because they cannot ever be seen to be wrong about anything?

      Now that “NIMBY” is discredited, because injunctions are the actions of a NIMBY, and other such derogatory terms and all that desperate name calling that is so overused and discredited as all their other attempts at name calling. It has to be remembered that name calling was a process that they themselves initiated from the very beginning, but clearly they do not like the very same epithetery being turned back against themselves, so they now seek to lowfrack any resulting epithet that they themselves initiated back as a weak form of “defence”.

      The mere fact that the fossil fuel anti antis are now exclusively on the defensive is an interesting result of all their failures to operate fracking in the UK and also that all their attempts to move, if not eliminate the operational regulatory goalposts because they cannot work with gold standard world class regulations even in their short attempts to do so, is quite revealing.

      And now we also see that they attempt to highjack….lowfrack, the climate change argument as their own too, just as we saw earlier.

      There is something that the anti antis do quite regularly, you may have noticed, and that is attempting to divert any guilty evidence away to another subject.

      Clearly the now revealed evidence that Cuadrilla have attempted to obscure and hide the records of their problems with fracking and then all though encouraged by the EA to reveal the records that would have shown up the real problems they were having, in favour of releasing press reports that they were having no problems at all. Was clearly a diversion from the truth and an attempt to cover up their failures and incompetent activities.

      Now we see that attempt at diversion again, “look over there at Ryanair, dont look here at the failure of fracking by Cuadrilla.”

      • Perhaps you could seek some help in writing that in some form of English, then adding some facts maybe Phil.. 😉

        • Chuckle! Perhaps you could learn some english…..or some magic…..and spell “Martians” name correctly Whining Mordred?

  6. Those interviewed don’t seem particularly knowledgeable about science. Maybe they should get an education and then give comment when they understand a little about the subject. I guess it’s no surprise – they seem to fit into the same cluster of people who are also against GM food, vaccinations, fluoride in water etc etc. People who should be pitied but not taken seriously.

        • Hmm. Reminiscent of our old friend hballpeeny isn’t it?
          Perhaps “they” just couldn’t stay away after retiring gottab?
          I thought there was some familiar phraseology and attitudes being bandied about from recently inserted oddly named avatars?

          Always a pleasure though.

          Have a nice Trumpton day Mordred.

  7. Ah, the old conspiracy theories restarted, based upon speculation. Well done Wise Merlin-when the fog/smoke machine is turned on you know damage has been caused and the anti wreck is being dragged away for repairs.

  8. From the many to the few! Two opposite ends to the same speculation.

    Must be a lonely job, arguing both ends to try and make some sort of point.

    • Ooh! Those multiple nerve ending still stinging Martian?

      Did you hear about Ineos losing the injunction appeal?

      More nerve endings? Perhaps some humble pie will help?


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