UKOG drills sidetrack at Broadford Bridge after section of well is “washed out”

Broadford Bridge map

Source: UK Onshore Geophysical Library

Documents seen by DrillOrDrop this evening suggest that drilling at the oil exploration site at Broadford Bridge in West Sussex has not gone according to plan.

The Oil and Gas Authority’s records show that the Broadford Bridge-1 well was side-tracked last month.

BB wells data

Another document, confirmed by the Environment Agency as the amended waste management plan, also refers to a mechanical side track.

These side tracks are often drilled at this stage to bypass problems with the original wellbore.

The documents help to explain why the drill rig is still at Broadford Bridge and flow testing hasn’t started.

When DrillOrDrop visited the site in June, UKOG executive chairman, Stephen Sanderson, said he expected to begin flow testing in mid July.

The rig was due to move to the Lidsey oil field near Bognor Regis. The documents also shed light on today’s announcement by Angus Energy that there would be a delay in drilling its horizontal production well at Lidsey.

The Broadford Bridge site near Billingshurst is operated by the UKOG subsidiary, Kimmeridge Oil and Gas Ltd (KOGL). It is exploring for oil in the Kimmeridge limestone.

According to the OGA public wellbore search, the mechanical sidetrack was spudded on 29 July 2017, and named BB-1z.

BB welbore data

Screenshot from OGA Public Wellbore Search:

The amended waste management plan, dated 26 July 2017, gives some information about the reason for the sidetrack.

updated waste management plan

Screenshot of amended Waste Management Plan

It said the 8 ½” section of the original borehole is washed out, which means it “contains regions of diameter greater than the 8 ½” drill bit size.

The document said:

“It has not been possible to run the essential 7” steel casing in the 8 ½” hole section due to the washed out regions, so a side track is required for safety reasons”.

Yesterday (Wednesday 8 August), DrillOrDrop asked UKOG if a sidetrack had been drilled at Broadford Bridge, but it declined to comment. Today, we asked the company questions about the contents of the amended waste management plan and the impact of the side track on operations at Broadford Bridge but it has not responded.

In online forums, investors have been calling for information about Broadford Bridge from UKOG.

An UKOG statement on Broadford Bridge, issued on 31 July 2017 under the Regulatory News Service (RNS), did not refer to the sidetrack:

“All flow test regulatory permissions now in place follow review by the Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”). Work continues to “complete” the well as a potential oil producer to be followed by a rig-less flow test, encompassing multiple Kimmeridge zones over a total aggregate perforated section of 926ft”.

Updated 10/08/2017 to include screenshots from amended Waste Management Plan and link to OGA Public Wellbore Search tool

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  1. Not looking too good then? Never expected anything less what with the Angus Energy breaches , I bet the investors will be pleased to get such news after a lengthy silence ?

  2. I have every confidence, that all all in good time, and all within approved permissions, we will at last see the Black Gold beneath our very feet.

  3. I’m an investor in several renewable energy companies both in the UK and the US. EV tech etc. I also invest in the least “bad” hydrocarbon producers. Why? Like it or not we do need oil for thousands of reasons and will for decades until we all boycott plastics, pharma, etc etc . I hope transport will move towards EV’s and drive one when not on my bike(!) Anyway, we need to move away from sourcing our oil from OPEC and the US, even Norway. We need the oil that we HAVE TO use to be as near as possible to save CO2, ease of extraction and safe. The producers need to be honest with the people affected and vice versa. We need to stop invading countries and propping up brutal dictators in the name of oil. The way to do that lies under the ground in the South of England. We secure our own oil supply, we run down the use of oil in the greenest way possible while protecting the world from our crack like dependence on oil. Anyway, you seem to do a better job of gathering information than the BB’s on UKOG and Angus. Keep it up and please be assure I will give you a fair hearing, even if I think your conclusions appear short sighted , all the best.

    • Welcome back Mr M. am so pleased you are investing in renewables. There is hope for the world. Well done 🙂

      I’m sure you’ll agree that moving away from the dependency on oil will suit both purposes of no longer fueling the ‘oil wars’ and polluting the planet. Wherever we get oil from it affects the lives of people in a negative way; covering the planet in plastic is no answer, personally I am fed up of buying more packaging than food just to create the illusion that the price of the goods haven’t gone up! The tide is turning, all be it slowly, but we cannot rest yet; commonsense must prevail.

      • Did you never watch Dallas! A few millionaire farmers in Texas will disagree with your statement! haha. I think we just need to be sensible and seize a fantastic opportunity to stop importing lots of our oil by reaching into our resources under ground. Who here agreed with Thatcher to close the coal mines in the 80’s? No-one. No one. Yet you would want them all closed now on environmental grounds. You would be outside Markham Main with placards calling for it I guarantee. You would be on the same side as Thatcher! Think about that. It was a filthy business I remember in my village the verges being filthy black from the coal dust and the taste of sulphur in a winters morning. Horrid and then we moved to “cleaner” gas : don’t forget these wells may be gas producing too. You have to be consistent and pragmatic. we just need to use more cleaner, easier to produce oil and stop supporting maniacs: Saudi Royals. Qataris, The Trumps.How many protests do we see by anti fracking protestors about Venezuelan (largest oil reserves in the world) environmental destruction or the destruction of land in the Canadian Oil Sands which is where they would have us keep paying billions every year to allow this!!!! Come on, the majority of oil is not used in vehicles so we still have a lot of years even if overnight everyone starts buying EVs….even then where does lithium and cobalt come for the batteries come from? Thats right…. great big open mines that destroy the environment. I have spent lots of my working life in environmental sealing, stoping emissions and pollution right across the world. Reducing water waste in the 3rd word.I am proud of that, I made some money and I invest in both pragmatic and idealistic solutions otherwise we are in danger of being idealist apologists for murders, dictators and destroyers of beautiful landscapes which would denigrate any ideal world that would come later. I still think the author of thos blog is doing a great job, top information and (almost) a fair hearing for the oil men and women.

    • ‘Anyway, we need to move away from sourcing our oil from OPEC and the US, even Norway’.

      Strange no mention of our mighty North Sea home grown oil and gas industry which employs 440,000 skilled workers. No mention of the 20 billion barrels we have left and all the proven infrastructure. No mention of the new proven developments and colossal seismic surveys. No mention of the production cost reductions.

  4. I suspect the investors (evil capitalists) will be absolutely devastated John to get “news” that Ruth states “side tracks are OFTEN drilled at this stage”. This well is at the flow testing stage. I have yet to see a flow testing exercise where such adjustments are not required in order to maximise the data that can be produced. This is what the investors want to see, and will also be quite happy to see a little drop in share price as they will buy more shares at discounted prices (many will be sitting on a 2-300%+ gain anyway)-you quote Angus, investors made 30% return yesterday on exactly that sort of effect.

    Nothing to cause any excitement.

    [Comment edited by moderator]

  5. Welcome Mr. M, but you will soon learn the rules.

    First, you have to accept being an evil capitalist because you actually have some money to invest. It really doesn’t matter how you earned that money but many of the foot soldiers are anti capitalists so it just has to be, otherwise they will find another cause.

    Secondly, you will also be a climate change “denier”. The wording is important because it has a subliminal link to the holocaust for many, and defines you in that sort of category.

    Thirdly, you will find many of those against these sort of developments are just back from overseas, having travelled by ‘plane and others who go from exploration site to exploration site in their diesel motors all desperate to tell us not to use fossil fuel. But then, many religions have told us not to do things for centuries, that you find out afterwards they enjoyed for themselves!

    And then, certainly not finally, but it will do, you will find the Diana Abbott economists who say there is no return for the companies exploring, they will all fail, as they have done worldwide, so basically, their objection is a blessing.

    Meanwhile, the oil tankers will keep sailing into Fawley from thousands of miles away. I am an optimist at heart but see the world oil price is firming related to N.Korea, gold doing the same and the stock market weakening. I suspect energy security/economics of energy supply will be re-focused over the next five years. It’s still possible to explore the vast underground caverns where oil was stored during the last war, because moving it across oceans became extremely difficult. Maybe a large underground sponge might now be the answer?

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