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  1. Not much to brag about , just another tax avoiding greedy company that wants to destroy the country .

  2. Standard zombie company practice, offshore tax haven parent companies are excluded from public and inland revenue scrutiny.

    The operating company runs at a permanent loss, no tax paid, no responsibility, no commitments, nothing but pseudo farcical financial game play, nothing to see here, move along please or we will arrest you and steal your assets for daring to question anything?

    What is interesting is that the injunctions are based upon not damaging a companies ability to make a profit, but this proves that they will never make a profit, they are deliberately designed to run at a permanent loss, that is not a legal business and is nothing more than a scam.

    No legitimacy.

    No profit.

    No responsibility to investors.

    No legal basis of business operation.

    No legally enforceable injunction against “persons unknown”.

    This proves that they fail all the tests of a legitimate business operation, and that means they are just fat cat Ponzi scheme scary clown masks making smoke and noise, signifying nothing.

    It’s all nothing more than a smoke and mirrors illusory “fantasy” isn’t it?

  3. Can’t hear any bragging, Jono.

    If you find it so difficult to understand the structure of INEOS, you are not alone! Jim is so worried about your concern he has written a book explaining some of it for you.


    • Ahh the alchemical ghost writer raises “it’s” fictional transposed scary clown face head once more.

      Is that a red balloon hanging there in the dark corner?


  4. It’s called investment, dumbos.
    It’s what happens when principled folk give before they take.
    Folk who do not think themselves entitled to everything and responsible for nothing!

    • Investment Dumbos? Couldnt have put it better myself?

      I saw a protest camp, heard a rubber stamp,
      An’ i seen a pyramid wink its eye
      But i done seen ’bout everythin’
      When I see’d a frackin’ white elephant fly
      When I see’d a frackin’ white elephant fly

      I’ve seen a planner swing, heard a lawyer sing
      I’ve seen a Dumbo investment lie
      But I done seen ’bout everything
      When I see’d a frackin’ white elephant fly

      I saw a gold bull rear up for a buck
      And they tell me that a man made a solar truck
      I didn’t see that, I only heard
      Just to be sociable, well, I’ll take your word

      I heard a campfire chat, I saw a flying bat
      And I just laughed till I thought I’d die
      But I done seen ’bout everything
      When I see’d a frackin’ white elephant fly

      But I done seen ’bout everything
      When I see’d a frackin white elephant fly
      When I see’d a frackin white elephant fly

  5. By definition mineral exploration, whether for metals or oil/gas, is costly and sees no returns/profits until profitable production begins. It has long been the case for all exploration

    • [Edited by moderator] What many normal people have a problem with is how these organisations are set up so they will barely return a profit, operate on debt to avoid UK tax all the while their offshore set ups rake it in.
      When our NHS is on it’s knees this country can do without such corporate fat cat greed from supposedly one of it’s own. [Edited by moderator]

  6. Oh dear AD!

    Try just a little research and you will find a few facts. Otherwise you talk nonsense.

    Giggle Grangemouth if you don’t wish to make more effort. Or, you could take a look at the charitable projects INEOS support financially to reduce load upon the NHS.

    Otherwise you can always stick with the anti-truth.

  7. Making good profits for INEOS, KatT.

    “Perhaps” they are forcing the producers to sell at a loss? Doesn’t really test the common sense test, does it?

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