Tinker Lane anti-fracking campaigners face eviction from council land

180722 Tinker Lane Protection Camp TLPC

Tinker Lane Protectors Camp, 22 July 2018. Photo: Tinker Lane Protectors Camp

Councillors in north Nottinghamshire are seeking to evict an anti-fracking camp from their village.

Barnby Moor Parish Council has agreed to take legal action to evict the camp from its land at Tinker Lane Copse.

The camp was established on 24 June 2018 in protest at the IGas shale gas exploration site nearby on the A634 between the village and Blyth.

A message sent to a Tinker Lane Facebook group this week by parish council chairman, Charles Fraser, said:

“I would like to inform you that Barnby Moor Parish Council is now taking legal action to evict the squatters from Parish Council land.

“There are two issues, Fracking & trespass, fracking the Parish Council have an open mind but setting up camp on parish land is an other matter.”

180820 Charles Fraser Facebook message

Facebook post by Charles Fraser

He told DrillOrDrop the matter was now in the hands of the council’s lawyers. He said:

“Initially things were not a great problem. The camp was not visible from the road. But recently they hung a massive banner from the trees.

“We have asked them verbally that we would like them to leave. They said no and the only way to deal with it is through solicitors.”

Mr Fraser said the campaigners had not asked permission to use the land. He added:

“The copse used to be an allotment plot. One or two residents over the past year have talked about returning the site to allotments.”

A special meeting of the parish council on the issue agreed to obtain a possession order for the copse.

180701 TLPC2

Photo: Tinker Lane Protectors Camp.

The Tinker Lane Protectors Camp responded in a Facebook statement:

“Today it was confirmed to us that Barnby Moor Parish council have decided to go ahead with a forced eviction rather than keeping an open dialogue with us, as we tried to establish with them.

“This was to reach an agreement that did not impact on the community and re generated the space we currently are holding as part of our efforts to delay or stop the toxic fracking industry just 1.4 miles from their homes.

“This space has not been used for over twenty years and was in a sorry state when we found it. The council has not consulted the parish or anyone who lives in the village and have committed to an expensive process that threatens the future of their own homes.

“We would like to find a peaceful and non expensive way to resolve this situation for all parties involved. We are asking for you to reach out and help us find some land to move to in order to sustain this campaign. But in the mean time we are resolved to carrying on our community work and resistance to IGas and fracking…. this means we will be staying put until we have further info on the situation and possible further actions of the parish council.

“But we still need shelter and security while the weather changes and we face the possibility of overnight visits from bailiffs or worse!!”

180730 Tinker Lane TLPC

IGas site at Tinker Lane, 30 July 2018. Photo: Tinker Lane Protectors Camp

The IGas Tinker Lane site was granted planning permission on 21 March 2017. The application was opposed by Barnby Moor and four other local parish councils, as well as Bassetlaw District Council. Barnby Moor Parish Council reported that a parish consultation found that 75% of participants objected to the application.

The IGas community fund lists a contribution for 2018 to Barnby Moor Parish Council for kitchen improvements to the village hall.

DrillOrDrop page on Tinker Lane


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  1. Oh we live by Giggle now do we?

    Strange that the same type of “research” will also state that instead of hundreds of wells there will actually be no “industrialisation” of the countryside as UK shale gas will be totally uneconomic and will not develop. In other words, what you end up with is total speculation that is then driven by a few in a certain direction and some “sheep” follow.
    I even note some attempts by some of the few to recommend breaking injunctions as initial punishments could be lenient! Good luck with that. Just remember there is still an element of deterrent within the justice system that spread from the military many years ago. Try Giggling decimation.

    • This is Dutchsinse global and local earthquake swarm analysis and discussion and details the fracking and oil and gas operations in the yellowstone earthquake and caldera zone, the most volatile volcanic location on the earth, and across America, Canada and Russia.

      Presently there is an eathquake swarm across the earth and it appears that destabilisation of the crustal zones that form waves that destabilise and travel as they swarm.

      It is well worth watching the entire report, but the American section regarding oil and gas extraction runs from 41 minutes.

      What is happening is that there is an world wide earthquake transference wave occurring across the earth on a 10 day period wave and the entire system is being exacerbated and destabilised by human drilling and fracking activities. You will also note that the European wave is travelling up towards southern UK and will no doubt be appearing in our shores in the next few days.

      The earth is a constantly changing and evolving geological system, it is not a fixed in place system, there will be movement, earthquakes and disastrous changes for surface life and that goes back millions of years and billions of years before that.

      What we are doing, knowingly or unknowingly, is lighting the blue fuse to potential geological time bombs in our need for greed and lack of care or concern for the inevitable consequences.

      I am sure there will a rising “fog” intended to bury or override this information, all you need to sidestep that is the intelligence and the common sense to follow the real siezmic science, not just pay lip service to the official avoidance.

      [Text inserted at poster’s request]

    • Ha seems the Squatters are more of a problem than the drill site.not everyone appreciates being descended on by the great unwashed.

  2. It is the level of expertise required for such, Jack.

    Sometimes, you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear, sometimes you just need to recognise it is a porcine audio appendage. A little more intelligence between two on a sow, than between two on a sheep, but still not a silk purse.

    • YES , BUT MARTIN ,

      These are professional bodies that have done studies in to the matter……. They are ALL singing from the same Hymn Sheet when they now together warn of the DANGERS of living in close proximity to Fracking sites .

      YOUR ABOVE response on the matter offers SWEET NOTHING, absolutely ZILCH .

      IF THEY ARE WRONG , PLEASE , PLEASE let’s all see the evidence you have to discredit their findings

    • Try not to be sidetracked into playing that personalisation of issues game jackthelad, its just diversion away from your post link, there be dragons and worse down there.

      Just reset the subject, this is the document the study you mentioned that was attempted to be diverted by a personal attack, its standard practice to divert anyone reading this away from potentially incriminating documents, just keep repeating the information and move on.

      Cheers, have fun.

  3. I happen to live a long way away from Pennsylvania, Jack. But I do know they do lots of very funny things over there. They even drive on the other side of the road, but it doesn’t mean I will over here.

    In some States you will even find the KKK, doesn’t mean that we have to follow that lead either.

    Yes, it is interesting what others do, but sometimes little old UK does things differently.

  4. good morning ladles and jellyspoons (some ripples in those jellies arent there?) Well its Sunday again and the bank holiday coming up, the children and grandchildren are asleep and i am sitting here looking at all this frack flak pouring into Drill Or Drop?

    Dear me? What a sorry display of ignorance, abuse and direct attack against posters for daring to speak up?

    It seems that blagging fracking has injected its pet trollocks into the proceedings and is attempting to drown out and drive away any other voice but their own?

    However, that just makes it more fun doesn’t it folks? Much easier to tear down this poisonous industry when their standard is so abysmally gutter bound?

    So, what to do today? Since there are so many self confessed poetry fans, lets have something appropriate shall we?

    When snipes and smears
    And slurs and jeers
    Are all that they can do
    When lies and leers
    And hates and fears
    Is all they throw at you
    They will scream and spin
    To be let in
    And force the law
    To twist their jaw
    And force their will
    On valley river and and hill
    And invade this precious land
    They say we need
    Their selfish greed
    To light our fires and heat our hand
    But their hateful need
    For profits greed
    That drives their motives more
    With lies and hate
    They seal our fate
    Our global climate change
    They care not what
    Their schemes and plot
    Will leave our country lame
    Our water tainted
    Our air fog painted
    And leave it raped and shamed
    Thats when reason laughs
    On truths behalfs
    And wipes away the lies and fears
    And its hope and light
    That will join the fight
    And push the dark forces from our door
    Their time is short
    Their plans abort
    They cannot bear the truth
    So their voices scream
    And their poisoned dream
    Will die as it began
    Then will peace and freedom reign
    Our children’s future renewed will gain
    Intelligence and reason will prevail
    Their failed and defeated leaders sail
    To pastures new to spoil
    Good riddance to them all

  5. Well that was fun, i almost forgot to say have a great Sunday with family and friends and enjoy these yet relatively peaceful days.

    This is a song from Buffy Sainte-Marie – Ive posted it before, but it seems appropriate today seeing the attack on our freedom to speak at present.


    From: “Coincidence and Likely Stories” it needs no changes.
    Thank you Buffy, you told us long before we realised the danger.

    Coincidence and likely stories
    They dog your trail like a pack of lies
    They whine at night when the lights are out
    You toss and turn, you pitch and roll
    Disinformation, you spin it like a silkworm
    Just when I need another point of view
    Here you come from nowhere, from over the ways
    I stand amazed, I see your greatest hits
    They blow back down the chimney into everyone’s eyes
    Creative thinking in the first degree
    You’re a three-way mirror of a one-way world
    It’s a perverse company you work for
    They build the past, it just can’t last
    It’s obsolete by design
    They send you out rerouting history
    To make the same old mistakes in a brand new way
    Come out from under cover
    Ollie Ollie ox in free
    Come out, come out wherever you are
    And virgin places don’t mean a thing
    To people who never bring their hearts along
    And fools like them never fall at all
    They’re tough as sin, let nobody in
    They turn and spin your wheels and nobody wins
    Coincidence and likely stories
    They dog your trail like a pack of lies
    They whine at night when the lights are out
    You toss and turn, you pitch and roll
    Disinformation, you spin it like a silkworm


    The world may go mad with politicians greed and corporate insanity, but truth and freedom will overcome such imposters.

    We just need to give them that final push and drive them back into the dismal fascist fog from whence they came.

    We did it before, we can do it again.

    Maybe next time we will remain awake enough to see the disease of hate and greed crawling out of the gutters and stop it before it starts.

    The Chinese word for disaster is the same word for opportunity, perhaps we need to take this disaster opportunity and make sure these horrors never take root again and make sure we don’t get fooled into being complacent next time.

  6. Today’s video (not from Ian Crane or Phil C). Change the name Range to Cuadrilla and location to the Fylde:

    • Getting a bit obsessive over Ian aren’t you Paul?

      No frack hat fat cats to flatten on an August bank holiday Monday?

      Careful they aren’t bears “enticed” by landowners to commit contempt of kangaroo court of imminent “dome main” In Junk Sham exclusion zones?

      Such fun!

      Have a great August bank holiday Monday!

  7. Once upon a time land was held in common. People setting up protest camps including this one have offered to work with the community. Evidence shows that protest camps help focus the antifracking campaign and provide a continuous presence of people dedicated to monitoring and opposing fracking. I hope the council has not been swayed by the blood money from iGas for their kitchen repairs. They will need a lot more than kitchen repairs to rectify the damage caused by thousands of wells in and around their area, the certain air pollution and possible water contamination, the health impacts on residents and loss of amenity. Taking a pragmatic view, tolerating a protest camp that is set up to advance community interests would be much better than pandering to fracking companies and the vocal minority of pro fracking or “head in the sand” councillors who are not looking at the bigger picture. Protestors actively look for sites that are both close to fracking sites and will have the least impact on local communities. In North Yorkshire a site was chosen that was disused for many years and belonged to a wealthy local landowner and employer. They did not choose a site that was being farmed or any other active use. The site has been vacated now that the fracking company Third Energy have removed most of their equipment, and the protestors worked closely with the many local people opposed to fracking to restore the site to a condition as good or better than it was found.

    • Ian Conan

      The people of the parish need to be swayed, as the parish council is there to represent their views ( given during the public session ).

      As noted before, local toes have been trodden on and at present the parish council ( ie the locals ) seek to evict the protestors.

      But you post is good grist to any mill ( pro fracking or head in the sand councillors ) as you tar the community with that broad brush, for something that is not directly linked to fracking ( it is a land versus squatter issue ).

      Maybe they will be swayed … it’s in the hands of the protestors, but swamping the clerk with emails and calls will ( or has ) not gone down well, as the Clerk is not a councillor, but a council employee.

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