Picture post: IGas to start building Tinker Lane drilling rig

181116 Tinker Lane TLCLG

Equipment being installed at IGas’s shale gas site at Tinker Lane, 16 November 2018. Photo: Tinker Lane Community Liaison Group

IGas  has confirmed that it has delivered most of the drilling equipment to its Tinker Lane shale gas site in north Nottinghamshire.

In a statement to the community liaison group, the company’s communications manager said:

“As some of you will know, we have mobilised the rig to site this week. All the main equipment is now on site and the rig will now be built. I will update further once I know more about operational timeline”.

Local people and opponents of IGas’s activities had reported deliveries of equipment last week amid a large police presence.

Two people were arrested after a lorry surfing protest on 14 November 2018. Two days earlier, Nottinghamshire Police imposed limits on when and where people could protest at Tinker Lane.

The Tinker Lane site is the first IGas development to see shale gas drilling and the first shale gas exploration site in the East Midlands.

The most recent formal statement to IGas shareholders was in August 2018, when the company said it expected to spud the Tinker Lane well in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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    • Fracking in Scotland to be decided next spring however,

      Mr Wheelhouse told MSPs in October 2017 that the moratorium would continue “indefinitely”, calling this an “effective ban” and saying that fracking “cannot and will not take place in Scotland”.

      This position was endorsed by MSPS by a vote of 91 to 28, and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon later told the SNP conference that “fracking is now banned in Scotland”.

      Money carries a lot of weight but 91 to 28 won’t get overturned.

      Ineos will be looking for other sources of feed stock.

  1. Ineos may, alternatively, look for other places to invest, John, and may still look for compensation from the Scottish Government.

    All looks very neat and tidy at Tinker Lane, apart from the scruffy bit outside the gate.

    • ‘look for compensation from the Scottish Government’

      I doubt that very much. The issue of a licence gives no rights to access. As we have already seen the licence is a ‘contract’ and can be altered at any time.

      Even if he won the argument he would only get his licence money back. It now looks like you cannot get viable gas amounts at 0.5M. As that is the threshold the argument for trying to claim for any potential lost income would fail.

      The North sea has always been a much better bet. It’s where Lord Browne headed for after the Becconsall and Preese Hall drillings.

      This debate can be seen in the House of Lords. Start time 16-38.

      As always

      Oil prices high……..North sea far cheaper than UK shale.
      Oil prices low……….North sea far cheaper than UK shale

      • Scotland is dying a slow death. Wee Nikki and Co. can’t get away with saying it’s all big bad Westminsters fault any longer. It’s very anti biz up here these days and thus they are out with the begging bowl trying to sign off backhand dodgy deals with likes of China.
        If you treat business badly you’re literally doomed. No easy money for public services anymore.

  2. Reverting to speculation again, John. Strange that you always do that when the facts fail to fit your fantasy. (Not really, but it is very obvious.)

    This would be the same Lord Browne who was mugged by Sir Jim???

    Of course the N.Sea is such a great bet that the biggies are divesting! Meanwhile, there will be assets available for purchasing (Sir Jim is good at that) whilst the biggies concentrate on resources elsewhere that are much cheaper longer term than N.Sea.

  3. LORD BROWNE was smart enough to see the writing on the wall and make sure he was one of the first to abandon the great ship , FRACK TITANIC .

    Worryingly , there are some on here that are still merrily playing their musical instruments , even as the water swirls around their ankles.

    Forget the music , the parties over , abandon ship.

    Lord Browne: fracking will not reduce UK gas prices

  4. Which of the big oilies missed the fracking boat and now buying tickets at higher prices, Jack??

    In terms of pricing, maybe correct. However, that ignores UK taxation that can be used for whatever purposes a government decides, including many possibilities for mitigation to certain sectors. Additionally, it also avoids the potential problems from a weak Pound increasing costs of imports dramatically. Lord Browne should recall the 1970s pretty well. Sterling going to be strong over the next few years??

    What happened regarding fracking economics AFTER 2013, Jack? You continue to ignore that. Wonder why?

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