Cuadrilla protest warning as fortnight of action begins against fracking industry

pnr 180522 Ros Wills 7

Lock-on protest outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, 22 May 2018. Photo: Ros Wills

The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, issued a warning today at the start of two weeks of anti-fracking direct action by the national group, Reclaim the Power.

The group said its Break the Chain 2018 campaign was intended to target the fracking industry, as well as companies and politicians who “support and facilitate it”. It is due to end on 27 June with Block Around the Clock, described as a protest of “unprecedented scale and duration” in Lancashire’s seven-year anti-fracking campaign.

Last year, Reclaim the Power organised The Rolling Resistance, a similar campaign against the fracking industry, which claimed to disrupt sites every working day.

This morning, in a statement, Cuadrilla said “anyone planning to follow this direct action” should “bear in mind the recent High Court injunction awarded to us on 1June 2018 by Judge Pelling”. DrillOrDrop report

The judge, sitting in Manchester, issued a temporary injunction which outlawed obstruction of the A583 Preston New Road and the shale gas site entrance. It also prohibited blockades, lorry surfing and slow walking against named suppliers to Cuadrilla.

Cuadrilla’s chief executive, Francis Egan, said today:

 “Having brought delay and disruption to thousands of Lancashire commuters last summer Reclaim the Power is now threatening to do the same again this year. Local people and businesses in Lancashire have made it abundantly clear that they do not want these self-publicising activists from Oxford, London and elsewhere blockading and disrupting Lancashire roads and business.

“With this High Court injunction we will not hesitate to protect the rights of our employees, contractors, suppliers and the wider community to go about their lawful business unimpeded.”

PNR 180608 Ros Wills 2

Protest against deliveries to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, 8 June 2018. Photo: Ros Wills

Reclaim the Power member, Kate Robertson, said:

“Fracking is a major threat to public health and does not offer meaningful secure jobs like a thriving renewables industry would. Local people have repeatedly rejected it, but are now faced with a double attack: from companies resorting to bullying tactics, and a government now taking further steps to deprive residents of the right to decide whether their community should be fracked

“The fracking industry is on the ropes – plans are behind schedule and the economic case for fracking is getting weaker and weaker. Meanwhile the movement is stronger than ever. We will continue to challenge any individual or organisation facilitating the fracking industry. We have a commitment to the people of Lancashire and won’t rest until fracking is defeated”.

Earlier today, opponents of shale gas operations closed the IGas Tinker Lane site in north Nottinghamshire. The protest, which began before dawn, involved a tripod, two people locking-on and two lorry surfers. (DrillOrDrop report)

180611 Tinker Lane lorry surfer Jon Mager3

Lorry surfing protest outside the IGas shale gas site at Tinker Lane, north Nottinghamshire. Photo: Jon Mager

Green Party Week

Protests outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road have continued, despite the injunction.

Events this week are expected to include speakers from The Green Party, among them co-leader Jonathan Bartley, peer Jenny Jones, former leader Natalie Bennett, and Sheffield mayor Magid Magid.

Green Party organiser, Allan Todd, told supporters:

“As long as you avoid doing anything to impeded the entrance/exit of Cuadrilla’s vehicles, you are not breaking the injunction by simply being there.

“It is perfectly ok to stand on the other side of the road, with placards, waving to all the drivers who ‘honk’ their support.

“In fact, it’s absolutely important, now more than ever, to do just that!

“Cuadrilla and their Tory enablers in Westminster would be hugely pleased if attendances began to drop. We need to send them – and especially the general public – this very clear message: We are not going to go away!”

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  1. Ruth

    You posts and other communications continue to motivate me to keep faith in what we are doing to protect the planet

    Keep up your great work

    Steve McDonald
    Local resident of Leith Hill in Surrey

  2. Fortunately for the planet some people have not succumbed to the ‘ownership’ of what was never rightfully anyone’s to own; don’t own anything, cannot take what you don’t have; those who have been bullied into submission by a threat to their ownership can relax for now.

  3. GBK, you are, as is Egan with his statements about local residents and businesses making it abundantly clear, when was this? Probably the same PR person responsible for saying the protests had had no impact on Cuadrilla’s timetable of works, shot themselves in the foot with that one.

    • Put you and I beside each other and let normal people judge who is the embarrassment.
      Your rag tag army is pitiful.

      • As a “normal” person, what ever that is, I have to say the embarrassment between you and Ronin, is you GBK!. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • You’re right, Ronin. If, as Cuadrilla claim, the protests have had no impact on Cuadrilla’s timetable of works, why would they bother to go to the expense of hiding behind an injunction and reveal themselves in their true colours as the cowardly bullies they are?

    • You don’t seem to get it Ronin. It’s easy to build in time delivery delays so drilling is not impacted. Just deliver the day before it’s needed. All the protesters have achieved is to get up the noses of local people, and to provide evidence for the injunction. Get real!
      However closing roads due to criminal behaviour is not good. It does not affect the drilling though.

  4. Yes , GottabeFibbing is so last century with his comments , rumour has he makes them up himself but I think he gets help

  5. The only person quitting was the Leader of the Green Party…

    For the record it was The Labour Party who kick started the fracking industry in the U.K by issuing PEDL to facilitate Companies to drill in 2008…

    I live a few miles from the PNR site and the anti brigade do not speak for me or the local community. The Fylde coast voted for the Conservative Party NOT the Green Party.

    The local community will not welcome this season of demonstration by people from out of the area disrupting roads and causing a danger to themselves and others. In particular the methods the protestors use making emergency calls for fake injuries and requiring ambulances to arrive. This puts local people’s lives at risk for real injuries…

  6. So they want numbers to wave placards? That’s great.
    It’s the criminal behaviour that the injunction was all about. The fact that the out of town protesters have disappeared shows that is working. It would seem that injunctions will be the way forward.
    Some are still basing their protests on health effects are they? How delusional are these people? Where are the lawsuits from the US?

    • Non disclosure agreements, compromised doctors and hospitals threatened with legal action, government coercion, medical authority intimidation, legal threats, the lists go on and on and on.
      That is all changing, the American people are beginning to stand up and be counted too, which is why entire states have banned or stated moratoriums.

  7. Could be fun if any disruption causes a Judge’s partner to be delayed on their way to a round of golf!

    I think, Pauline, allowing over 300 arrests BEFORE an injunction is sought doesn’t look like “cowardly bullies” to any reasonable person. Just the reverse.

    If you keep kicking the Trojan Horse, then you will be stopped from doing so, and you will find the public don’t like horses being kicked. The warning was given over a year ago. Some of your anti buddies were concerned about the downsides and realised even uncontrolled actions produce consequences. This is the way many protests go, being hijacked by other elements, and the result will be the undecided public will largely decide that is an indication of a lost argument. Shame for the locals, who want their concerns acted upon, as they are drowned out.

    • This sudden concern for inconveniencing local people is astonishingly hypocritical.

      Fracking and it’s associated avoidances of the term has invaded their countryside and has squatted in their midst and demanding massive increases in traffic from thousands of HGV’s LHV’s and convoys of police guarded overweight vehicles through quiet communities, exclusion zones and closing roads, danger to walkers equine and children, roaring past schools and intimidating and threatening local people.
      And the they crow and crow and crow about delays on local roads, that the operators themselves have invaded?
      Sheer hypocrisy!

      [Typo corrected by moderator]

  8. Yes….the pepple who are going on about their ligit work and make an honest living did turn up on the site today….. how about your buddies?

    • The fracking Invader “pepple” you mean? That like a “pebble”? Sorry i don’t speak frack?

      The local residents who are going on about their legitimate (spelled with an “e” by the way) work and making an honest living were there first.

      That was long before these unwelcome and unwanted fracking invaders arrived squatting in the countryside demanding their gross increase in traffic HGV and LHV traffic destroying the roads and endangering everyone and threatening to poison and destroy the health and the land and the water and the air.

      Where were your anti anti “buddies”?

      To quote Sherwulfe:

      …..the eerie sound of wind and a tumbleweed rustling past…..

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