Live updates: Day 2 Leith Hill camp eviction 

Tower constructed on the well site at Bury Hill Wood

An operation to evict a protection camp continues for a second day on land near Leith Hill in Surrey earmarked by Europa to drill for oil. Check here for updates throughout the day.

The site at Bury Hill Wood was issued planning permission in August 2015 but no work has yet been carried out. A High Court eviction order was made in January 2017.

Opponents of Europa’s plans have constructed a tower on the wellsite and dug tunnels underneath it. About 20 people are reported to be in the tunnels and locked together. Other opponents spent the night at the entrance to the site. Yesterday, bailiffs arrived at just before 5am. They said they expected the operation to take for up to three days.  Updates from Day 1.


Camp demolished

Camp, fort and tunnels demolished

Leith HIll eviction 170622 Rob Harbinson5


Leith HIll eviction 170622 Rob Harbinson2



All protesters removed from site

Leith HIll eviction 170622 Rob Harbinson3


Leith HIll eviction 170622 Rob Harbinson1


Daily Mail reports that specialist teams have removed all the campaigners from tunnels, tree houses and the “fort”

Daily Mail 170622


Four campaigners out

Four campaigners now removed from Leith Hill camp


Eviction now underway for 36 hours

Leith HIll eviction 170622 Dave Doktor

One campaigner leaves the camp after nearly 36 hours. Photo: Dave Doktor

Leith HIll eviction 170622 Dave Doktor.2jpg

Campaigner leaves Leith Hill camp. Photo: David Doktor

Reports from the scene say no arrests so far.


“Two protectors removed” – reports

Reports that two campaigners have been removed from the site.


Complaints about damage

Complaints about damage by site delivery lorries to historic banks of Coldharbour Lane made to Paul Kennedy, Mole Valley District Councillor.

leith hill eviction 170622 tweet4



Report say scaffolding is up around the “fort” at the protection camp and the removal team are inside with cutting gear. No-one yet cut out, reports say.

Leith hill eviction 170622 Laura Millard1

Photo used with author’s permission

Leith hill eviction 170622 Laura Millard2

Photom used with author’s permission


Bailiffs on site

leith hill eviction 170622 tweet3


More criticism of Forestry Commission for leasing land to Europa for oil exploration

leith hill eviction 170622 tweet2


“Protectors are ok”

Update from opponents of drilling:

“Peaceful night at the gate opposite. Protectors inside have been visited a few times this morning and ok. A group is down there now to see them.

“Far fewer bailiffs/security/work teams today.

“Live streaming expected to start soon.”


Opposition to Forestry Commission lease of land

leith hill eviction 170622 tweet


Eviction now been underway for 24 hours

More DrillOrDrop details about Bury Hill Wood

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  1. Loving these updates, keeping me entertained whilst I’m enjoying the sun.
    Hopefully no bailiffs will be injured during the eviction, my thoughts are with them.

  2. On a serious note, what if that tunnel collapses and they are genuinely shackled together. Very foolish people with not a thought for the people who put themselves in danger rescuing them in an emergency.

  3. Anyone who can see the dangers, is aware of the consequences, but proceeds anyway along a path that leads to destruction is of course a front runner for the Darwin Award.

    Nominations for acting against the advice of 97% of the global scientific population and working tirelessly to increase the deaths of millions by exploiting even more fossil fuels goes to this Government and all those who support their attempts to deliberately hold back the advancement of renewable energy.

    The Darwin Award. The perfect award for the UK shale gas industry and it’s followers.

    • I thought nominations were for self inflicted personal harm John? Like using a bullet instead of a fuse in a car and having your balls shot off, like walking deliberately in front of trucks, like locking yourselves together in a tunnel underground……

  4. @ gottabkidding and powney
    The protesters put themselves in danger for the sake of better world. That’s called heroism[Edited by moderator].

  5. Oooft the comments are sure being removed today, makes it all rather boring if you ask me.
    I’ll get back to enjoying my sunshine and wait for another article as this eviction is just too tempting to make ‘nasty’ comments that clearly upset a certain group.

  6. Sonia-you need to be careful of such wide definitions-[Edited by moderator] It is possible, within the English language, to justify just about any action. It doesn’t make it acceptable or sensible. The ends do not justify any means.

  7. Hey why don’t you hippies and naysayers do something useful and …

    *Find the case number for this order @ the highcourt
    *take pictures of all the persons touching people at the site (to have them removed)
    *take names of police officers and numbers.
    That way us grown up can actually sort this out at court and no people have to get harmed.

    So far i have found:
    Surrey county council had no idea this was going on yesterday. I informed them.
    The police were only asked to show up to ensure no assaults were happening. If you ordered the cops to protect your property from damage then they are obliged to help you do so. Yes a crappy tree house can be your property.
    Both baliff companys are for hire muscle, one based in bristol with an interesting outlook on the law and legal.
    The other is run by a maroon baret (ex military) which is not appropriate for a civil IMO

    But best of all:

    Government court; Government agent [forestry commission], Crown Judge ruling, Government Order awarded to a profit making contractor to remove people from land? and no one questions this?

    That’s like Swampy court, Swampy judge, Swampy Order = go away oil company. Not exactly my idea of a fair trial.

    So put down you magic pipe and someone of you get the 3 * * * i put above i watch teh magic happen.

    and remember say no to drugs. Yes to showers.

  8. Complaints about damage to edge of road Hahahaha. … the irony given all the damage the tunnels and pallets have done to natural habitats.

    The protestor have detroyed wildlife in an aonb. They should be ashamed.

    I also heard there were human faeces everywhere . Disgusting

  9. I wonder where all these people will be if Europa drill and find no commercial quantities of oil, clear the site and re-establish the environment?? All the nonsense about protecting environments, the world, our children etc. will look a bit of a nonsense in itself. Or, maybe they will find oil but only worth extracting at a price above current price, and will moth ball the site until then-you can find thousands of them around the world.

    Just been watching the same politicians who you can see on recordings advocating accepting more and more migrants “because we are a wealthy nation” although local authorities were stating continuously they did not have facilities to cope with them, now blaming others for the fact that it has culminated in a tragedy. You know who you are, Yvonne. (I predicted long ago it would happen, but I thought it would be in the area of child protection.)

    Can I say hypocrites ed. because it seems a term that is now allowable? I will resist the urge to utilise any “farts” because that terminology in the context of tunnels doesn’t sound very savoury.

    It seems very few are willing to take any responsibility(eg. Mayor of London “I am asking questions of the government.” Err no. With devolved powers we expect you to have the answers to those questions Mr. Mayor, not just pass them to someone up the chain, otherwise what is the point of devolved powers, and the budget that goes with it?)

    So far, on this site, the only underground activities have been by protestors without any planning permission or consultation with the wider local public and no commitment to restore the site. How will those buzzards and butterflies be feeling Ruth? I suspect they have already migrated to the UKOG site, where some income contributed to the locality may enable a local nature reserve to be established, and police against the fly tippers and other unsavory individuals who roam our pristine if overcrowded countryside these days. I even understand there are doggers who have never owned a dog, who love to exercise in such areas. Perhaps some controlled sources of income, to enable protection of the environment, is now required to compete with the antisocial elements who would trash the environment? Could it come from O&G? Seems to work around Wytch Farm. Discuss.

  10. Can’t really understand your point Tony.

    Am I wrong in thinking that Europa have gone through all the channels to get permission to operate on this plot of ground, which is able to be challenged throughout the process?

    Am I wrong in thinking that now Europa want to proceed in this operation they find squatters who have not complied with any formal procedures, trying to prevent that happening?

    So they roll over, or they utilise their rights, through the courts, to enable them to proceed with the operation they have already invested money to achieve? And that means removing those squatters for the safety of all concerned? A discussion would suffice??

    Removing people from such sites is not easy. We have a local authority officer responsible for such actions, but they do not happen currently because he is constantly on sick leave through stress!

    The protestors have volunteered to create a need for the bailiffs to be employed. I am sure the bailiffs would like to be elsewhere but it is their job to be on site, as determined by the courts.

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