Senior officers to consult public on anti-fracking protest policing

10th Mar 2017 (20 police line up)

Police outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site, near Blackpool

The police monitoring group, Netpol, is claiming victory after senior officers agreed to a consultation on changes to guidance on policing anti-fracking protests.

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has reversed its position on consulting the public after Netpol delivered a petition signed by more than 1,200 people.

This called on officers to listen and consult meaningfully with the anti-fracking movement on the way future protests are policed.

Netpol also asked for online questions on the NPCC website, a reasonable consultation deadline and a single point of contact for submissions.

The campaign group said that within hours of the petition’s delivery, the NPCC’s Lead on Shale Gas and Oil Exploration, Lancashire Assistant Chief Constable Terry Woods, said “having had time to reflect”, he had decided to undertake wider public consultation.

Netpol has monitored anti-fracking protests since 2014. Its most recent report, Protecting the Planet is not a crime documented concerns, including allegations of aggressive and disproportionate policing.

The group said Assistant Chief Constable Woods has indicated that after discussions with the NPCC and the College of Policing, campaigners will see a plan for the consultation later this month, along with further details of its remit.

Netpol said:

“We plan to help coordinate submissions to the review to ensure that many of the complaints, concerns and negative experiences about police misconduct that protesters have told us about over the last two years are reflected in testimony to the NPCC consultation.

“This is an opportunity to place more pressure on the national bodies for British policing to start listening to campaigners. It is a chance, too, to insist the NPCC makes significant changes to the advice it gives to local police commanders facing sustained opposition to the onshore oil and gas industry.”

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  1. Nice to know that you’ve a soft side Martin. Did I ever suggest that supporting unconventional oil & gas extraction implies a disregard for wildlife? That’s one amazing dog you’ve got there. Never known one care for birds (RIP the chicken). I’ve just asked the two admin people who are working with me at present if they’ve any idea what they feel about unconventional oil & gas extraction. They’ve no idea. Should I ask the staff at the supermarket when I pop out for lunch? My guess would be that pretty much everyone on the other hand has a view about Brexit. Pope seems like a fairly nice feller. Happy that we’re unlikely to be upsetting him.

  2. Ahh, but you ruined it with the unconventional bit, Jonathan. Would you ask them how they felt about similar “unconventional” water extraction?
    Yes, unconventional in terms of gas and fracking, but that’s not UKOG. In terms of unconventional and gas, many will certainly be awaiting to see if there is a benefit to them. Speculation and fabrication about that will have already been overlooked and they await real data.

    I don’t know how your two admin people travel, but I suspect if they use public transport they will already be using oil refined locally, either from UK on-shore or imported. If they enjoy the use of a computer they will be tapping away on a plastic keyboard, probably not realising that comes from oil. But, try taking it away from them and I suspect the Pope would not be happy with their reply.

    My dog is very fond of chickens. He had a severe case of pancreatitis eighteen months ago and so his diet is now pretty controlled, and low fat.

    Sparrow Hawk has gone now. Hoping he has recovered and flown off, but I will check under car/shrubs to make sure, and then start some gardening if I know I won’t be disturbing him (dog has to join in with gardening.)

  3. It seems UKOK cant raise so much as a sniff or a whiff at Broadford Bridge, in spite of great claims and predictions and arguments between operators, another ignominious retreat to add to the litany of defeat in the face of complex UK geology and operator incompetence.
    Dear dear, how sad, never mind.

      • Police abuse of process recorded at Mission Springs:

        ( )

        Whether this is just apparent ignorance of the correct legal procedure process or direct and deliberate abuse of known procedure will no doubt be decided when these “wrongful arrests” are dropped without charge?

        Another one for the NPCC and the injunction courts to deliberate just who it is that incites a breach of the peace?

        Clearly the question arises, are the police now acting outside the law and abusing their position on behalf of the corporate operators?

        • Well well, it seems that intimidation and being economical with the truth are also part of the Nottinghamshire police remit in regard to the Mission Springs protest?

          ( )

          We really have to seriously consider just what corporate agenda it is that the police are actually working under now?

          Who actually pays for these acts of breach of process and gross intimidation with policing behaviour today?

          We do, the British tax payer, not offshore tax haven based and controlled corporate invaders apparently openly sanctioned by our wonderful government.

  4. My big concerns about the policing of PNR protesting and subsequent legal action is that provocation and needless force against peaceful protestors seems to be the norm accompanied by false testimony which amounts to perjury!
    Fortunately the court saw through the lies and Not Guilty verdicts were returned in the cases I witnessed but why weren’t perjury charges brought?

    The targeted arrest of a lady just discharged from hospital following brain surgery and the violent assault on a crippled elderly gentleman turned my stomach and just driving along and crossing paths with any policeman makes me snarl with disdain!
    Well done Lancashire Constabulary, you are a disgrace!

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