Photo post: Walkers complete 120 miles between Yorks and Lancs fracking sites

No fracking way map

Opponents of fracking reached the end of a 120-mile walk this afternoon between shale gas sites in North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

The five-day walk, organised by Green Party councillors and members, took them through Harrogate, Skipton, Burnley, Blackburn and finally to Little Plumpton, near Blackpool.

The walked started on 8 March 2017 at the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp, near where Third Energy wants to frack its KM8 well. It ended on 12 March at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site.

The final leg of the walk was joined by campaigners from Lancashire who have opposed Cuadrilla’s plans to drill, frack and test up to four wells.

Nick Danby, of Frack Free Lancashire, said:

“We are delighted to welcome our colleagues from Yorkshire after their epic walk from the proposed fracking site at Kirby Misperton in beautiful Ryedale. It is important that people realise that the developing site at Preston New Road is only the first of many that are planned for the North of England and elsewhere.”

Claire Stephenson, of Preston New Road Action Group, said:

“Our community and county has strongly said no to fracking: Lancashire County Council carefully considered all of the facts and refused this development. Intense work has now commenced at the Preston New Road site, in spite of the fact that there are two outstanding legal challenges. We are very grateful for the support and solidarity of our Yorkshire friends who are also facing the threat of fracking at the Kirby Misperton site.”

Day 1: 8 March 2017

Leaving Kirby Misperton day 1

Kirby Misperton. Photo: No Fracking Way

Photos: No Fracking Way

Day 2: 9 March 2017

No fracking way Boroughbridge day Andrew Cooper

Boroughbridge. Photo: Andrew Cooper

Day 3: 10 March 2017

No fracking way Leeds Liverpool Canal day 3

Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Photo: No Fracking Way

No fracking Way Ilkley half way point Louise Galvin

Ilkley. Photos: Louise Galvin

No fracking way Lancashire day 3

Lancashire. Photo: No Fracking Way

Day 4: 11 March 2017

No Fracking Way Ribchester an hour from Longridge Day 4 Andrew Cooper

Ribchester. Photo: Andrew Cooper

Day 5: 12 March 2017

Setting off from longridge day 5 Andrew Cooper

Longridge. Photo: Andrew Cooper

No Fracking Way leaving Kirkham day 5 Nick Cuant 3Leavk

Kirkham. Photo: Nick Caunt


No Fracking Way Preston New Road Action Group day 5

Preston New Road, Little Plumpton. Photo: Preston New Road Action Group

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  1. Fantastic achievement, well done everyone!
    Perhaps that route should be officially called “The No Fracking Way!”

  2. “A Good Way to keep warm-when you are elderly, gas fired central heating is the better option”-could also be a name for the route.

      • To answer your question Peter.

        Earn my living in a proper job and pay taxes. And rise fund for my local school in a charity event.

        If protesting on the streets all days on working days for the whole week every year is your idea of contributing to the society and making our country better and that makes you feel proud then no I haven’t.

    • T.W. [edited by moderator]
      These people have spent days expressing their love for humanity and it’s continuation!
      You seem to wish for it’s extinction, on the alter of greed!
      Jog on or wise up!

      • Lol. You are making too much assumptions there. You assume that only anti frackers are capable of of hunanity. Maybe this presumptuous is a trait mark of your arguments on the facts and science of this whole debate.

  3. Great PR stunt. Pity that the basis on which they complain is rubbish science. The Greens should be embracing fracking.

      • People who oppose fracking include The Labour movement, The liberal Democrats, the SNP, The Welsh Assembly, The Northern Ireland Assembly, The Green Party, The Unite Union, Green peace, Friends of the Earth, and the majority of the British Public. That makes those who support fracking clearly in the minority.

        Not seen ‘Backing Fracking’ out and about recently. They were at the appeals so they are keen to be seen. Bad weather and low hourly rates may be keeping them indoors.

        • Green Party – one MP, Lib Dems nine MPs, SNP 54 and dropping, Labour 230 and dropping (and a lot of Labour support shale gas), Conservatives – 330 MPs

          I make that 330 vs 294 even assuming Labour are really anti shale. And if all the others are against shale there is still a Government majority of 16.

          Greenpeace and FOE – you are joking?

        • The police won’t even say who they are – even though they admit to having met with them. Why is Backing Fracking afraid to say who they are? Is it shame perhaps?

  4. Frances Ocean/Crow from Wild Garden Brighton Thank you so much very inspiring. maybe a swim along the rivers for us southerners? or boat anyone up for it.xxx Bless you all. Just visited Embercoombe Devon 52 acre project growing leaders and working with multinational corps like unilever. They have native American philosophy of a childs fire central to making wise decisions you think 7 generations forward, not 5 monutes like our corrupt goverments poisoning our water for our children, grand and great gradchildren what a legacy. I run a small community garden we have our first spring frog in pond.

    • Hi Frances Ocean/Crow,
      Thanks for your beautiful comments, i intend to visit the Damanhur project this year and i must go and see the Embercoombe project this spring, i just looked at the web page, very impressive, it has to be the way forward doesn’t it? Time for the westerners to become responsible for our actions and consequences in this country and across the world. link below for those who wish to look it up.


      I read of the Hopi prophesies and timeless concepts and the seven generations thinking and was very impressed. The North Dakota pipeline situation is never far from my mind.
      I have been stepping back from the fray on these pages for a while and took some time off to think and consider many things, one of which is where best to go from here.

      I have come to the conclusion that, as in these pages, talking just leads to more talking and avoids the question, which is “what to actually do about it?”

      I had considered talking directly with the CEO’s of the companies involved, but now i see that it will just be twisted into just a box ticking exercise in PR speak, the situation is all ready leading to anti-protester extremism and talking to CEO’s will not lead to any constructive action and the industry will just plow on as before as if nothing had happened.

      That doesn’t mean that talking is useless, but perhaps it needs to be amongst normal people talking together about their fears for their future and that of our children and families who will suffer this terrible industries pollution aftermath.

      There was something i read last week, it said put your mind on what you do want, and not what you dont want, the universe will provide whatever is in your mind. Concentrating on what you don’t want simply leads to the universe providing just that, what you dont want, so concentrate on what you do want, as if you all ready have it, then the universe will provide just that, but also it will provide what you need, not necessarily what you want, so it often comes in a completely unexpected way. Which is why i read your post the day after i got back!
      The text said the best time for that is 5 minutes before you sleep, don’t concentrate on all the bad things and mull over the days victories and defeats, concentrate on everything good you wish for and intend to do, and sleep on that, your unconscious mind will do the rest.
      I dont expect any of the pfi’s to understand this and they will probably jump on it, but it is said now, the thought is out there, nothing can stop that.
      To those that do understand, try it, it really does work.

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