Details confirmed for inquiry into INEOS Derbyshire shale gas plans

Notice at Marsh Lane 170426 DoD

Opposition to INEOS plans at Marsh Lane. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The public inquiry into proposals by INEOS Upstream to explore for shale gas near the village of Marsh Lane will be held in Chesterfield, Derbyshire County Council confirmed today.

The inquiry, headed by a government-appointed inspector, will decide whether INEOS should be granted planning permission to drill and test a shale gas well on land off Bramleymoor Lane.

This is the first planning application for shale gas exploration in Derbyshire.

INEOS wants to use a rig, up to 60m tall, to drill the 2,400m well to investigate the suitability of the shale rocks for fracking.

The public inquiry is due to start at 10am on 19 June 2018 at the Market Hall, Assembly Rooms, Soresby Street, in Chesterfield.

The hearing is scheduled to last about eight days and is expected to hear evidence from the company, Derbyshire County Council and local residents.

On 5 February 2018, the council’s planning committee voted by 9 to 1 to oppose the application at the inquiry, despite a recommendation by officers to support it.

Anyone can attend the inquiry. People who wish to give evidence should attend on the first day to make this known.

The council said more details about the inquiry arrangements would be posted online at in the coming months.

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  1. “give evidence” aka Google ‘facts’ .
    Won’t be following the updates this time as I start to forget that the antis are actually a tiny insignificant minority and depression sets in before getting back into the real world.
    I’d suggest if you want the afternoon off Ruth you simply copy and paste the updates from last hearing, the antis won’t notice!

  2. Eight days, six months of delay, very large legal fees. This is going to cost someone a lot!

    No new car factory for Derbyshire, then.

    • Dear oh dear you frack earth guys just don’t get it do you? The art of living emotionally intelligently is to understand the truth about everything and treat everything and everyone with kindness and respect.

      What you both display here is just how desperate you are to hurt anyone and anything to try and justify such a hateful point of view as you do.

      It does not work though, we just laugh at such weak attempts.

      The earth is not an unconscious and unintelligent freebee unlimited resource to be ripped off and raped without mercy whenever it suites you.
      People are not a freebee unlimited resource to be ripped off and made fools and slaves of just to bolster your ego and fill the empty aching hole in your souls.

      This empty epithet laden name calling derog a tory labels you fling around so readily only go to prove just how empty all that bluster and hate is to attempt to cover up the simple fact you are not at peace with the universe, the earth and yourselves.

      You are surrounded by friends not enemies, build peace and friendship and that will be reflected back to you. Build hatred and enemies and that will be reflected back to you.

      Make the choice to make friends not enemies.

      Even trackers must have friends and if not, there are plenty of people here you could try it out with?

    • What new car factory are we talking about Martin ????

      We can be certain your NOT talking about Jim Ratcliffes ( Ineos ) idea of a car factory……. BECAUSE in his OWN words he set out what would be required to make this a reality in the UK and it had NOTHING to do with Fracking ..

      Below is what Mr Ratcliffe actually said ,

      Billionaire Ineos founder reveals plans to produce his ‘son of Land Rover Defender’

  3. If you used a little experience and common sense instead of Giggle, Jack, you may not be surprised at what happens. How many International Companies have you worked for that are looking to invest in new projects? Not too many by your comments, but perhaps you have and just want to deflect? (Like the Corbyn hat! That’s probably on Giggle by now.)

    Any business, with the flexibility to do so, will invest in those areas that supply the best support-not just for that project, but also for their business as a whole. Scotland could be about to find that out, and some English counties may follow.


      You can try and twist the words all you want, but Mr Ratcliffes ( Ineos ) words are quite clear….

      Fracking, or not Fracking in the UK has NOTHING to do with the reasons why Mr Ratcliffe , will or will not choose the UK for any possible future car factory ..( Please read the interview in the above link.)

      NOW IF YOU are a personal friend of Mr Ratcliffe and have some inside knowledge as to what he is really thinking, then please share it with us ..

  4. Corbyn’s hat. Doesn’t hide the Emperor’ s New Clothes are missing. All grist to the mill, but fails the common sense test.

    If the planning process has been utilised to stall one of INEOS’s projects, why would INEOS rely upon it again, so soon? The text of that meeting is open to you to check through Jack. Having experienced that nonsense, why would anyone rush to do it when the factory can be placed anywhere, where the nonsense would not occur?

    I would check out how INEOS managed to revitalise Grangemouth. I think you will find it was made very clear that investment would not be made without support to make that investment successful. But I’m sure you will wish to continue to argue the opposite, I simply can not see who would find it plausible.

    • ‘Doesn’t hide the Emperor’ s New Clothes are missing’ you keep pinching phrases MC, can’t you come up with any of your own?
      I think YOU should check how INEOS managed to ‘revitalise’ Grangemouth……

  5. Martin

    I invite ALL to read the words of Jim Ratcliffe ( Ineos ) in the above link to see if there is any hint of Fracking in the UK playing any part in his decision as to where in the world he sites any new possible car manufacturing plant….

    Unless YOU MARTIN, are speaking in an official capacity for Mr Him Ratcliffe , then what we will all assume, is what you say is just pure speculation and fantasy on your part , backed up with sweet nothing .

    WELL MARTIN, DO YOU speak for Mr Ratcliffe ??

    Mr Ratcliffe ( Ineos ) makes his position on whats affecting his decision CRYSTAL CLEAR…. What is so difficult to understand about that ??

    There’s an old saying Martin ,” As One Door Closes Another One Opens” ……. As Fracking is kicked in to the long grass and rejected , maybe funding and assistance will be provided to help build his car manufacturing plant in the UK.

    One last thing, what’s all this anti, Jeremy Corbyn ??? Your really hung up on this guy , what’s it all about ??

  6. Not anti JC at all, more amused. I just recognise him as a person of low intelligence, slow mental ability (watch him in PMQs) and, apart from his rant that he has been churning out for 30 years unchanged, someone who is focused upon other people paying more tax whilst he is fined for late completion of his tax return, moans about controlling Russian money in London whilst he buys his Arsenal FC season ticket. Emperors New Clothes just about sums it up, IMO.

    Assume as much as you like Jack-my old saying states it will make an ASS out of U, not out of ME. Your old saying is nonsense. The timelines, apart from anything else, don’t match. But keep on digging-Jim might give you employment.

    You are quoting a reference from a newspaper. Are you that sure it is accurate? You must be, as Jim hasn’t confided in you either. Building on sand.

  7. Actually Sherwulfe I am well aware of that. I don’t need to check, and whilst I know he upset a few who wanted the status quo to continue-even though the status quo was financial suicide-those Iocals I discussed it with at the time, were extremely supportive, having seen the impact of a spiral of decline within the area and could identify what it would be like if the plug was finally pulled. Just a shame Gordon Brown gave him little support in keeping the place running, and eventually, re-financed, and then lost out as a result. Perhaps he was more focused on flogging off the gold reserves?

  8. Customers-and friends, Sherwulfe, who had relatives and friends working at Grangemouth, and others, relying upon the money being spent within the local community from Grangemouth. Not a strange concept, you can Giggle the % of Scottish GDP that site represents if you want to.

    I told you, Jack-amusement. I don’t suffer from bitterness, and IMO if I did, that gentleman wouldn’t justify it. Perhaps a little pity, as the Salisbury incident has exposed him to proper scrutiny, and the attempts to find a fig leaf have failed. There will be further situations over the next few years where the same happens-that is the world we live in-and his own MPs will finally round on him as the Remainer voters start to drift away. He will end up recorded as the Boaty MacBoatface of British politics. His stance on fracking (which is variable) is of no relevance. He is not able to prevent it whilst in opposition. His biggest problem is surviving until the next election within an intact party.

    • Strange how your “amusement” is indistinguishable from bitterness?
      Perhaps May and Johsons overt “Russophibia” will show themselves to be little more than a Thatcherite attempt at Falklandising” to bolster the massive desertion rate from their own waywardly DUP propped up weak coalition?
      Provide the evidence that the nerve agent was indeed Russian sourced, but even that won’t prove Russian involvement since the information and the materials have been widely available since the break up of the Soviet Union.
      Where could it have come from? Well who knows but the Russophobia and circumstantial accusations prove nothing other than politics is a filthy game played by filthy people for filthy gain and political leverage.
      Nothing more.
      Not Very Nice Try at political scapegoat fear mongering and conspiracy theory.

      No sale.

      No cigar.

      • MARTIN ,

        I’ m not going to fall for your diversionary tactics and be drawn away from the real topics of this forum.

        I suggest others do the same…… REMEMBER there are PR companies who will benefit from knowing your political persuasion . ( let’s not forget Cambridge Analytica )

        For all concerned , this is NO indication as to which way I vote , BUT TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT and help my friend Martin , I will present the following.

        PLease let me help you understand some things a little better Martin ….. Firstly, I advise you to watch Prime Minister’s Questions, shown midday, a week last Wednesday….
        ( Regarding the Salisbury Poisoning Incident.)

        As there was NO PROOF as to WHO was responsible, Jeremy Corbyns questions to the Prime Minister were all centred around the need for PROOF and firm evidence of Russian involvement , before jumping to WRONG conclusions and taking further action …. That has always been his stance on the matter .

        This does not show any Pro Russian stance, weakness , unsympathetic feelings or bad judgment on his part .

        OR does it Martin , PLEASE ANSWER ????

        When we take note of war in Iraq and Lybia , please explain to us all on here, why his approach on the matter is so wrong ????

        • My position on the Salisbury Poisoning is simple …….

          On presentation of undeniable, unquestionable , concrete evidence as to who the perpetrators were .. I will fully support my government in whatever steps it sees fit to take, to bring these evil monsters to justice .

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