Tinker Lane, Torworth, Nottinghamshire

181213 Tinker Lane TLCLG

IGas site at Tinker Lane at sunrise on 13 December 2018. Photo: Tinker Lane Community Liaison Group

Key facts

Address: Land off A634/Retford Road, Torworth, between Blyth and Barnby Moor, DN22 8PA

Planning application: ES/3524

Environmental permit: EPR/EB3406XP

Operator: Dart Energy (East England) Ltd


Status: Shale gas well drilled but missed Bowland Shale, currently being restored

Site photos


Last updated 10/7/2019

10 July 2019

Demolition machinery photographed at Tinker Lane. Details

1 July 2019

IGas gives notice to Nottinghamshire County Council of the restoration phase of the development

4 February 2019

IGas statement confirms plans to restore Tinker Lane. Details

18 January 2019

Site cleared. Details

2 January 2019

Equipment being removed from the Tinker Lane site and rig broken down. Details

17 December 2018

IGas announces the Tinker Lane site failed to find the primary target, the Bowland Shale. Details

27 November 2018

IGas announces spud of Tinker Lane well. Details

23 November 2018

Start of 81-hour lock-on protest, which ends at 3pm on 26 November 2018. Details

18 November 2018

IGas confirms most of drilling rig is on site. Details

16 November 2018

IGas confirms that most of the drilling equipment is onsite. Details

14 November 2018

Two people arrested after lorry surfing protest outside Tinker Lane. Details

12 November 2018

Nottinghamshire Police introduce restrictions under a Section 14 notice on location and hours of protests outside Tinker Lane. Details

8 November 2018

Two people were arrested after a lock-on protest outside the Tinker Lane site gate. Another person was arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace. Details

17 October 2018

IGas informs local people it is ready to start drilling at Tinker Lane. Details

23 August 2018

Barnby Moor Parish Council announce that they will take legal action to evict the protection camp from council-owned land at Tinker Lane Copse.  Details

2 August 2018

IGas tells investors it has experienced delays in drilling the first shale gas well in Nottinghamshire but Tinker Lane would begin in quarter 4 of 2018. Details

27 July 2018

Extraordinary meeting of Barnby Moor Parish Council which agrees to seek a possesison order for the copse used by Tinker Lane Protection Camp. Minutes

24 June 2018

Tinker Lane Protection Camp established at Tinker Lane copse.

14 May 2018

Drilling equipment delivered to Tinker Lane. Details 

May 2018

IGas carries out survey of hobbies and reported no birds were nesting in the nearby plantation

April 2018

IGas Community Fund awards £3,000 to Barnby Moor Parish Council for kitchen improvements to Barnby Moor Village Hall. 1,500 was awarded to Torworth Parish Council for a defibrillator and £1,500 to Torworth Playing Fields Committee to play equipment. Details

26 November 2017

Work underway at Tinker Lane

171126 Jayne Watson

Tinker Lane, 26 November 2017. Photo: Jayne Watson

2 June 2017

Section 106 agreement published. Link

21 March 2017

Permission granted by six votes to five after six hours of presentations and debate. The decision comes with 52 conditions, including a restoration bond. Details and live updates from the meeting

13 March 2017

Nottinghamshire County Council planners recommend approval of the planning application. Details and What Notts planners said about IGas’s shale gas scheme at Tinker Lane

8 March 2017

Decision date set for Tuesday 21 March 2017

9 February 2017

Nottinghamshire County Council announces another 21-day consultation period, this time on air quality information and new decision date to be confirmed. Details

10 January 2017

Nottinghamshire County Council announces likely decision date of Tuesday 21 February 2017  Details

12 December 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council announces the decision will be made at a date to be confirmed early in 2017.

23 November 2016

Environment Agency grants mining waste permit for Tinker Lane. Details

22 July 2016

Public consultation closes

6 July 2016

Planning committee of Bassetlaw District Council objects to application. Details

22 June 2016

Public consultation extended

4 June 2016

Community liaison group organises public information day

3 June 2016

Public consultation opens. Details of application

27 May 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council validates application

15 May 2016

Dart Energy (East England) Ltd submits planning application for shale gas exploration well and up to nine monitoring boreholes