Picture post: Women march to fracking site to launch 3-month campaign

180403 100 women march Refracktion 1

The 100 Women March to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool, 3 April 2018. Photo: Refracktion

An estimated 200 women from across the UK took part in a march and rally outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool this morning.

The event launched the United Resistance, a 13-week campaign against fracking by opponents of shale gas in Lancashire and beyond.

Women wearing Suffragette sashes led the 100 Women March, commemorating votes for some women 100 years ago and highlighting current health concerns about industrial pollution.

Participants left bras at the site entrance on Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, in a reference to health studies which found increased incidents of breast cancer among women living near fracking sites.

This morning, Cuadrilla announced it had completed drilling the UK’s first horizontal shale gas well and planned to frack it between July and September. More details 



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  1. ‘The Harms of Fracking’: New Report Details Increased Risks of Asthma, Birth Defects and Cancer .This blistering, fifth 266-page report uncovered no evidence that fracking can be practiced in a manner that does not threaten human health,released by Concerned Health Professionals of New York and the Nobel Peace Prize-winning group, Physicians for Social Responsibility. The most authoritative study of its kind reveals how fracking is contaminating the air and water – and imperiling the health of millions of Americans. Moreover, there are two major problems that the industry cannot solve or mitigate – well integrity failure and methane emissions. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/fracking-health-risk-asthma-birth-defects-cancer-w517809

    • Dr. Sandra Steingraber, she has served multiple prison sentences.

      Maybe a pop magazine is the only platform that is interested in printing her sensationalism.

      The article refers to American shale practices, NOT U.K…

      • Well well Kisheny, you are desperate to discredit evidence aren’t you?

        If you want to play rough, then you are posting way out of your league for the wrong industry on Drill Or Drop!

        That sort of character assassination is beneath even your industry. You lot try it all too often though it seems. I think the phrase “just plain nasty” springs to mind”

        OK, if you want to play character assassination games, lets see where that gets you shall we?

        If you want to mention criminality, incidentally I do not accept it, as an excuse for discrediting an individuals evidence against your industry heroes, well then there are some very revealing facts to be discussed on criminality and it’s relevance to this issue.

        Firstly prove it here and now, and explain in precise detail how that accusation even remotely invalidates the evidence or not?

        That will be an interesting read?

        Or is just gross accusation and frankly desperate condemnation by implication and insinuation all you have to throw around?

        Sick bunny syndrome isn’t it?

        And secondly you can also address how the entire oil and gas industry roots from Standard Oil were guilty of perpetrating treason in the last world war by Exxon refuelling and supplying leaded additives in mid Atlantic to the German u-boats and to the Germans via back door companies throughout the war and beyond in later conflicts to the present day?

        If you want to get into character assassination, I am sure that the records of Exxon deliberately falsifying and covering up evidence that the prolonged use of oil and gas would directly exacerbate and increasingly accelerate global climate change from the 1970’s onwards and followed suit by all the other oil and gas companies to this day??

        Does that totally invalidate the entire oil and gas industry because of their treason and lies?

        Have fun with that, it ain’t going away any day soon.

        Have a nice day!

        [Typo edited at poster’s request]

        • On March 18, 2013, Steingraber was arrested along with nine other protesters for blocking the entrance to the Inergy natural gas facility near Ithaca to protest “the industrialization of the Finger Lakes.” After refusing to pay a fine, Steingraber and two other members of the “Seneca Lake 12” received 15-day sentences. Steingraber served 10 days in the Chemung County jail in the city of Elmira before her release.

          On October 29, 2014 while participating in the civil disobedience campaign, called We Are Seneca Lake, Steingraber was arrested again with nine other protestors at the gates of Crestwood Midstream (formerly Inergy) for trespassing and blocking a chemical truck, which resulted in an additional charge of disorderly conduct. On November 19, in the Town of Reading Court, she was sentenced to 15-days in jail after refusing to pay her fine. She served 8-days in the Chemung County jail and was released. Steingraber detailed her experience in an Ecowatch article, “Why I am in Jail.”

        • I just used Wikipedia and put her name in. Quite quickly her criminal activities came up, no malice just facts.
          I’ll look up your u boat facts another day thanks…

          • Oh the deliberate and victimisation of criminalisation of protest! That old thing? That isn’t even real, its just malicious victimisation and harassment, you know that don’t you?

            Heavens to Betsy Kisheny!
            I thought from your post it was something serious!
            Not some trumped up charge to criminalise protest?

            We know all about that nonsense and it does not for one Nano second even in the slightest invalidate or even begin to approach the evidence, which by the way, I see you have not even referred to at all?

            Well, I can rest easy knowing such arrests are nonsense and I am afraid you will not have the same easy time with the treason of Standard Oil and Exxon that is on record and easily reproduced if you want it?

            But hey go do your own research, it will be interesting reading?

              • “Numerous times” = twice. Once for 10 days and once for 8 days

                Also, as I understand it, she was jailed for refusing to pay a fine in each case. I’m no lawyer but the offence she was jailed for looks more like contempt of court than criminal activity.

            • I do hope you have never broken the speed limit Kisheny, or ‘borrowed’ a pencil from work?…..these are criminal offences and in the case of speeding have much bigger impacts than the ‘criminalization’ of protesting.

            • Thanks for the clarification Paul and Sherwulfe.

              We really seem to be dredging from the bottom of the ever more desperate fracking barrel today?

              Nothing like diversion from even so much as mentioning the issues raised in the report is there?

              Just try and character assassinate the author?

              And I thought the anti anti antis could not sink any lower (to coin a phrase?)?

              Well hello again anti antis!

              I wish you luck with trying to wriggle out of Exxon treason?

          • If Wikipedia is your constant source of crap then we can all go back to bed….nothing to see here, jog on!

            • It seems Kisheny the truth is out of bounds unless some spurious personal character assassination attempt can be made to discredit a report which can be safely avoided from so much as mentioning it?

              You will have to significantly raise your game above the present fracking industry standard issue below gutter level epithet ridden irrelevance if you want to play here Kisheny.

              It is a pity that you have so few appropriate role models amongst your colleagues.

              Unfortunately their general standard issue blinkered over excited under informed myopia rarely attains the dizzying heights of the bottom of the gutter.

              Even when it does for brief Nano seconds, the result in that methane starved mercaptan reeking atmosphere rarely achieves coherence or even minimum sensibility or even basic grammar.

              But we live in hope of someone actually capable or independently ethical enough to actually discuss anything without redaction, avoidance, diversion, irrelevant prevarication or just plain gross insult?

              If ever you decide to attempt such a feat of dizzying ambition, please let us know, I am sure we will be as accommodating as we will be surprised?

              Have a nice day!

      • So far shale practices in the UK have been an absolute disaster as the 266 page Compendium records on page 89: December 2, 2014

        Problems with structural integrity have been documented in a well at the only hydraulically fractured site in the United Kingdom. Email messages obtained under freedom of information laws reveal that problems with wellbore integrity emerged in April of 2014 and attempts were made to remediate the problem, although nothing was reported at that time to regulators. The drilling company, Cuadrilla Resources, continues to deny that any problems exist with the well, emphasizing that “no leak of fluids” occurred and that “the issue” was resolved during the abandonment process. Cuadrilla had previously been reprimanded for failing to disclose a more minor deformation in the
        well casing. The well was abandoned at the end of last year, following two earthquakes in 2011, which scientists determined to have been caused by fracking at the site.

          • Kisheny
            The well in question had deformation to the casing. This issue has been aired here before a few times and reports linked. The deformation was due to a seismic event, see Guardian report on the matter 13 March 2013.
            The casing was not breached according to the information released.
            The well was the first real UK HVHP fracked well, but not the first UK fracked well ( onshore ).
            Deformed casing is not reportable to the regulator ( see Well reporting requirements under Riddor ).

            Hence the more recent desire to avoid seismic events above a certain level, and know where the faults are.

  2. I thought the bras were left because of the reports about increased sexual activity near fracking sites. [Edited by moderator]

    • Ahhh, a mammary fixation?

      Often the result of the denial of, or withdrawal of sufficient breast feeding when young?

      That explains a lot. How sad?

  3. LATEST NEWS: 30TH JANUARY, 2018 well seems not everyone is protesting

    Cuadrilla has today (30 January) issued its latest “Putting Lancashire First” commitments tracker to include figures up to 31st December 2017. The latest report reveals that during the last quarter of 2017 spend in the Lancashire economy from Cuadrilla’s shale gas exploration operations has increased by over £2 million to a total of £6.8 million.

    The total full time and contract jobs which have been created now stands at 55. Cuadrilla also paid out £161,000 in community payments in 2017, £100,000 of which was to the independent Community Benefit Fund run by Community Foundation For Lancashire who are deciding with the help of a local panel how to distribute this money to the benefit of the wider community. The rest of the money has been paid direct to local residents who live close to the Preston New Road shale gas exploration site following a local consultation where the vast majority opted for direct payments to households. Further payments to households will follow in the next quarterly tracker.

    Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla, said:

    “Having completed the vertical well through the Bowland shale, where we have acquired very useful data, and started drilling the first horizontal well into UK shale, we are delighted to demonstrate that Lancashire’s economy has benefited by almost £7m to date.

    “Working with Lancashire suppliers remains a priority for us and we are grateful for their high quality services and support and pleased we have also enabled the creation of so many local jobs.”

    To further maximise local spend, Cuadrilla is working with the North and Western Lancashire Chamber to hold a series of Meet the Buyer sessions in the local area. The first of these sessions, held in November 2017, proved to be very popular, so another is planned in the first quarter of 2018. Businesses interested in future opportunities should register on the Lancashire shale gas supply chain portal visit http://www.shalegaslancashire.co.uk.

    In December 2016 CEO Francis Egan signed six public commitments to the county of Lancashire to commit Cuadrilla to putting Lancashire first in terms of creating jobs, investment, new skills and community initiatives as a result of shale gas exploration and, if exploration is successful, shale gas production in Lancashire. The tracker figures have been independently verified by Danbro Accounting Ltd. The next tracker will be released in April 2018 with figures to 31st March 2018.

    • Gasman, money, money, money, that’s all that drives you lot! Sadly it also drives Fylde Rugby Club, AFC Fylde chairman. Haythornthwaite and farmer Wensley! They just don’t understand that health and community happiness are beyond price. They and Lancashire Constabulary also can’t understand the lack of social integrity they show in backing the toxification of the children of the Fylde Peninsula and beyond!
      Shame on them and you!

      • So you don’t use gas or electricity in your house or petrol in your car?
        Where do you think it comes from?

        • ‘Where do you think it comes from?’ The North Sea, trade agreed imports and renewables, not UK Shale – hooray!!

          • ‘“Having completed the vertical well through the Bowland shale, where we have acquired very useful data, and started drilling the first horizontal well into UK shale, we are delighted to demonstrate that Lancashire’s economy has benefited by almost £7m to date.’ would be interested to see the evidence for this…….

            Oh and let’s not forget, it’s over 8 years with no gas found/produced. And can we offset this against the enormous police costs, lost revenue for those having to stand up to this dirty ponzi industry? Let’s not forget the loss in share price an eventual emptying of pension pots and losses in house value to fund future social care. I would be curious to calculate the directors pay over the last 8 years and deduct this from the ‘spend’.

            • A small minority of protesters have required police resources to be wasted.
              Fake injuries requiring ambulances putting local lives at risk, another favourite of the antis.
              I drive past PNR quite often, there are normally one or two protesters but on a sunny weekend out of area protesters might turn up for a few hours…

            • ‘A small minority of protesters have required police resources to be wasted.’ – read an unwanted company cried and a ridiculously extortionate number of unnecessary officers have been deployed to police a group of peaceful and dedicated protesters who are standing up for their community and behind their council who said NO.

              ‘Fake injuries requiring ambulances putting local lives at risk’ the only think here that is fake is the Kisheny News…

              ‘I drive past PNR quite often, there are normally one or two protesters’ – clearly you have your eyes on the road and are keeping to the speed limit?

  4. When they resort to moral superiority then they have a problem, Kisheny. The next step within the dance is superior intelligence. And round the floor we go, again.

    Come dancing has infiltrated come fracking. Must be Blackpool.

    Not petrol-the photographer (our friend refracktion) relies on his diesel to get to such events-but, it is not his responsibility because he was persuaded to buy diesel by the Government, or so he has stated! So much for DYOR.

  5. Talking of DYOR, the same gentleman who gleefully used to post about AJLucas share price has gone into hibernation on that topic. I wonder why?

  6. You obviously took a swig Sherwulfe, rather than took a look at the AJL share price! Facts versus fiction. Another Green bottle.
    DYOR-is it that impossible/difficult or just inconvenient answers? Meanwhile, if you explore a little further you might actually come across some very happy investors-not me, in this case, but they are not difficult to find from the noise coming from their parties. Perhaps they will pay some Capital Gains to the NHS?

    • Not me looking at the AJ share price MC; clearly you have partaken of ‘ Another Green bottle.’…..

  7. “Let’s not forget the loss in share price”-Sherwulfe April 4th 12.55pm. That’s the problem with posting-sometimes someone will actually read the text and find it is contrary to the facts.

    Obvious you didn’t, by your false assertion-and that’s the kind version. But, as I stated not very long ago a large proportion of the antis posts are now full of the anti truth/poor research. Not enough news to keep attention focused, so let’s just make it up. Good job we still have Ruth to help keep some factual stuff going.

    Bit like shale reservoirs for some-a little bit of stimulation and out it comes.

  8. Oh Martin – surely you are not hyperventilating about the fact that the AJL investors managed to get excited about Francis’s rather subdued statement and pushed the share price back up to 38c for a day are you?

    We are till some way from the heady days of $5.58 and only the day before the price had nudged below the 32c capital raising price which must have upset a few investors. Back to 37c this morning I see.

    Maybe when people think about the difference between “confident” (January) and “optimistic” (this week) the price will settle down again.

    Do you own any shares in AJL old boy? If so what did you pay for them?

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