Picture post: Large police presence for rig delivery to Misson shale gas site

180920 Misson Springs Frack Free Misson

Delivery of equipment to the IGas shale gas exploration site at Springs Road, Misson, in Nottinghamshire, 20 September 2018. Photo: Frack Free Tinker Lane

Police officers outnumbered shale gas opponents at times during the delivery of the first rig to the IGas exploration site at Misson in north Nottinghamshire.

Eye witnesses reported that at one point there were about 38 officers and seven protesters. The number of officers reportedly reached about 50. There were no arrests.

The deliveries included the conductor rig, which sets the conductor pipe on a well site. This is the first layer of steel casing of a well that provides structural support.

Some local people who watched the deliveries complained about aggressive policing and said their ability to protest had been constrained by an injunction granted to IGas at the High Court on 3 September 2018.

The injunction also covers the other IGas site in Nottinghamshire at Tinker Lane and a site in Cheshire at Ellesmere Port. It prohibits obstruction of the highway and unlawful interference with access to the sites. The injunction is expected to be challenged at a High Court hearing on 2 October.

The conductor pipe has been installed at the Tinker Lane site and drilling the main borehole is scheduled to begin there in the final quarter of 2018 (October-December).

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    • Martin. That’s right. Get an injunction and remove the public’s democratic right to do anything other than hold up a token placard, should they have the temerity to object to this disgusting business invading their community. The fracking industry’s way of using injunctions to force itself onto us is certainly setting a precedent for other unsavoury practices to be foisted upon us. Maybe there will come a time when you find yourself with something totally unacceptable on your doorstep. I trust you will be content to do nothing more about it than write to your MP or hold up a placard.

      • Pauline please feel free to exercise your democratic right by not filling your car up, turning your central heating off and unplugging your phone. remember it starts with just one person. Why not you?

  1. Perhaps the REASONS why these injunctions were sought, the EVIDENCE to support them and the INDEPENDENCE of the UK legal system deciding they were needed is all a conspiracy? Yep, to a small minority. To the majority it is a way of controlling mob rule. Who was it who created the REASONS and the EVIDENCE?

    Ever been thus. Antisocial activity controlled by the legal system and those who created the issue cry that control is a threat to democracy! The majority, who may be silent, can still have a laugh about that.

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