INEOS announces location of third proposed shale gas site


INEOS gave some details this afternoon of another proposed shale gas exploration site.

It is west of the village of Woodsetts, near Rotherham.

The company has already submitted planning applications for exploratory drilling at Bramleymoor Lane, in the village of Marsh Lane, in north Derbyshire, and at Common Road, Harthill, in Rotherham borough (see map below).


On Monday, the company said it had been granted an injunction preventing obstruction or interference to work at these sites. A High Court order also covered potential designated traffic routes to the exploration sites, as well as company offices, and premises or equipment belonging to contractors in its supply chain. DrillOrDrop report

Last month, INEOS sent a pre-action legal letter to the National Trust warning of court action if it was now allowed access to land at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire to carry out seismic surveying. DrillOrDrop report

INEOS is privately opened by Jim Ratcliffe and holds 1.2m acres of oil and gas exploration licences in the UK, about double that of its nearest rival.

It has committed to drill 28 vertical wells and frack another 11 horizontal wells in the next four years across English licences issued last year.

map 1

Source: Google Maps

INEOS said the site near Woodsetts was south of Dinnington Road. There is no other information about the location.

In a statement, it said geological data had highlighted the site for further exploratory work which, it said, would help inform possible future shale extraction in the area.

The company said it was working on preparatory surveys ahead of submission of an application for the test drilling. It was waiting to hear from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council whether an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) would be needed. EIAs were not needed for the other two applications.

The INEOS website says the company proposes to drill a vertical well to extract a core sample of rock. This will identify the geological characteristics and gas-producing properties. A Pressure Transient Test would be carried out on the well to establish whether the area would be suitable for shale gas production.

Tom Pickering, INEOS Shale Operations Director, said:

“This project is another step forward for INEOS Shale and our plans to learn more about the geology of our license areas. Throughout this process we will consult local people to make them fully aware of the latest developments.”

Events and dates related to INEOS applications and sites

Thursday 10 August 2017

Expected deadline for comments on INEOS Shale’s planning application for a shale gas well at Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane, north east Derbyshire.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

INEOS Community Exhibition, 2.30pm-7pm, Creswell Social Centre, Elmston Road, Cresswell S80 4BH. Details

Alternative anti-fracking exhibition, 2.30pm-7pm, The Black Diamond, 172 Elmton Road, Creswell S80 4BH. Details

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Bright Blue Energy and Climate Change Forum: How can Government by both pro-business and pro-environment? Speakers are Tom Burke, of think tank E3G, and Tom Pickering, Operations Director at INEOS Upstream. 7pm-8.30pm, The Spying Room, The Morpeth Arms, 58 Millbank, London SW1P 4RW. Details and to register

Monday  4 September 2017

Anti-fracking exhibition, 4pm-9pm, Langwith Bassett Community Hall, Rectory Road, Upper Langwith, Mansfield, NG20 9RF. Presentation 7:30pm-9pm.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

INEOS Community Exhibition, 2.30pm-7pm Langwith Basset Community Hall, Rectory Road, Upper Langwith, Mansfield NG20 9RF. Details

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Hearing at the High Court in London on interim injunction granted to INEOS Upstream against interference and obstruction of its work. Details

Monday 2 October 2017

INEOS Community Exhibition, 2.30pm-7pm Warsop Ex-servicemen’s Club, Car Lane, Mansfield NG20 0BN. Details

Alternative anti-fracking exhibition, 2.30pm-7pm, Warsop Town Hall, Church Street, Warsop NG20 0AL. Details

Other DrillOrDrop dates

DrillOrDrop interview with Lynn Calder, INEOS Shale commercial director


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    • Keep ’em coming Ineos. With that injunction the whole work process will be streamlined. Anti frackers: you have lost! Game over.

      • I’m sorry to urinate ( moderated by moderator … pass water ) on your bonfire, my long distance USA friend, fibonnaci009.

        But as Ineos overstretch themselves trying to impose fracking on more unwilling communities, their injunction will become more unenforceable and costly to maintain.

        Although slow walking and intimidation to suppliers/workers connected with the industry from the local knitting circle and girl guides is now banned…….. There are many other ways to skin a cat.

        Look at it this way, people could,
        ( 1 ) boycott suppliers to the industry.
        ( 2 ) Ostracise , ( isolate ) people involved in the industry that are living in their communities .
        ( 3 ) Look at the PR nightmare for Ineos if Vicars and members of the local woman’s guild are locked up for slow walking . What a PR disaster.
        ( 4 ) For Ineos to threaten to claim legal costs from protesters, let’s be honest , some of the protestors have/own nothing . To make them bankrupt won’t matter a toss to them …. Yet again more costs for the company.

        Let’s face it, trying to prove in court an incident between a worker from a fracking site and a member of the public was because of the job they are doing, will be near impossible to prove if the incident happens when that person is not at work . .

        With the number of sites proposed in the long term by Ineos, working on the maths, it will end up with about two thirds of one policeman per site… There just is not the available police resources to enforce this injunction on a permenent basis. This means huge private security costs for Ineos..

        AT THE END OF THE DAY, its all about money.
        If the profit is not there, than neither will the fracking be there.

        Like I have said before, fracking will not get legs in the UK if the public do not support it .

        On the side of Ineos, if they have been sold a costly lemon by the previous, now ex government leaders, tweedle dee and tweedle dum, then maybe compensation should be paid to Ineos if the government now backs the will of the people to ban this industry. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this ????

        [Typos corrected at poster’s request]

        • Jack – the only thing I can agree with you about is the fact that if the profit isn’t there, the fracking won’t be either. This is clear.

          Otherwise, I think you vastly overrate the power of the limited extremists, and you underestimate the power of the government.

          The UK people may never “support” fracking in that no one wants a well site next door. But the UK people certainly support fracked gas as it keeps them warm in the winter and it keeps the lights on. They want those things to continue, and so they have supported onshore exploration. That’s the story, Laddy!

          • “Otherwise, I think you vastly overrate the power of the limited extremists”

            Sums INEOS up rather neatly doesn’t it?

        • Jack
          Re the costly lemon. I think that there would be some compensation applied for by those who paid for access,if fracking was banned. If it turns out to be too expensive, no compensation.
          Re the will of the people ( Brexit style ) we may have to wait until the next general election to find out what that is.

      • interesting, the concept of winning or losing is an illusion based upon fear, only one who has all ready lost can even contemplate such a thing.
        Ipso facto……….

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that it is primarily remote villages are being targeted for exploitation by invading desecrators?
    Makes you wonder if this is a deliberate policy? That is interesting to examine?

    • SafetyCatch

      Good news. There are no remote villages in that area. The village is 2 km from Worksop and 2 km from Dinnington/South Anston as the crow flies.

      It sits in the South Yorkshire coalfield, and, like many of the surrounding villages was a bucolic, grindingly poor agricultural village, until someone built the Chesterfield canal, which encouraged the local coal industry. Then the Sheffield to Worksop railway was built and the coal industry blossomed. Villages expanded, and until the demise of the coal industry were relatively well off. Now they are not, and councils look for large employers to come to to the area. A car manufacturer perhaps, or a sportswear company. Worksop has managed to attract B&Q and Wilco distribution centres. So Mc jobs delivering imported goods, or commuting to Sheffield, Worksop, Chesterfield, Rotherham or further afield. Thank goodness for cars, without which, they would all be ghost villages.

      Location of a drill site is a bit of a conundrum. Drill in the middle of nowhere, it is industrialising agricultural land. Drill near a village, it is imposing on the village. Drill away from villages, and it’s all prime dog walking and cycling country. I guess it’s just our population density that does it, and a dislike of the idea of fracking.

      I do think INEOS have their heads screwed on re location. Harthill site (6.5 km from Woodsets as the crow flies) is over the hill from that village, not seen from that large village, and next to 3 wind turbines. Harthill just happens to be the closest village. And the route to it does not go through the village, nowhere near it in fact. Ok it’s narrow in places,, but it’s only a drill site. If things get big, then you can discuss options.

      Harthill looks west, over the Rother Valley to Derbyshire. The M1 drones away below, 4 lanes now. The Main Street is busy, lots of traffic. It’s a nice village, we go walking round there quite often.. Remote? Nah.

      The woodsets site has to to be announced, but it will not be in the village of course, somewhere out of sight from most houses I expect, and accessed from the busy thoroughfare that is Dinnington Road ( road humps in the village, speeding must be an issue ). And it’s near Woodsets. No doubt if you moved it a Km or so it would be near a different village. Remote, nope. Nice place, yes.

      I note that, in 2008, there was a Harthill campaign against the three 95m tall wind turbines. But there they are. I guess some of those against drilling may have been against the wind turbines, and some not. There was no group promoting them. Only 35m taller than the ( temporary ) drill rig.

      So there you have it, no plot, just drilling somewhere suitable.

      But if you do not like Fracking, then nowhere will be right, of course.

      • Funny how the anti anti’s suddenly announce they live near the sites and there are no problems? [Edited by moderator]

        • SafetyCatch

          Thanks for the compliment.
          However, although bought up as a catholic, I cannot aspire to be the holy trinity.
          I do not have the knowledge, inter Alia, of the states/fracking costs as shown by fibs, nor, inter alia, the in depth knowledge of organic farming shown by Martin.
          Each of us shows a signature style on this board, which seems easy to identify. Likely based on location, education, competence, beliefs, experience and prejudice.
          We are only human, after all…….

          • Another nice try, still no go, Wherever you are going with that, I don’t care to follow, but it is Sunday I guess?

            • SafetyCatch

              [Edited by moderator]

              Re suddenly announcing where one lives. It’s a bit difficult to sell up and buy at the drop of hat, but to forestall any future shocks ( in case you missed past posts ), all INEOS activities in Derbyshire, Notts and South Derbyshire are within reach and well known. I am also near Misson and Tinkers Lane. Pickering is 2 hours away, but well known.

              [Edited by moderator]

  2. Well, Jack you asked for comments, but only time for a couple.

    Two thirds of the population are not against fracking, and until you concentrate on that you will not change anything. Many of those two thirds want to see if fracking is a goer. Your attempts at trying to prevent that at all cost, including facts, will not convince them otherwise-we are a stubborn lot and want to see for ourselves. Some of your supporters have not heard of the saying “fool me once, shame on you-fool me twice shame on me”, but I suspect the two thirds largely have. Just, perhaps, your strategy needs reviewing?

    Ineos have worked out that fines will not deter people who have no funds, other penalties might, plus they can discuss with local communities they are taking them seriously and trying to mitigate against any disruption. Of course, this will be minimising the negatives and they will have to maximise the positives-I think you will find the largest UK industrial company is quite capable of doing this, and will have an experienced team who do this around the world all the time.

    But, it is not up to me to advise you how to operate your campaign. I have provided a fair degree of advice over the months knowing it would not be understood or appreciated, so you really need to work it out yourselves.

  3. Oh, before I go, if Sherwulfe is out there, please read Ruth’s text above. Bit of bed time reading reference Ineos.

  4. You have to laugh whenever the company attempts to open dialogue with people wanting to know more information the barmy army always put on a show at the same time to prevent any education.
    I’ve heard there are some good comedians that attend the anti exhibition, if you like left wing politics of course!

    • Dialogue?……Injunktion?…….Yeah, right! We have heard more dialogue from a lump of rock, which kind of explains a lot?

  5. Jack-think you have summed it up! People can be anti things that don’t involve them, and/or give them no benefit. You change the last two words and the views change dramatically. Do you really not appreciate that it is known why you want to prevent that being evaluated? I would have thought the EU referendum would have shown UK population react negatively to others wanting to avoid them having a choice.

    But with all the industrialisation of the countryside then fox hunting would be removed as an issue. One for the marketing guys to work on!

    • Blinkers again! Everything involves everyone, without exception, to believe otherwise is denying vast swathes of reality? Oh, yes, of course, you do don’t you?

  6. Interesting media coverage this weekend of how the National Trust “bully” their staff, referencing Felbrigg Hall situation.

    Wonder how much public support there will be for this organisation if Ineos forced to use the legal option? I suspect very little. RSPCA also under scrutiny, so perceptions have been sharpened.

    These “green” bottles seem to fall over pretty easily and frequently these days. But I’m sure there will soon be claims that Giggle shows all the bottles intact, in some far off country.

    • Martin, I know what you you have put sounds alarming ” National Trust Bully Their Staff ” but let’s put this in to the Small Trivial Box that it deserves.

      The word BULLY is certainly headline grabbing and at first, until reading the article, it did give me visions of hard, brutal slave driving gangmasters.

      In this particular story ( link below) it couldn’t be more poles apart .. Its NOT worthy of the word ” BULLY ” in any stretch of the imagination.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, this is all about its staff wearing a small pin badge and to be fair to the National Trust, they did give their staff a choice.

      Have a read and make your own minds up.

  7. See there was a “massive” 3.8 earthquake in the Scottish Highlands on Friday. Must be time to close down N.Sea oil and gas-can’t be fracking in Queen Nic. country. Or perhaps, ban Highland Games?

    Another inconvenient fact, just at the wrong time. Let’s dust off the conspiracy theory.

    • Martin

      No worries. As there is no spin applicable to them, you will not hear anything more of them.

      For a good read google ( or yahoo ) ‘ New Ollerton earthquakes’, to see how New Ollerton had 93 earthquakes between mid Dec 2013 to April 2014.

      This is without fracking, just mining. As Thoresby is now shut, this activity will decrease, but not totally cease as some quakes recorded are in areas not mined since 1993/1996. One of the largest just up the road from where we live.

      The quakes made the BBC and Daily Mail amongst other publications.

      No one suggested banning mining ( due to the tremors ), or feared for their lives, though it could be inconvenient at times.

      Expect a bit more fuss and spin should they continue during INEOS drilling, although drilling will not affect this issue at all.

  8. Seems there is quite a lot of earth moving around the Rotherham area, according to the media! I used to travel around Rotherham quite often in the past but missed completely that it was such a vibrant/vibrating part of the UK. Al fresco down here in the south has long been fashionable and a problem for GPs reference removal of ticks from certain areas, but Rotherham? This global warming has untold consequences! Need a bigger budget for the NHS-ahh yes, all that employment and taxation from fracking-that should do the t(r)ick.

    • Martin
      It must be traffic, nothing reported on the British Geological Survey. The town needs a bit of investment, I think Sheffield has stolen its middle class.

  9. Jack-NT forced into a U turn by media coverage, was the situation. You can dress it up as you like but that is what the main stream media are focusing upon.

    Several comments about NT should do what it is there to do, and stop trying to be a campaigning organisation, as it seems to be quite poor at it and campaigns inappropriately.

    So, if Ineos decide to use the legal option with NT who will get the public support?

    Not quite so clear cut as some were suggesting.

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