Your data and DrillOrDrop

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force today (Friday May 25th 2018), and covers organisations that hold and process personal data.  More information.

At DrillOrDrop, we do not collect any personal data directly, nor do we store personal data on our PCs.

DrillOrDrop is hosted on WordPress. The parent company of  WordPress, Automattic,  does collect personal data on site visitors and on those who post comments.  Some of this data is available to DrillOrDrop’s editor and administrator when they log on to the site.

Site visitors

When you visit a page on DrillOrDrop.com. WordPress collects the following information about you:

  • User IP address – used to determine approximate geographical location in order to generate aggregated global maps and other information about where site visitors come from
  • Referring site – which site you arrived from.  This is used to build reports on how visitors get to DrillOrDrop
  • Other technical information – such as browser type, operating system, mobile network information

In addition, WordPress may collect information from cookies, small files of information placed on your PC when you visit the site.  Examples of information collected include how many pages on the site you visited, and the time of a previous visit.

At DrillOrDrop, we never see information on individual visitors, but only aggregated reports which we use to help us understand our audience better.

Site followers

If you choose to follow the blog, you are asked to submit an email address.  This address is visible to DrillOrDrop administrators, but is only used to notify you when a new post is published.

There is an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of every notification mail.


When you submit a comment for the first time, WordPress asks you for an email address and username.  The email address is not verified, so you do not have supply a real address, and your username does not have to reflect your actual name.

DrillOrDrop administrators can see the email addresses submitted by contributors.  We do sometimes use these addresses to follow up on comments or let contributors know why their comment was edited or deleted.

We can also see the IP address that a comment was submitted from.  We do occasionally use this information to detect whether a user is posting under multiple user names.

To remove your email address from the system requires all your comments to be deleted.  This can be done on request via our Contacts page.

Automattic’s full privacy policy is available here  and you can see their policy on cookies here.


If you use our Contacts page, you will be asked to submit an email address.  This is only used by us if we wish to reply to you.


If you make a donation to the site, your contribution and personal details are handled by PayPal.  Their privacy policy is available here

DrillOrDrop’s editor can see the names and email addresses of donors.  Email addresses are only used to send a thank-you message to the donor.

Any concerns?

If you have any concerns or questions about how your data is used, please contact us.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the detailed and hard work you do. Please keep me on your email list
    David Larder Bassetlaw against fracking

    • Thanks Ruth and Paul, understood, data collection however maybe somewhat difficult to establish with the operation of VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) which are designed to disguise IP addresses and point of origin?
      Also multiple ID’s using one IP address and origin or many origins and ID’s for the one original contributor may make such information subjective at best?
      Such is the world we live in.
      But thanks anyway.

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