INEOS second shale gas application for Marsh Lane “unnecessary burden on the public” – Derbyshire official

Notice at Marsh Lane 170426 DoD

Opposition to INEOS’s shale gas plans at Marsh Lane, Derbyshire. Photo: DrillOrDrop

A senior official in Derbyshire is recommending that the county council does not deal with a second identical shale gas application from INEOS for a proposed site at the village of Marsh Lane.

The company submitted plans in May 2017 for a 60m rig to drill to a depth of about 2,400 metres to investigate the suitability of the shale rock for fracking.

In November 2017, INEOS announced it was appealing to the Planning Inspectorate. It said no decision on the application had been made in “reasonable time” and it could not “wait indefinitely” (DrillOrDrop report). This application will now be decided at a public inquiry.

But in December 2017 the company submitted a duplicate application to the county council for the same development at the same site.

Mike Ashworth, Derbyshire’s senior officer responsible for planning, is now advising county councillors against dealing with this new application. The council’s planning committee will meet on Monday 29 January to discuss the issue. Link to meeting agenda

Councils have a right under Section 43 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 to refuse to process so-called twin-track applications.

Developers reportedly use the practice of twin-tracking to force planning authorities to approve one of the applications in order to avoid the resources involved in an appeal.

But Mr Ashworth said in a statement:

“It seems to us that there is nothing to be gained from dealing with this repeat application when an appeal process for the proposal is ongoing.

“We feel it would be confusing and an unnecessary burden on the public to invite comments again on exactly the same proposal.”

The estimated cost of processing the first application has already reached around £100,000, according to the county council. INEOS paid the nationally-set fee of £8,000 on the first application and there is no fee for a second application, the council added.

Mr Ashworth, Strategic Director for Economy, Transport and Environment, said:

“The Planning Committee has to assess whether this is a good use of public money given that the second application is for identical development to the first.

“By processing the second application, the county council would have all the associated costs of repeating the public consultation and its dealings with other official bodies.”

He added:

“We still prefer these planning decisions to stay at the local county level and stand by our actions to carry out thorough and robust public consultation about the proposal last year.

“But INEOS took this matter out of our hands when they referred their application to the Planning Inspectorate. We will be pressing for the public inquiry into this application to be held as soon as possible.”

A council spokesperson said all the original comments made to the county council during the public consultation had been sent to the Planning Inspectorate. All views expressed so far could be taken into account for the public inquiry. This is expected to be held later this this year.

A later meeting of Derbyshire’s planning committee, on Monday 5 February, will decide what stand the council will take at the inquiry. This meeting will consider a planners’ report, which will include summaries of the comments received from the public last year.


Duplicate application, received by Derbyshire County Council 18 December 2017, reference CM4/1217/72

Original application, received by Derbyshire County Council 8 May 2017, reference CM4/0517/10

INEOS appeal to the Planning Inspectorate dated 6 December 2017, reference APP/U1050/W/17/3190838

DrillOrDrop post on details of original application

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  1. No wonder Derbyshire is falling on it’s ****. Time to get a few of these stupid planning laws changed to help business move fwd.
    Ppl wonder why our NHS etc is failing, it’s because this country has poor leadership in making tough decisions. Stop listening to the babbling lefties.

    • Sorry GBK, the NHS is failing due to money being diverted into the ‘racketeer’ businesses and ponzi schemes being propped up by the state together with bogus ‘UK’ companies registered in offshore tax havens not paying in their (£540) millions in taxes.

      Think that moonshine has fried the brain and caused that very sad condition, living in ‘la la land’….

      • Sher we have discussed taxation before my old aged anti capitalist and we came to agree on certain flaws within the system. The world is a big scary place for a lot of people but don’t worry people like me are actually sticking up for you when it comes to an unfair tax system. Do you think I like having to pay corporation tax when my competitors don’t?

        • No GBK, I don’t suppose you do…no one likes to be treated unfairly, it’s what you do about it that makes the difference; actions speak louder than words.

          The world is not at all scary, it’s challenging. Don’t worry, I am very able to stick up for myself, thanks 🙂

  2. So, they didn’t deal with the first application and are now recommending they don’t deal with the second! Seems an awful lot of effort being expended to avoid doing their job. Sometimes, it might be quicker, easier and cheaper just to do it. But that would mean taking a contentious decision.
    Me thinks some parties would quite like this taken out of their hands, and are doing their best to make sure it is.

  3. It really is time that nationally important decisions were taken away from, nimby influenced local councils anyway. Local councils have enough to deal with local issues. Issues that are WAY beyond the scope of a council i importance need to be elevated to government minister level where they (should) get proper attention against the national interest and not just in the interest of a few nimbys.

    • ‘and not just in the interest of a few nimbys’
      I hope you include yourself in this description FB as it is clearly not happening in your backyard.

      Now, back to the adult conversation….

      Here’s a proposal for all.

      Put up as many of the biggest wind turbines you can offshore asap; using fossil fuel wisely instead of it going up in smoke so some dude can walk around the house in winter in shorts . That should keep both sides happy in the short term.

      In the next five years, cover every available roof in the UK with solar panels/tiles also predominantly made with fossil fuel for now; excess generation into house batteries then the grid. That should be a good mid term investment for wanabees and pensioners.

      Instead of just student loans, give all over 18s the right to borrow from the state to fund clean energy generation for electric cars and house generation/storage. Same terms as student loans.

      Using current technology plug in and smart charge house batteries/cars at peak clean energy generation; minimum top ups from other sources for essential services if required.

      Ban plastic by 2025 except for clinical use and essential products with no alternative available. All must be 100% recyclable.

      And the result?
      A massive and sustained reduction in pollution and carbon emissions.
      A clean ocean with edible fish. Consumers buying food not oil.
      UK generated power, self-sufficiency whist minimizing any damage to the environment; no more oil wars.
      Individuals choosing their own path and not dictated to by bankers and energy companies.
      Sensible investors with safe returns for their old age pension.
      Jobs and service industries creating UK REAL employment in well paid and interesting professions.

      Sounds like a plan.

    • 100%, however this current Tory government is weak af, need a far more robust leader at the helm. The issue is I cannot find one that would be remotely suitable at present. This is what happens when the opposition are a bunch of clowns, there is no competition.

  4. “give all over 18s the right to borrow from the state”….

    I gave up at that point. Obviously someone who is ageist, and lives in a certain part of S. America!

    If that is a plan I will build my next house of straw, on sand.

    The state has no money. It is the tax payers money or borrowed money.

    Absolute lala land. 5.28pm-bit early for the pub’s influence.

    Sounds like delusion. Does this person not realise if anyone wants to borrow money, they have to be able to show they can pay it back and the interest rates will depend on the security of that prospect. Bit like the Labour Party “researching” what to do in the case of a run on the £ and capital flight. Has anyone heard what the answer is???? Of course they haven’t, because the answer is everyone (other than the wealthy) are s*****d, and the least well off, the most.

    Just surprised water conservation was missing, that we should all be sitting on our sawdust filled latrines being excited by the Guardian, having an “adult” conversation with our neighbour.

    But, thanks for the entertainment.

    • That’s a bit funny Martin, pleased you find it entertaining, as currently thousands of young people are taking on massive debt to gain a piece of paper which, more than not, does not lead to the house in every country, Aston Martin and the ‘life of Riley’ promised by the current governance. It is not means tested, interest rates are linked to the fictitious RPI, not risk assessed. Most will never pay theirs back as currently have to earn £21,000 or more – have you looked at the job’s market recently? – tax payers down again……Now that’s la la land.

      If you had bothered to read the post properly you would have there was even a gain for you, two in fact, without having to resort to trashing the planet; perhaps you did read it and don’t give a crap on a sawdust filled latrine?

      GBK, thanks for the compliment; ‘out there’ is good; it’s what keeps the wise in homo ‘sapiens’, and keep those in check who are ‘pooping in our own water’.

      Send in the clowns, much better option than the gollums 😉

  5. Perhaps Sherwulfe, if youngsters were not pressured into going to university from the education “mafia”, which was started to reduce the unemployment statistics and is now to support the huge salaries within expanded universities, and were helped into other forms of further education they would find they could get into employment a lot quicker, and many of them would be earning something during their further education.
    University has really been downgraded if a graduate is unable to earn £21,000 a year. How much does a nurse earn now, or someone within the armed forces? I think you will find both areas, and many more, are crying out for extra people, but it seems performing arts degrees are not a good route to those jobs.

    If our industrial output amounted to a bit more than 10% of GDP there would also be more employment opportunities in well paid jobs. Ahh, but you want to limit that, don’t you. Interesting to see yesterday Mr. Musk demonstrating where the ban fossil fuel brigade will see the money end up. Just another gravy train-but electric.

    • ‘Ahh, but you want to limit that, don’t you’ and why would you make this presumption… not reading the post again MC, go back and read it properly this time; sigh.

      ‘How much does a nurse earn now, or someone within the armed forces?’ – take a look for yourself, not being able to fill vacancies usually means the pay is rubbish for the job offered, otherwise we would have full employment; simples.

      ‘Just another gravy train-but electric’ well blow me down with a feather; it seems there’s a good investment opportunity right there.

  6. Well, as nurses now are graduates, your dartboard approach falls down. (A little move by Labour to get the NHS vote. Doctors got their bung too.)

    There are over 800k vacancies and highest employment ever in UKs history-data released today. Dyson having to set up his own engineering university as he has little time for performing arts graduates. As you are keen on plans, why not introduce a scaled fee for university education, where key skills graduates actually pay less in respect of graduate fees?

    I thought you were in the gang who advised against companies who were not making a return? Thought they were all Ponzi schemes?

    • ‘I thought you were in the gang who advised against companies who were not making a return? Thought they were all Ponzi schemes?’ you will have to explain this a little more in the context of the post, the statement makes no sense.

      As students are responsible for paying their own way through uni then it is their right to choose which degree they take. If industry wants a specific skill base they will have to dig on their pockets or suffer the skills shortage. Pay your taxes or pay the fees, the choice is theirs.

      ‘why not introduce a scaled fee for university education; yes this was proposed by the Labour government, but sadly the ‘charities’ called universities prefer to rip off students with inflated fees to build more ’70 million pound’ state of the art buildings; getting together to create a closed market where one will not undercut another, or fee ‘rigging’ in layman’s terms.

      Experienced nurses are being offered £21,909 with overseas candidates without IELTS £16800. Al this for responsibility for peoples lives, shift work and with depleted teams meaning extra workload. Nurses leaving in droves; not going to pay off the student loan when it’s better for your wellbeing to work on the till in a supermarket…..

  7. Try doing a little more Giggling regarding Mr. Musk. I’m surprised you would need to as there have been posters on here recently cautioning against being bewildered between promise and delivery.

    Many students do NOT pay their own way through university. If you have to change the facts to suit your argument then all that is left is to join the Guild of the anti frackers!

    • ‘Many students do NOT pay their own way through university.’ you need to elaborate on that MC and explain the purpose of the Student Loan Company whilst you’re at it.

      You could be referring to the new apprenticeship scheme where young people work for peanuts in return for fees being paid (less tax relief and grants from the Govt) ? Then clearly you do not understand the system.

      You may of course be referring to the privately educated offspring of directors of offshore companies who pay their own fees from the extra profit and bonuses created from not paying UK taxes?

      Facts are facts. You have to know them to understand them. Clearly not a strength of yours?

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