Lincolnshire round-up: planning, permits and finances

Lincolnshire OGA.jpg

Exploration licences (yellow blocks) and wells (green = oil and gas; orange = coal bed methane). Source: Oil & Gas Authority

DrillOrDrop reports on developments and prospects at North Kelsey, Biscathorpe, Wressle and Crosby Warren in Linconshire.

Planning decisions

North Kelsey

North Kelsey Egdon Resources 2

Proposed site at North Kelsey. Source: Egdon Resources

On 14 May 2018, Lincolnshire County Council is due to consider the planning application by Egdon Resources to extend its planning permission for the North Kelsey site until 31 December 2020.

The company is seeking consent to construct a well site, drill and test an oil well, followed by site restoration.

The original planning permission for the site was issued in December 2014. No work has been carried out apart from the site entrance. Permission expired on 31 December 2017.

Planning officers are recommending approval of the extension. Link to details


Biscathorpe2 Union Jack Oil.jpg

Location of proposed Biscathorpe-2 well. Source: Union Jack Oil

Lincolnshire County Council will also consider another Egdon application on 14 May 2018. This is to extend the permission for the Biscathorpe oil site near Louth.

The original permission was granted in March 2015 for a temporary Biscathorpe-2 well site and drilling and testing the borehole. No work was carried out and the permission expired on 28 February 2018.

The site replaced a previous site about 1km away from which Egdon withdrew a planning application in 2013 after talking to local people.

Egdon is seeking to extend permission for the replacement site to February 2021 and to retain security cabins on the site. Planning officers are recommending approval. Link to details


171107 Wressle PI DoD 3

Public inquiry into the Wressle planning applications, November 2017. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Egdon has also applied for permission to extend permission at the Wressle wellsite near Scunthorpe for another 12 months. Link

A planning inspector ruled in January 2018 that the site must be restored by 28 April 2018, after dismissing the company’s appeal against two refusals of planning permission for long-term oil production.

Egdon has also asked the council to decide whether the application needs an environmental impact assessment.

A spokesperson for North Lincolnshire Council told DrillOrDrop:

“This application [to extend the permission at Wressle] has taken some time to validate as we initially had concerns that we had not received everything that we needed for validation.

“It has subsequently been determined that the application was valid and as such we have completed the validation process, with the valid date being the date upon which we originally received the application (16 April 2018).

“We cannot comment on whether or not we will be proceeding with any enforcement action in respect of this site at the current time.”

Environmental permits

Environment Agency logo


The Environment Agency announced (4/5/2018) that it has granted a standard rules permit to Egdon Resources for the handling and storage of crude oil at the Biscathorpe Wellsite

Crosby Warren

The Environment Agency also confirmed (4/5/2018) it had agreed a variation to the permit held by Europa Oil & Gas for the Crosby Warren Wellsite, north east of Scunthorpe. The variation results from a review by the agency of regulations and operations at the site. The permit now allows extractive waste management activities at Crosby Warren, along with groundwater and oil storage activities.

Accounts – Union Jack Oil

Union Jack holdings

Union Jack Oil interests 1: Wressle and Broughton North (15%); 2: Keddington, North Somercotes and Louth Extension (20%); 3: Fiskerton (20%); 5: Biscathorpe (22%); 6: North Kelsey (20%); 7: Dukes Wood and Kirlington (16.67%); 8: Burton on the Wolds (10%). Source: Union Jack Oil

Union Jack Oil, which has interests throughout Lincolnshire, released its accounts for 2017 on 1 May 2018.

The company reported an operating loss of £0.75m on revenue of £46,203.

David Bramhill, chairman of Union Jack Oil, said he was “enthusiastic” about the year ahead and predicted the well at Biscathorpe would be drilled in the middle of the year.

The Biscathorpe well is estimated to produce 14 million barrels of oil, with a geological chance of success of 40%, the company has said.

Union Jack also has a 15% interest in the Wressle site in North Lincolnshire, where permission for long-term oil production was refused by the council and a planning inspector. The company said:

“the joint venture partners remain confident that the Wressle development will be brought to production status and will continue to pursue all credible avenues to achieve this objective. An Environment Agency permit for production is already in place in respect of the development”.

IN an interview with Proactive Investors, David Bramhill described Wressle as “a very inexpensive well”. He predicted it would produce 500 barrels of oil per day if approved.

Shares rose on the release of the accounts.

180501 Union Jack shares

Key figures for Union Jack Oil

Revenue: £46,203; 2016: £22,119

Gross loss: £19,746; 2016: £577

Operating loss: £747,326; 2016: £897,363

Staff costs: £204,920; 2016: £197,399

Highest paid director: £86,667; 2016: £80,000

Total assets: £4,987,523; 2016: £4,044,004

Total liabilities: ££539,997; 2016: £103,312

Balance: £4,447,526; 2016: 3,940692

Current tax charge for year: £0; 2016: £885


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  1. you may not like it Phil; but everything Martin has said is slowly coming into fruition!

    Iran’s state Oil have 50% in Rhum, in the north sea, which supplies 5% of the UKs gas. Tensions in Iran will only make the price of oil increase. You NIMBY spades are making these assets far more profitable than they would have been when you started protesting.

    In other words, these delays from the ‘keep it in the ground movement’ are actually turning out to massively favour small cap onshore oil and gas companies. The price of Brent Oil is up roughly 100% on where it was at the start of 2016. And thanks to increased pressure from NIMBY spades, O&G companies are going ‘above and beyond’ what is needed as evidence to ensure these delays don’t happen again.

    For that I can only thank you. Time to get this sleeping industry moving now!

    • What’s to like?

      You talking for martin now?

      I expected someone to chip and pin in from the pr department damage limitation team, it seems you got the short straw? Not a plastic one i hope? Its rather funny that you jump in because martin can’t admit to actually reading anything i post? Which I also find quite amusing? But hey? So what?

      These anti anti posts are becoming increasingly irrational aren’t they?

      The tide reference martin made is simply unworkable since tides rise and fall twice a day? Isn’t it illogical to say that you cant turn the tide back? You don’t need to, just wait and it will turn back itself? Just irrational to say that wont happen? Surely you must agree to that?

      What is really quite amusing is that tidal power is one of those constant renewable energy sources, its free, the moon and the earth and the sun do all the work for us? All we have to do is harness it? Free power for as long as the moon stays in orbit! simple, easy, so why aren’t we doing it? Because renewable’s are a threat to the fossil fuel oiligarchs and they will stifle investment and technology for as long as they can?

      By the way, what on gods green earth is a nimby spade? I often find that we speak a different language but even my convoluted brain cant wrap itself around some of these bizarre infernal irrational extremist fracking epithet references? I haven’t seen that one before? You make it up or pick it up from some bizarre alt blight pamphlet? Hope you washed your hands?

      This whole Iran thing is the same as the whole Russia thing is the same as the whole Syria thing is the same as the whole North Korea thing, and so on and so on and so on ad fracking infinitum?

      Its all just typical bog standard international grandstanding politics trying to scramble to be top dog of the “my nuke is bigger than your nuke” top of the nuclear dung heap?

      And why do we think that is happening? Simple enough, because the present deeply insane financial system is falling down with its pants around its ankles, its a dead duck, a finished financial failure,and all because of debt that exceeds national product and a fiat currency which is based on nothing but hot air and promises, and both are illusions.

      This whole anti whoever pokes their head up above the parapet international tirade by Trump May, and whoever, and all this insanity is primed and powdered by the fossil fuel and their banksters pushers is to keep hiking up the price of oil and increase their respective military industrial complexes, which are all run by the same tiny group of insane private banksters anyway, because that is the effect all this nuclear posing pouch war mongering is having. Its the only thing which is holding up the collapse and stopping the worldwide financial meltdown from taking everything with it, war or the threat of war is now the only option.

      Its nothing more or less than an oil price hike and bankster arms race nuclear bubble and when this whole deliberate mess peters out and whoever backs down or strut poses up and down with the biggest bulge in their nuclear underpants and they hope get what they want, it will all fall flat on its collective orange shock wigged face.

      There is only one problem with that, and that is that these marginal sanity power bases (i make no exclusions) may actually press their various coloured buttons and bring the whole shebang to a white hot slag heap.

      As usual its not these war mongering profit junkies that will suffer, they will all shoot off down their nuclear bunkers that they have been preparing for the last fifty years or so, and it will be all of us, me and you and everyone we know that will suddenly evaporate in a nuclear flash.

      Dont thank me, thank your yourselves and your leaders for fooling you lot as the biggest suckers that ever were stupid enough to believe all their lies in history?

      i do love these conversation’s peeny? We must do it again sometime soon, in fact it had better be soon, because its sooner than you think?

      Have a nice evening and goodnight Vienna, sweet dreams and dont let the nuclear red under the bed bugs bite?

    • ‘The price of Brent Oil is up roughly 100% on where it was at the start of 2016’ – nope; this all down to the political poker game currently in play, or should I say Trumps?

  2. Your fundamental argument is so flawed that you need to pick up on the little things people say. Not speaking for Martin by any means but I’m sure that he gave little thought about the Tide comment. He obviously didn’t mean it literally though.

    Im all for renewable as I’m sure most of the people supporting onshore oil and gas are, but that time is a long way away. Reducing impact through ‘homegrown’ gas is better for the environment than the current situation, and most importantly it makes us less vulnerable.

    Calling someone a spade is basically calling them an idiot, from what I understand. Will resort back to idiot from now on.

    Im also not sure what this penny thing is either? clearly haven’t been on this long enough to understand ahah.

    Have a nice evening too phil, nothing against you, just have opposing views. All the best

    • OK Gregoryyy, that spade reference has unfortunate racist connotations and is best avoided? As for idiot, perhaps that works both ways?

      That is the trouble with epithets, they just get thrown around like rocks, after a while all that really happens is a lot of sore heads and piles of rocks for more ammunition?

      And as for nimby, then that can be turned around to nimfy = not in my fracking yard, which is just more shale rocks and the result is much the same? Sore heads a piles of fracking rocks to throw around?

      Better to reduce the epithet count all together isn’t it?

      The peeny reference? Consider it a similar epithet to nimby, though less literal?

      Well it’s Thursday morning I have a long day ahead, so have a good day, and try to bury some of those rocks and I will do the same?

      • Oops! Almost missed a rock there?

        How is my fundamental argument so flawed? Could I not say the same to you? More rocks?

        I really don’t see much picking up of anything said from almost anyone these days?

        Mostly it is avoid anything that can’t or won’t want to be discussed and concentrate on something inconsequential?

        Perhaps we are all guilty of that to some extent, but it’s a bad habit and it is best to pick up and run with any rocks that are thrown around?

        Maybe that way we can simply return the rocks gently with a thankyou note and a brief non epithet reply?

        But until then, I will promise to pick up as many thrown rocks as I can, maybe I can build a nuclear shelter with them for my family?

        Maybe all wars start with just a few thrown rocks, and the rocks just get bigger and bigger until they suddenly develop nuclear warheads?

        Better not to throw rocks in the first place isn’t it?

        Oh look at the time, gotta go!

      • Greg or yyy
        ‘Im all for renewable as I’m sure most of the people supporting onshore oil and gas are’ – sadly a misconception; it is the oil and gas industry that are slowing down the move to renewables

        ‘but that time is a long way away’ – nope; leave it any longer and we will all be NLOTE [no longer on this earth].

        Reducing impact through ‘homegrown’ gas is better for the environment than the current situation’ – nope, reducing impact through renewables is the way forward and should be happening now; gas, home grown or otherwise, should be the minimum in the equation.

        ‘and most importantly it makes us less vulnerable’ – nope; trade ties make us less vulnerable, going it alone breaks off communication and leads to conflict.

        Your argument is well thought out and valid. Sadly the truth hurts and can cause panic in those who cannot see. Watching the story unfold daily, feel like we’re stuck in one of Asimov’s books; wondering daily how we are STILL at the mercy of these power crazed individuals whose only remit is to get the last word; that word sucked from the lungs as the last breathable air disappears the same way as the toxic gas; up in a puff of finite smoke.

        • Hi Sherwulfe,

          Well i never expected to see the name Isaac Asimov on Drill Or Drop! Brilliant Sherwulfe! That takes me back to my childhood days reading everything i could lay my hands on by such wonderful authors as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, H.G. Wells, Arthur C Clarke, Larry Niven, Damon Knight, Frederick Pohl, Poul Anderson Stanislaw Lem and so many others? It makes me want to read them all over again?

          I think it was Aldous Huxley and George Orwell that chilled me to the bone regarding just how far we could fall from grace if we just let our attention be diverted off the goal of actually cleaning up this planet and making it a better place to live?

      • Oh no! I never intended it like that!

        Will resort from using it ever again! thought it was similar to calling someone a plank etc.

        Have a good day!

  3. Perhaps we are all guilty of that to some extent, but it’s a bad habit and it is best to pick up and run with any rocks that are thrown around?

  4. Once you’ve decided to submit a planning application, you need to ensure you submit all of the required documentation with your application and that you pay the applicable fee.

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