Women chain themselves to Tory HQ railings in Yorkshire fracking protest

1711106 Pickering Con Club KMPC2

Anti-fracking protest outside Conservative headquarters in Pickering, 6 November 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Two women chained themselves to railings outside a Conservative Party building in Pickering this morning in protest at Third Energy’s plans to frack in the area.

In a suffragette-style protest, the women wore yellow sashes reading Ban Fracking #WeSaidNo.

They were later joined by other local women in a protest outside the Pickering branch of Barclays Bank, which owns 97% of Third Energy.

1711106 Pickering Con Club KMPC1

Anti-fracking protest outside Conservative headquarters in Pickering, 6 November 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

1711106 Pickering Barclays KMPC1

Anti-fracking protest outside Barclays Bank in Pickering, 6 November 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

The Energy Department has yet to grant Third Energy final permission to frack its KM8 well at Kirby Misperton, between Pickering and Malton. But the company is thought be ready to begin the process as soon as consent is granted.

Kevin Hollinrake, the Conservative MP whose constituency includes Kirby Misperton, has said he would call for a moratorium on fracking if it could not be “carried out whilst staying inside acceptable environmental limits”.

A spokesperson for the protesters said:

“The Suffragettes had to battle for the most basic rights. We are determined to fight with the same dogged determination for our right to clean water and air.

“We will continue until our government listens to our voices. Every time we complain of poor practice or planning breaches we are told that fracking is safe, and we have gold standard regulation. This is simply not what we are witnessing.”

Last week, analysis commissioned by Friends of the Earth concluded that Third Energy had not properly carried out monitoring required at the KM8 site before fracking could take place (DrillOrDrop report).

The analysis said there were inexplicable levels of methane in the Corallian aquifer and it pointed to a failure of some monitoring to measure methane or to meet environmental permit requirements.

One of the women taking part in today’s protest said:

“These problems have not been reported, we have had to investigate to uncover them. How can we trust these unaccountable, off-shore companies, or Mr Hollinrake to keep us safe?”

This morning Times newspaper picked up a story, previously reported by DrillOrDrop on 13 October 2017, that Third Energy was late fling its annual accounts.

Barclays confirmed at its annual meeting in May 2017 that it was planning to sell its stake in Third Energy. But it said it was in no hurry to divest itself of the company.

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  1. We see martin precisely why breaches and failures tp comply with regulations on fracking and the related avoidance of the term activities at sites occur don’t we?
    It is precisely this attitude that nothing that might challenge the comfort blankets of the industry are even acknowledged to exist, let alone acted upon.

    I do enjoy these little tet a tets we have martin!

    Such fun!

    • Can someone explain to me why it is The Energy Department who has to grant Third Energy final permission to frack its KM8 well at Kirby Misperton, ‘ when the planning committee were not allowed to discuss this only the exploratory drilling? Why is this not put to planning???

      • Its standard governmental departmental division tactics 38degrees Skipton, the idea is to logic chop the whole issue down into individually manageable bits and isolate and suppress each stage with a limited and unprepared agenda and no one department section gets to decide or even see the results of the whole picture. This is the way the military work, its called compartmentalisation.

        That way only a hand picked oversight committee all ready prepared to wave it through get to see all the individual bits and choose whether to include or exclude the bits that do or don’t fit the required predetermined answer.

        Hey Presto! No unfortunate issues raise their ugly heads and the government gets the answer they want.

        its not democracy, its kakastocricy (rule by kak)

  2. Really surprised refracktion these ladies were not off to Kerpen, to join the 2500 protestors battling riot police against Germany reverting to coal to replace nuclear so that 40% of their electricity is produced from coal. Now, that’s what I call a protest! Yet we are continually reminded how Yorkshire, as a whole, is so against fracking! Doesn’t really look like it.

    Sorry, I can not take these sort of activities too seriously. Protests by a couple of ladies to prevent an existing site producing a little more gas, when the UK will be continuing and increasing gas usage for many years to come.

    • Those words sound like those male self satisfied inertial recidivists 100 years ago martin, look what happened to their ignorance of the force of nature then.
      Such fun!

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