Fracking lorry protest ends after 24 hours

180326 Lorry Surfing Ros Wills1

Lorry surfing protest at Forton motorway services on the M6, 26 March 2018. Photo: Ros Wills

A woman who spent 24 hours on a lorry delivering equipment to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool came down at about 10pm last night.

The protest began on Sunday evening when the lorry was parked at motorway services at Forton on the A6 between Lancaster and Preston.

The woman, who spent a night and the following day on the cab roof, said she was “a bit cold” and “sorry to come down”.

Another woman, who locked herself to equipment on the lorry’s trailer, came off at about 1pm yesterday afternoon.

Both were arrested and charged under the Trades Union and Labour Relations Consolidation Act. They are due to appear at Preston Magistrates Court on 25 April 2018.


Lock-on protest

180326 lock on Gt Yarmouth Scott Breen 2

Lock-on protest at Great Yarmouth, 26 March 2018. Photo: Still from video by Scott Breen

180326 lock on Gt Yarmouth Morgan Marshall1

Lock-on protest at Great Yarmouth, 26 March 2018. Photo: Still from video by Morgan Marshall

Two women locked themselves together outside the depot of the haulage company, AMPS, in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk yesterday.

The action blocked the entrance and prevented lorries leaving and entering the depot.

Anti-fracking campaigners said they believed the company was transporting equipment to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool.

The protest ended when the woman, whose arms were locked inside a tube, walked away from the entrance.

DrillOrDrop understands they were not arrested.





Updated 29/3/2018 to correct duration of the protest from 12 to 24 hours in the headline and first paragraph 


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  1. Wander on Dutchman. Plenty of contractors available, some even with clean wheels. Meanwhile, the drill keeps on turning, the antis keep on looking for something to do to excite each other. So much energy expended they will be destroying the Paris Accord!
    Kisheny-don’t worry about Sherwulfe and his hope that a lawful activity will be overturned when over two thirds of those surveyed indicated they were not against fracking-even BEFORE financial benefits have been established. Fake news and fake statistics is what the antis rely upon now, and treat their more informed antis with contempt by repeating the mantra. Must have their channels stuck on RT.

    Meanwhile, ” The NT has backed down in a row…”

    “This is a victory for good sense.”

    No-not with INEOS, but probably a rehearsal. So much for the pedestal!

    • Still feeding off the Beast from the East while the Beast from the South East is stamping her little foot at the Beast from the Far North east?

      Thoroughly exploited of course by the Beasts with the Leasts i see?

      As MerCaptain Jack Frack Sparrow would say…….

      Hello Beastie!

    • ‘Kisheny-don’t worry about Sherwulfe and his hope that a lawful activity will be overturned when over two thirds of those surveyed indicated they were not against fracking-even BEFORE financial benefits have been established.’-

      No. DO worry because 84% do not support shale particularly as the financial benefits have been shown to not exist.
      The only record stuck here is yours MC – hah the irony of the letters of a name…..

    • Hello Martin ,

      I can’t find any reference to the National Trust ” backing down ” .
      What exactly have they backed down on ?

      Please explain exactly what is wrong with the RT channel ?
      Anyone with more than two brain cells in their head, living in the UK, can’t help but notice heavily biased reporting on certain topics by our mainstream media. That may be the reason why so many people choose to source their information from other news outlets like , RT.

      As far as the financial incentives go for Fracking and on the topic of FAKE NEWS. Some Pro Frackers are so desperate to talk up the industry to recoup their loses , their imaginations are beginning to run wild, reaching out to new boudaries in the realms of fantasy …………… ( J K Rowling , eat your heart out )

      1 ) HOUSE PRICES DOUBLE. Lancashire house price growth outpaces London.

      ( 2 ) JOBS BONANZA , People swarm to the area of Lancashire PNR . It has been said to be on a par to the great US Klondyke Gold rush of 1896 .

      ( 3 ) TRAVEL AGENTS report a steep increase in bookings for luxury holiday destinations…. . STOP PRESS BOOKINGS for Monaco and Seychelles SOLD OUT …

      LET’S NOW COME BACK DOWN TO EARTH ….. The reality is.

      ( 1 ) House price slump.

      ( 2 ) 11 permanent jobs at the PNR fraking site in Lancashire , how many of them do you think will be minimum rates of pay security guard jobs , 6, 8 , 10 ????

      ( 3 ) £150.00 , YES , one hundred and fifty pounds offered to 95% of residents at Lancadhire PNR fracking site .

      [Text added at poster’s request]

  2. Oh dear Jack. So you want “independent” news and think that source is RT!! And you find it difficult to source the latest news on NT.

    A very interesting summary of how you build up your “knowledge”. Good job the two thirds are more able to do their research more thoroughly, and are content to await the real news regarding fracking.

    (I do actually have some sympathy with RT viewers as BBC and Sky are now following the US trend of having NEWS on the screen but then speculating around a story. However, RT are not the answer to that.)

    Interesting times you post Jack. Insomnia or time zones?

    • Media 101
      Hi Martin; regarding your comments about RT, think.

      Does every UK newspaper give the same story? No, they may report the event but their political stance, investors and backers, advertising clients etc. influence the material that you read.

      So let’s apply this to the world news. Different countries, and indeed within, different politics report the event with bias; this is inevitable Mr Anderson.

      The sensible thing is to read/watch all reports of the same event and then make up your own mind…of course, this too will be biased based on your own perceptions….

      Have a nice day 😉

  3. Quite reasonable Sherwulfe. However, over time, we will all conclude that certain sources are less reliable than others, and will focus our attention upon those where we feel less deliberate variance is exhibited. Unfortunately, that is a moving picture so some “reliable” sources modify with time. (From my lifetime working within agriculture be very wary with the Times reporting in that area, whereas, in some other areas they are quite good.)

    The bigger problem IMO is with news versus speculation. Simply, there is not enough news to go around. If an aeroplane crashes, there are continuous reports before any firm information is available and a huge proportion is speculation. Terrible for anyone linked to the story. It seems that the media audience is seen as incapable of being patient until facts are known.

    But then, we see that in relation to PNR and can see how much “news” can be created before the real news emerges. Fortunately, two thirds remain patient. (Couldn’t resist it.)

    • And time will indeed tell; as no production of shale gas has occurred here in the UK in over 8 years [hallelujah shout the 84%] each week more and more reliable sources are put on the table and taken notice of instead of being put in the bottom draw for ‘later’; so in the meantime the more and more reliable clean energy technology is being rolled out.
      Time is such an awesome concept….

      Media audiences have been trained to desire sensationalism, stats without care [like Kish’s use of stats of real people he has probably never spoken to to find out the truth].

      We all live in an intertwining story; the narrative dictated to you if you don;t question it. Make it real.

  4. But, the 84% don’t shout hallelujah, because a big chunk of them are sitting on the fence/wall, waiting to see what is produced! And the remaining Green bottles are declining as another one falls off the wall (10% last time) and if another Green bottle should accidently fall, it would all be due to an earthquake, or pushed by the police-but, it would still fall even though the antis tried to suggest that gravity was a concept dreamed up by an evil capitalist society determined to create a Ponzi scheme for investing in apple marketing!

    • That’s correct, so the 32% who oppose, now double those who support – interesting it began the other way round. The 32% are busy beavering away, have stopped the shale gas industry in the UK for 8 years whilst the ever decreasing 16% are watching their money drain away; happily not into the aquifers…. Now that’s an earthquake!

      So, soon the 52% green, red, orange and even blue bottles will fall off the fence on the support side each time the industry approaches, encroaches and attempts to bully their way into their communities; fortunately they are made of toughened glass that bounces and creates a barrier against this farce. The number is becoming so worrying to the governance that they need to change the questions on the survey;bless.

  5. Deluded, but understandably so. The 52% are waiting to see if there is anything in it for them. I know the antis will try and pontificate that the public are not so mercenary as that, but they will find they are. An absolutely bog standard factor within Market Research regarding a new product/process. Assuming 16%currently have money invested in fracking is equally fictional, but if there is anything in it for the UK public that sort of figure could rapidly go through the roof.

    And the antis answer to this? To trot out the same old speculation regarding output and costings which is total speculation and years out of date in respect of current costings for the process. Perhaps it is the same 52% who were unconvinced of similar proposals during the EU referendum?

    • ‘The 52% are waiting to see if there is anything in it for them’
      Of course Martin, you would think that way as an ‘investor’, luckily this information is now available and has been distributed, so when the company arrives with their myths and legends, those of the 54% who are looking for that ‘anything in it for them’ are ready with the truth; no money in it, property prices drop etc etc. The only ‘delusion’ here is that you still believe.

      Remember, in a ‘war’ only a small number volunteer to fight on the front line in advance of the threat, most wait until it is outside their door before engaging as a last resort, this is human nature.

      The good news is, if you bothered to have a conversation with those who oppose fracking, those with ‘bottle’ that will stand up to the bullying, you will realise that there are many reasons for opposition which only surface or prompt action when the wall is threatened; butter side up or butter side down a stalemate will occur, which of course means the fracking bomb will be diffused and removed and we can all go about our real business again.

      And of course, if the red bottles are at the front, the 52% can go back to sleep never knowing the sacrifice those currently on the front line have given so they can go about their daily lives without the threat of more dirty fossil fuel to pollute their planet home with more plastic and CO2.

      Am afraid you will have to accept the stats. According to the ongoing survey with the current questions, support has halved, opposition has doubled; whatever ‘other’ you want to add, “the Nos have it, the Nos have it”.

  6. But as I am not an investor, and have let you know that many times before, you have simply tried to create an illusion. But that’s what antis do, as the reality is a problem. The reality is that we still have a legal operation that over two thirds surveyed have no sign of wanting it being made illegal. Will more of the two thirds become more convinced-maybe. That will depend upon the reality of output. Meanwhile, the antis will stick with the illusion-but even a mirage disappears as the sun goes down, and the solar farms stop producing.

    • So what are you Martin? You claim to be many things and then change your mind. You have many ‘friends’ who support your case and have numerous ‘relevant’ jobs to boost up your posts?

      ‘Will more of the two thirds become more convinced-maybe’ – not……

      Lucky for us the solar power is stored in molten salt next to your ‘mirage’; continues providing energy all night and then some.

      Oh look, there goes the gas in a puff of deadly smoke…….

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