Lincolnshire round-up: planning, permits and finances

Lincolnshire OGA.jpg

Exploration licences (yellow blocks) and wells (green = oil and gas; orange = coal bed methane). Source: Oil & Gas Authority

DrillOrDrop reports on developments and prospects at North Kelsey, Biscathorpe, Wressle and Crosby Warren in Linconshire.

Planning decisions

North Kelsey

North Kelsey Egdon Resources 2

Proposed site at North Kelsey. Source: Egdon Resources

On 14 May 2018, Lincolnshire County Council is due to consider the planning application by Egdon Resources to extend its planning permission for the North Kelsey site until 31 December 2020.

The company is seeking consent to construct a well site, drill and test an oil well, followed by site restoration.

The original planning permission for the site was issued in December 2014. No work has been carried out apart from the site entrance. Permission expired on 31 December 2017.

Planning officers are recommending approval of the extension. Link to details


Biscathorpe2 Union Jack Oil.jpg

Location of proposed Biscathorpe-2 well. Source: Union Jack Oil

Lincolnshire County Council will also consider another Egdon application on 14 May 2018. This is to extend the permission for the Biscathorpe oil site near Louth.

The original permission was granted in March 2015 for a temporary Biscathorpe-2 well site and drilling and testing the borehole. No work was carried out and the permission expired on 28 February 2018.

The site replaced a previous site about 1km away from which Egdon withdrew a planning application in 2013 after talking to local people.

Egdon is seeking to extend permission for the replacement site to February 2021 and to retain security cabins on the site. Planning officers are recommending approval. Link to details


171107 Wressle PI DoD 3

Public inquiry into the Wressle planning applications, November 2017. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Egdon has also applied for permission to extend permission at the Wressle wellsite near Scunthorpe for another 12 months. Link

A planning inspector ruled in January 2018 that the site must be restored by 28 April 2018, after dismissing the company’s appeal against two refusals of planning permission for long-term oil production.

Egdon has also asked the council to decide whether the application needs an environmental impact assessment.

A spokesperson for North Lincolnshire Council told DrillOrDrop:

“This application [to extend the permission at Wressle] has taken some time to validate as we initially had concerns that we had not received everything that we needed for validation.

“It has subsequently been determined that the application was valid and as such we have completed the validation process, with the valid date being the date upon which we originally received the application (16 April 2018).

“We cannot comment on whether or not we will be proceeding with any enforcement action in respect of this site at the current time.”

Environmental permits

Environment Agency logo


The Environment Agency announced (4/5/2018) that it has granted a standard rules permit to Egdon Resources for the handling and storage of crude oil at the Biscathorpe Wellsite

Crosby Warren

The Environment Agency also confirmed (4/5/2018) it had agreed a variation to the permit held by Europa Oil & Gas for the Crosby Warren Wellsite, north east of Scunthorpe. The variation results from a review by the agency of regulations and operations at the site. The permit now allows extractive waste management activities at Crosby Warren, along with groundwater and oil storage activities.

Accounts – Union Jack Oil

Union Jack holdings

Union Jack Oil interests 1: Wressle and Broughton North (15%); 2: Keddington, North Somercotes and Louth Extension (20%); 3: Fiskerton (20%); 5: Biscathorpe (22%); 6: North Kelsey (20%); 7: Dukes Wood and Kirlington (16.67%); 8: Burton on the Wolds (10%). Source: Union Jack Oil

Union Jack Oil, which has interests throughout Lincolnshire, released its accounts for 2017 on 1 May 2018.

The company reported an operating loss of £0.75m on revenue of £46,203.

David Bramhill, chairman of Union Jack Oil, said he was “enthusiastic” about the year ahead and predicted the well at Biscathorpe would be drilled in the middle of the year.

The Biscathorpe well is estimated to produce 14 million barrels of oil, with a geological chance of success of 40%, the company has said.

Union Jack also has a 15% interest in the Wressle site in North Lincolnshire, where permission for long-term oil production was refused by the council and a planning inspector. The company said:

“the joint venture partners remain confident that the Wressle development will be brought to production status and will continue to pursue all credible avenues to achieve this objective. An Environment Agency permit for production is already in place in respect of the development”.

IN an interview with Proactive Investors, David Bramhill described Wressle as “a very inexpensive well”. He predicted it would produce 500 barrels of oil per day if approved.

Shares rose on the release of the accounts.

180501 Union Jack shares

Key figures for Union Jack Oil

Revenue: £46,203; 2016: £22,119

Gross loss: £19,746; 2016: £577

Operating loss: £747,326; 2016: £897,363

Staff costs: £204,920; 2016: £197,399

Highest paid director: £86,667; 2016: £80,000

Total assets: £4,987,523; 2016: £4,044,004

Total liabilities: ££539,997; 2016: £103,312

Balance: £4,447,526; 2016: 3,940692

Current tax charge for year: £0; 2016: £885


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  1. Do these companies think that they can just come and go as they please with no work being done and licences expiring ? hoping that the decisions are taken sensibly .

    • Yes, except for the sensibly bit. They know they have a friendly government which will ignore all evidence and rational thought and if necessary override local opinion.

      • It looks to me like the assets have been re-valued to cover the cost of wages[ including the director’s cut]? They are just running at a loss. Another Cuadrilla.
        Now where’s that time machine…….

        • It would be interesting to see the lowest paid workers average wage and the relative percentage of directors compared to the average workers pay? Fixed contracts perhaps? Minimum wage? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

          It’s not even how many “jobs” is it? That is another of those unrealistic fantasy promises. It is what that represents as a percentage of pay and conditions and expenses from the lowest to the highest and what band these spurious “jobs” represent proportionally.

  2. Meanwhile-in the real world-

    Petrol prices rose more in April 2018 than they have for a number of years.

    Solar scandal-some loan buyers misled into thinking rooftop panels would “pay for themselves”.

    Energy companies increasing prices.

    If you are someone caught with all three then you will be a candidate for the anti-depressants! If not, maybe part of the happy majority.

  3. Yes, Sherwulfe, plenty of very “informative” stuff in the Guardian-but I did say “in the real world”!

    Like, Donald starts to tighten down on Iran and the oil price will rise further still.

    Energy supplies look very secure now, don’t they? Where is John when you need him?

  4. Why are you so proud of your “links” Sherwulfe?

    Don’t you understand yet (yes you do), or believe others are not intelligent enough not to (yes they are),realise any amount of nonsense can easily be accessed off Internet links?

    Goodness, even some of your comments could be posted as an authoritative source, to some person in Outer Mongolia.

    I would suspect some of the one third look a bit wider and deeper. Perhaps that’s why there are so few of them commenting on this platform, with most have something interesting to do on a beautiful May Bank Holiday?

  5. Just listened to the school buses going by.

    Suspect during the Bank Holiday quite a few on those buses were searching for links to share today, to demonstrate how “knowledgeable” they were about the facts or fracks of life. A few years time they will be disappointed, realising it was a parallel fantasy world, just a bit of a Giggle.

    Others will have recognised the fantasy and will not need to share links with their buddies, as they are aware of the real world around them, and therefore will have had a more enjoyable Bank Holiday.

    Sound familiar, Sherwulfe?

    • so you don’t have any evidence then Martin? Thought not; be careful, the energy industry might just turn their injunctions on you and the rest of the cult…..

  6. ‘cult’
    ‘(Sociology) a quasi-religious organization using devious psychological techniques to gain and control adherents’
    All hail the gods of oil and gas…..


    • ‘a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.’ – we must have shale at all costs………..

      • Hi Sherwulfe, i hope you had a good bank holiday? Great weather too, and it was nice to see the family together again playing and relaxing in the garden..

        I see the unusual cult suspects have emerged from their break and are once more out in pr mode force and again trotting out the same old same old industry toxic waste tripe again?
        Thought they would have a better script by now? It will be just automated recorded multiple choice soon? Nothing alive at the other end? Or has that all ready happened?

  7. Oh dear Sherwulfe, the Stormy Daniels must be a good source of information defence! Plenty of “evidence” via links there.

    The common denominator is the need to keep the buddies excited. The technique is well known, but it is still fantasy.

    I respect those who may be reading that they are able to think, and act for themselves, and can recognise the information I refer to. If they need to be spoon fed then they are not really interested in the subject. I have referenced plenty of information but find some are unable, or unwilling, to even follow very simple references. That is hardly surprising, but the majority probably do not need those references as they have open minds, avoid the blinkers and recognise the information, although they may have a different opinion . So, often, it is more straight forward and respectful (IMHO) to provide the information and those who are serious can understand it, those who are not would only spend their time arguing they can not source a national newspaper (for example), read it in a library or search the article from the authors name! Others will moan about the corporate governance of a company without understanding who the owners are!

    I just follow the simple philosophy that I aim to target the many, not the few, and I believe the many are adult enough to understand without selected Giggling. But, it is easy for me to say as I have the two thirds to aim at, plus a few, and the antis have a declining third as their target, and the two thirds aren’t budging.

      • Anyone who quotes Stormy Daniels in a post must be really well read; I bow to your superiority Martin 😉

        • As did Stormy for Donald?

          Are the Lincolnshire tax payers similarly expected to bow down and think of Union Frack Oil and this filthy fracking industry?

          Perhaps a well placed Lincolnshire knee jerk reaction will dissuade such an attempt?

          Better put the A&E on standby, it’s going to be a busy day?

          • Union Jack aren’t exposed to any shale gas sites Phil.

            As for lincolnshire council, rejecting Wressle again will just lead to more costs through an appeal where, should the company fancy it, face costs for the delays. They should know this by now that personal agendas cannot and will not hold up as a reason for objection when there is nothing wrong with the plans.

            • Dear oh dear? Don’t you guys have a sense of humour any more?

              I didn’t say they did, and i didn’t mention Union Jack, i said Union Frack Oil.


              As regards Lincolnshire County Council, that is their prerogative and these endless repeated threats of costs are just industry attempted intimidation and bullying tactics with the intention of overturning democratic council planning committees.

              So, no..

  8. Yes Gregoryyy. The Lincolnshire people are well versed in local oil wells, and have no problem with them-many not knowing they are there.

    Wressle will go ahead. The antis will have played their games and caused delay, but will not stop it. But that is “success” to them-delaying progress rather than facilitating it. Delaying things happening rather than making things happen. Just the destructive gene within a few. Probably some nice stills around of toys being thrown out of prams.

    Meanwhile oil prices continue to rise and energy security continues to weaken. That’s a tide that will not be turned back.

    • Oops! Too quick to leap martin? Do try to actually think what you are saying before you post?

      Wanna Physics lesson? Only too glad to oblige.

      Tides always turn back! Its what they do!

      I thought you lived near the sea?

      Tides rise and fall twice a day?

      What you gonna do? Stop the moon?

      Guys if you are going to use these cheap tabloid allegories, do try not to sabotage your own logic in the very same post?

      Ha! Ha! Made my day martin!

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