Protest update: 11-17 September 2017

170913 vigil Kirby Misperton Protection Camp 2

Vigil at Kirby Misperton, 13 September 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

In this week’s update on protests about fracking and the onshore oil and gas industry:

  • Estimated 700+ people march against INEOS plans in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire;
  • I am not a militant activist demonstration at Runcorn in Cheshire;
  • Community picnic against drilling near Surrey beauty spot;
  • Shadow Chancellor supports protesters at Preston New Road
  • Candlelit vigil at Kirby Misperton

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170916 No Fracking Day Caroline Hayward 3

No Fracking Day in north Derbyshire and south Yorkshire, 16 September 2017. Photo: Caroline Hayward

16 September 2017

No Fracking Day, Marsh Lane, Derbyshire

More than 700 people were reported to have marched on three routes to the village of Marsh Lane in north Derbyshire, where INEOS Upstream has applied for planning permission to carry out shale gas exploration.

The marchers from neighbouring Eckington, Mosborough and Coal Aston converged on a field next to the proposed drilling site on Bramleymoor Lane. The event was supported by at least eight anti-fracking groups across the area.

David Kesteven, Chair of Eckington Against Fracking, said:

“It was a fantastic turnout, a big thank you to everyone who took part.  The event showed this energy giant that Marsh Lane and the local community can successfully mobilise to give a clear message to INEOS that they are not welcome in Derbyshire or anywhere else in the country.”

More details

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“I am not a militant activist” demonstrationRuncorn, Cheshire

Members of Frack Free Dee and Frack Free Frodsham and Helsby and their local MP, Labour’s Mike Amesbury, took part in a demonstration to rebut what they said was INEOS’s representation of protesters.

170916 FFD and FFFH 14a

Demonstration outside the INEOS Rocksavage complex, 16 September 2017. Photo: Frack Free Frodsham and Helsby

The groups said:

“This demonstration was to counter INEOS’ recent media portrayal of anti-fracking campaigners as “militant activists”.  We wish to challenge this representation, and to raise awareness of INEOS’ interest in fracking in our area.”

Participants carried placards saying “I am not a militant activist, I am a [blank to fill in profession or relationship].”

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INEOS holds the exploration licence PEDL 145 covering Runcorn. There are also reports that fracking equipment is currently being stored at INEOS’s Rocksavage chemical complex in Runcorn. The campaign organisation, Frack Off, said during the summer there was enough equipment at the site to frack two separate production wells (link). The equipment had been acquired from a company in Poland, Frack Off said.

Leith Hill Community Picnic, Surrey

Opponents of oil exploration near the Leith Hill beauty spot, near Dorking in Surrey, gathered for a community picnic and photo call.

Europa Oil and Gas has planning permission for a well at the Bury Hill Wood site. It is currently waiting for agreement on its traffic management plan, which proposes to route heavy goods vehicles along a narrow, steep and banked lane.

170916 Leith Hill picnic Stuart Burch 1

Leith Hill community picnic, 16 September 2017. Photo: Stuart Burch

15 September 2017

Shadow Chancellor promises support to protesters at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site

170915 John McDonnell Refracktion1

John McDonnell at Preston New Road, 15 September 2017. Photo: Refracktion

The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, visited the protest at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site and promised protesters “all the support we possible can”.

Roseacre Awareness Group, which opposes Cuadrilla’s operation in the Fylde, said of Mr McDonnell:

“A  nice man who listened to all we had to say and was struck by our community spirit and determination to fight this industry. He reaffirmed Labour’s commitment to oppose fracking and he will be reporting back to Parliament.”

More details

13 September 2017

Candlelit vigil in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire

170913 Kirby Misperton Eddie thornton

Vigil at Kirby Misperton, 13 September 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

More than 200 people opposed to fracking for shale gas in the North Yorkshire village of Kirby Misperton gathered at the site entrance.

Earlier in the day police removed a small number of protesters in front of the entrance gate. More details

Women’s Call at Preston New Road, near Blackpool

A group of women gathered for a weekly march and silent protest outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton.

This is the eighth of these protests which the organisers say also aim to draw attention to what they call heavy-handed policing.

170913 pnr womens call Ros Wills

Women’s Call protest, Preston New Road, near Blackpool. Photo: Ros Wills


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  1. Amazing reporting thank you ‘Drill Or Drop’ – I was proud to be a part of the ‘NO FRACKING DAY’ walking with my children from Mosborough S20 to ‘the proposed drill site at ‘Bramleymoor’ Marsh Lane S21. To stand any chance of protecting the globe against climate change COUNTRIES LIKE OURS have got to DECARBONISE OUR ECONOMY and we CAN’T ALLOW FRACKING TO BRING A NEW GENERATION OF CARBON INTO OUR ATMOSPHERES AGAIN! – (The words of John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor of the Labour Party who would BAN FRACKING!) We were also supported by Lib Dem’s the Green Party and had objections from a Conservative MP!!! (This is not a political post – but this matter should be raised in parliament.) #WESAIDNO.

  2. PS The Conservative MP has objected to the plans for drilling at Bramleymoor S21 – this was a positive comment that may have read wrong.

  3. Hope all these protestors (Not many considering 65 million live in UK) do not need/use Gas/Oil/Petrol/Diesel/Trains/Planes/Heating/Cars etc. Clueless Hypocrites sadly! No research done on Fracking ! Hope they freeze during winter months with no gas heating turned on,after all they do not want gas it seems!

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