First arrests at N Yorks fracking site as protesters form “human blockade” in front of deliveries

170919 arrests and blockade KMPC4

Protest outside gates to Third Energy’s KM8 site, 19 September 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Two men were arrested this morning as anti-fracking campaigners gathered at the gates of Third Energy’s shale gas site in Kirby Misperton for the arrival of the first delivery vehicles.

About 50 police and 100 opponents of Third Energy’s plans to frack its KM8 well were outside the site.

The protesters said a line of people prevented access to the site for about half an hour.

A police statement said “several” protesters were moved away from the site entrance. A 69-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. He and a 33-year-old man were also arrested on suspicion of obstructing a police officer.

North Yorkshire Police later said the 69-year-old man accepted a caution for obstructing a police officer. The 33-year-old man was released with no further action.

170919 arrests KMPC1

Arrest outside Third Energy’s KM8 site, 19 September 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

The first deliveries to the site had been expected today after North Yorkshire County Council approved all the conditions of the company’s planning permission.

Work to frack and test the well cannot start until Third Energy has approval from the Environment Agency and Oil and Gas Authority for its hydraulic fracturing plan and final sign-off from the Business Secretary.

“Disproportionate force”

Monica Gripaios, from Hovingham, was among the protesters. She said:

“We came here to show our complete disapproval for fracking. The force used by the police was utterly disproportionate to the mood and actions of the peacefully assembled people’’.

170919 arrests and blockade KMPC2

Protest outside gates to Third Energy’s KM8 site, 19 September 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Kirby Misperton Protection Camp said in a press statement:

“Many of those present had never been on the frontline of any kind of protest before, nor had they been approached by the police in this manner.

“The force used caused a great deal of distress and marked an escalation in the policing tactics, on this, the first day of the work beginning. For the younger protectors, it was particular upsetting to see those of their parents and grandparents generations being man-handled by the police.”

One resident of the protection camp said:

‘’Today was the culmination of 9 months work and the entire community were united in peaceful protest. We will not accept this sacrifice to our way of life. We will continue to protect our countryside and our democracy; one in which the will of the people is heard.”

170919 arrests and blockade KMPC5

North Yorkshire Police at Kirby Misperton and (front) the clown “Odius Gitt”, 19 September 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

“Police carry out duties impartially”

Earlier today, Superintendent Alisdair Dey, of North Yorkshire Police,  said:

“We know that there are very different views about hydraulic fracturing, but as the local police, our responsibility is to carry out our duties impartially.

“We have a duty to make sure that people who want to assemble and protest do so safely, balanced against a duty to ensure that businesses can go about their lawful commercial activity.

“Police liaison officers have been engaging with the protest community, and will continue to do so, explaining what is acceptable in terms of safety and reasonableness.”

At about 5pm, the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp reported that another delivery was trying to enter the site and protesters remained at the site. The police confirmed that a 23-year-old man was arrested. He later accepted a caution for obstructing the highway.

In a later statement, Superintendent Lindsey Robson said:

“We’ll continue to take a neighbourhood policing approach to protests – that means we will talk to people, to explain what is acceptable in terms of safety and reasonableness and ask them to work with us to make this a safe and peaceful protest. We would rather talk to people and persuade them to move than have to make arrests”.


Eddie Thornton, the 33-year-old man who was arrested this morning and later released without any further action, said:

”An officer made the serious allegation that I had tried to steal his pepper spray. After reviewing the evidence North Yorkshire police have chosen to take no further action. I feel vindicated and will join my community in peaceful protest again tomorrow.”

Bob Gripaios, who was released with a caution, said:

“I have never broken the law in all my 69 years but I love Ryedale and I feel I need to protect it. The only avenue left open to us now is this protest campaign, however I would never harm anyone”.

James Mason, from York, who was attested later in the day, was released at 11pm with a caution. He said:

“It’s a shame that it has to come to this but I feel it’s my duty to be on the front line of this protest in support of my community.”


170919 arrests and blockade KMPC6

Police operation outside gates to Third Energy’s KM8 site, 19 September 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Updated 20/9/2017 with quotes and information from the police on cautions


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  1. I am sure Mr. Ratcliffe is very worried you are unable to support his project. But then as you have not researched his project very well, he will hope you may change your mind if and when you have. (see engine types planned, markets targeted.)

    Just on the subject of UK electric cars, you might like to consider the re-sale problem with those currently. All I can advise, is if you want one, do not purchase, but lease. The depreciation is horrific based on simple economics that today’s electric car will be museum fodder in a matter of a few years, or less. Another little elephant that “greens” and governments seem to have ignored, and once again we see too much haste catching out the unwary. Remember the Labour push towards diesel.
    (I have a leased hybrid, but under a year. Needs to be 6 months plus to be able to apply for the Homecharge scheme.)

    I only added on this point as it again demonstrates the importance of doing some research.

    • I’m sure Mr R does not give a flying duck that I do not support his games. I will not change my mind.

      Electric car technology is still being developed. I would say in your case, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. There are pros and cons particularly about the current generation of the electricity for these vehicles and the costs to the planet to produce new cars. Bur we have been there already with this debate.

      Research is what I do. It’s how you interpret the results that makes the difference 🙂

  2. It’s a “game” now is it? Well, in most games you really do need to know what the game is, otherwise you could get snookered. If you do research how come you are unaware that one of the models Ineos have planned is electric? (Can’t see it will be a big seller in the markets they are targeting but it covers all the bases.)

    I know this is a minor deviation from the bigger picture but it has enabled me to determine a few things. Thanks.

    • As usual you have missed the point MC. Here are a couple more things for you to determine.
      Money well spent = development of a car for all.
      Money invested for self gratification and elitism = your own money, not that of tax payers.
      These people have played you for sure if you believe the pretty pictures and the marketing hype; oh wait, you are a ‘marketeer,’ yawn…..

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